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I posted this reply to some folks who were also replying to the pictures posted by Yahoo News titled “In Photos: Haunting images of the gulf oil disaster”.

Re: “What’s it gonna take for our country to switch from a pertroleum to a solar energy power based economy???” (Daniel)

Re: “Unless you’re NOT using gas powered vehicles or natural gas in your homes or other oil refined power, I’d stop your whining. Accidents happen. BP is just providing something for YOUR selfish conveniences. You are such hypocrites.” (Kirk)

EDUCATION dudes! Hello! AWARENESS, not just about things like oil spills. We are quite aware of that. Awareness about solutions such as how to incorporate solar energy and the other eco friendly sources into the average persons life.

I need a car so rather than running out and trying ot get a loan on an average gas guzzling smog inducing car I googled and e-mailed and tried to find ways to get something more eco friendly. All I ended up getting was e0-mails back about about how no one can help me or they are to busy to tell me…

I have four kids I have to take care of and until my youngest is in school we live of child support. Most of the money is wrapped up in rent. So I have questions and misgivings about going eco friendly. Things like , can I afford it? How do I do it? and so on.

If I’m an average American and I have a desire to take care of mother nature and I can’t get answers and prompts to help me replace the things i use that are supporting companies like BP then obviously that is one of the big reasons that so many Americans haven’t made the positive change. They simply do not know how or if they even can.

Rather than slapping folks on the hand on forums like this, put your money where you mouth is and start awareness campaigns that educate. You may write an answer back to me on here but likely Yahoo news will have moved on and I will never see it along with the millions who never saw your post in the first place. Make your own forum on common places that folks visit like FaceBook, CafeMom, MySpace… and get large companies to help you like the one we are on now. Rather than 7 Ways To Keep Your Man, tell them we want 7 Affordable Assessable Ways To Keep Our Planet.

Thanks ahead of time for the help you are about to do!


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