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Waiting For Superman

Waiting For Superman is one of those movie/documentaries that every citizen of the United States of America needs to see.

It is about the public school system in our country today, right this very minute, and it is a desperate plight. There have been professionals trying their best to help our children but end up with their hands tied. I believe the only way to stop the down slide and to give all children in the US a chance is for common citizens to take a stand together. To me the movie is a war cry, a call to virtual arms. Waiting for someone to do it for us is like waiting for Superman, he isn’t coming.

The sole reason I applied for the Mrs. International pageant in 2008 was because I read that it was platformed based. I figured that if I were to get a title then it would be more likely that I would be taken seriously. I was aware of the Camden, Ar. school district problems and then was sad to learn first hand the Hawaii school district had the same if not worse problems. I had ideas that Ii felt would make a major impact for these districts. I wrote the school curriculum dept in Hawaii and received a nice, “we will look into it” letter back. That was in 2008, I haven’t heard of any changes yet. I even talked to the distinct leader of the Camden Arkansas schools who was very offended and told me how his kids grew up in the system and both are very successful today. It’s nice his kids did so well, but most the kids there are not so lucky.Sad to hear the man responsible for the children’s education there has his head stuck in the sand.

I was surprised to get a call from the Mrs, International office saying I won the title of Mrs. Hawaii. Sadly, the title didn’t give me anyone’s ear. Pageants in Hawaii are many and few are taken seriously. Now that I have a more inside view of why the public school systems are failing I see that getting attention from the school districts for my platform wouldn’t quite do the job anyway. It’s the ordinary citizen who needs to take a stand and insist our government do something about the teachers union so all the children can have a fair education.

When I was Mrs. Hawaii and would tell folks about my platform there were quite a few people who thought my platform was basically silly. Their kids went to public schools and received a very good education. I was surprised to see such educated people being so ignorant. Could they possibly believe that every school in the Union was like their school in their district? How very narrow minded and self centered. All they had to do is look up the educational statistics to see that they just happen to be lucky and that most kids are being virtually educationally condemned.

I haven’t said much about the movie because it would be better for you to see and hear it yourself. I just saw it once so I can’t present the facts and figures correctly. I can however, hopefully, relay the spirit of the documentary on to you.

What exactly can us citizens do? At this time I don’t know, but if every one sees this film and get the bug to make a change folk will start having ideas and we can keep trying till we are successful. My only idea at this time is for every city to form a think tank type group and put their heads together to come up with ideas and plan of actions. And that each city group be linked to each other through out the nation and so on. Letters to the governor and partitions  and such can be organized as well. What I am saying right now is not in the movie. It is just my thoughts.

I hope none of my friend on here will discount the urgency of this matter just because their kids are in a “good” school, or because they don’t have kids. Even if you are a self centered selfish person, think about it this way. You can not keep the children in the “bad” schools away from your kids or your family. They will grow up and have an effect on you. Wouldn’t it be better to care for them now and insure they have the opportunity to better themselves and make this country and this world a better place? Wither one likes it or not, we are all in this together.

Ok now, go get Waiting For Superman and watch it! ( Btw, I rented it from Red Box. )

Official trailer – http://www.waitingforsuperman.com/

My title platform – http://www.mrsinternational.com/contestantdetails.php?id=231


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It’s been a long spectrum journey for us and it’s not over. Not that it really ever will be but it would be nice to find places to rest along the way.

Today (3-4-11) I had the second appointment at Touchstone.  I was trying to get my kids into Burrows. They are close by and are well known for working with Autism Spectrum kids. After talking to many people and making tentative appointments it turned out my kinds insurance just won’t cover them. I was informed about this from the kids Doctor who is in Nixa. The kids saw a psychologist she referred there a while ago but he didn’t do detailed diagnoses which the school wasn’t happy with.  The school was the ones who recommended Burrows.  The psychologist they saw also wasn’t one who worked much with autism and it is best to have someone who is quite familiar with autism when it comes to therapy and such.  So I asked the Doctor office what we should do. The doctor then referred us to Touchstone. I was referred to and had appointments with Dr. Patti (I think that is her name) She is the owner of Touchstone.

We had our first meeting yesterday and it seemed wonderful. The doctor was so friendly and understanding. It was so nice to finally find a place that we could get therapy and training from. It felt good all day to have such a load finally lifted from my shoulders.  Dr. Patti had many things in common with us that she shared with me. She also had stories of working with Aspergers and adhd and so on.

So today after dropping the kids off at school I headed to Ozark for the 9am appointment. Naturally I got lost and didn’t have the phone number or address on me. I finally called the doctor’s office and got the correct info and directions. I ended up being 15 minutes late. When I walked inside I didn’t see any one. I waited for a long time then called the office number.  I could hear it ringing in front of me but hoped someone in back would have access to the line as well. Finally I heard the answering machine pick up so I hung up. I waited quite a bit more time then called again this time saying I was there and didn’t know if I should go looking for someone.

At about 9:45am two women and a child walked out of an office. I waited till the one woman and child left the office lobby. I told the other woman why I was there. She guessed the doctor and her daughter must have gone to breakfast together so she called both their cell phone numbers but didn’t get an answer.  I sat in the waiting room and read my book while continuing to wait.

Just about 10am the doctor and her daughter walked in. I was toward the back of the long isled waiting room so apparently the doctor figured when she talked in hushed tones to the other woman I would’nt hear or pick up on her tone. It wasn’t hard to pick up on her agitation as she scolded the other woman. It sounded like she was scolding her for not sending me away. It felt awfully uncomfortable and it made me want to hide somewhere so I just kept my nose in the book but not really reading anymore.  It reminded me of being a kid and hearing another kid say mean things about me behind my back not realizing I could hear. Then I heard her come my way and when she got close she warmly greeted me. I looked up to see the lady I met the day before and not the scolding one I could hear from a distance. It was the same woman, just with a different attitude.  She was smiling and warm again.

She told me she had waited for me till a quarter after and when I didn’t show up she and her daughter went to breakfast. I apologized for my lateness and told her why. She never explained why she didn’t answer her phones. We talked for a moment and then she let me know she thought it would be best if she referred me to Dr. Grant whose practice was near Nixa.  She said she was thinking about me all night and decided this would be best.  She said our insurance would cover his office as well. I was shocked and couldn’t say much because I was fighting back tears. She gave me her card that she wrote his information on the back of and kept reassuring me that this would be best for our family.  I left and cried my head off in my car.

On the way home I stopped by the kid’s school to talk to Mrs. Tory about the latest news regarding the kids. Mrs. Tory is the school councilor and has been a wonderful help to our family as well as a liaison for the nurse and special ed.  So I try to keep her updated. Naturally I couldn’t tell her the latest without crying.  She talked with me and I calmed down. I am very thankful for her genuine helpful nature that she stays true to.

There were other errands to run and later in the afternoon I was at the library writing about my time at the Pagan meeting at the UU church. It was such a good meeting about shielding one’s self from negative energy and such.  Before the meeting had taken place I had been living a few days in a negative cloud. Since that meeting I’ve had my clear more positive head back. While writing about it I stopped to see how I felt especially after being so discourage earlier.  I was surprise to realize that I still felt good, a happy surprise of course.

Like Ms. Tory told me, we are moms, we will keep going and we won’t give up. And one of these days something will break through.

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