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I will plant some seeds
but they won’t be for Jesus
I will plant some seeds
and they will be just for you
I will plant some seeds
and they won’t be for a pastor
I will plant some seeds
and they will be for your own good

I’m tired of the folks who try to fix me
I’m tired but not wore out
My feet are firmly planted
and the roots are deeper than the sea
I know who I am
I know what you represent
I value my freedom
the freedom you called shackles
but your freedom comes with strings attached
and you will never be good enough for your god
my freedom accepts you for who you are
with your shackles on your feet
and a ring in your nose
I love you all the same
after all
I was there at one time too

Sometime I may be frustrated
just remember  I’m still learning
and I may tend to judge
but I’ll get over it in a little while
and I’ll never tell you you’re on your way to hell
even though I might think something like it sometimes
in the end I wont feel condemned cause I was angry
and cause I was had or cause I still loved

I will plant seeds
seeds of
being true to ones self

May those be the seed I plant
and never seeds of my own agenda or another
no matter what they call themselves.

Be yourself
be true
I love you!


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Easter 2011

It’s Eater Sunday 2011. The kids and I went to our church this morning and things haven’t stopped since. My mom and step dad are in town I got to meet my boyfriends sons and daughter in law and grandsweetie the night before. The kids did an Easter egg hunt with the neighbors next door and dinner will be served soon.

In all this fun and wear me out activity I wanted to stop and share something Rev. Jane read to us in church today. The sermon title on the church agenda said it was Easter. But the title I kept hearing brought us was, ‘walk the talk’. I copied the reading from the hymnal by Edna St. Vincent Millay that Rev. Jane read and here it is.

To Jesus On His Birthday

For this your mother sweated in
the cold,

For this you bled on the
bitter tree

A yard of tinsel ribbon bought and

A paper wreath, a day at home
for me

The merry bells ring out, the
people kneel;

Up goes the preacher before the

With voice of honey and with
eyes of steel

Droning your humble gospel to
the proud

Nobody listens, less than the
wind that blows are all your
words to us you died to save

O Prince of Peace! O Sharon’s
dewy Rose!
How mute you lie within your
vaulted grave

The stone the angel rolled away
with tears

Is back upon your mouth these
thousand years.

-Edan St. Vincent Millay-

Happy Easter Everyone!

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“Yes My Lord.”

I wondered as I heard the public school children sing this gospel Christmas song in a recital if I would be ok with my children singing it in a similar situation. At first I concluded that it would be ok sense they were singing Jewish and African festive songs as well covering at least three cultures.

But today I decided differently. I kept hearing the words, “yes my lord,” repeated over and over again like they are in the song. If they were singing about the baby Jesus such as in Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, that would be different. Like I said before it was a cross cultural event to a degree. But the song they sung repeated over and over again the words, “Yes my lord”. If that isn’t males chauvinistic, than what is!

We wonder why our mothers and their mothers and so on and our sisters and our lady friends and even ourselves as woman put up with being abused by men, but yet our culture promotes the idea that the only one male god insists we bow down to his every whim and fancy and say, “yes my lord.”

There is a scripture in the Bible that has Jesus saying, “not my will but thine be done.” It is taught as an example of how we are to be toward Jesus, god incarnate. Should I question that? You bet! First off does it make any sense that Jesus taught us to be loving to all and he reached out to the cast outs and gave them self confidence and strength and then to tell them to bow back down and become worms? No, that doesn’t make sense at all. Did he become like most “spiritual leaders” and lose his humility and become a dictator? Or was the scriptures along with many others manipulated by priests interpreting it in the dark ages? The last one actually makes sense. Think about it. During the dark ages it was all about control, power and money. Woman were dirt and poor people were used excessively. The midwives and herbalist of that day, often called witches, were burned at the steak. The scripture in the Bible about not suffering a necromancer to live was changed to witch so the religious leader of that day could legally fulfill their evil ambitions.

Knowing that such changes to the scriptures were made so that atrocities could happened why do we just except the things in the scriptures that really don’t add up? Do we long to be back in the dark ages under the dictatorship of evil selfish insane psychopathic men? In some way it could be considered easier. After all, their comes a responsibility along with thinking for ones self. It could be considered easier to have someone else do the thinking for you and tell you how to get to heaven and how not to go to hell and like most religious people you pay your dues and say thank you and walk confidentially away believing you are ok. Sure, it does sound easier. Just like an ostrich with his head in the sand. It’s easier to turn the blind eye to others around you being eaten by ravenous wolves. Just because you have found hope in believing what you’re told to doesn’t take the suffering that system causes away from others.

So, lets say,  there is one god and he is a male and we are to bow down to him and we are to obey our husbands and trust god to speak through them, thus bowing down to them. Are you sure this is what Jesus wanted? Something smells fishy to me. This sounds more like a rewrite of what someone wants you to think.

Wither your life is balanced or not, this universe is based on balance. With out balance the rotations would be thrown off and, well, we’d all die. All new life comes from a dance between a male and a female. There are even creatures in the deep blue who are transgender. But, in order to reproduce they have to put their male and their female parts together just right. There is no new life with out a male and a female, that is one of the major balances in life. Yet, we are expected to accept that there is one male god who created all things with out the balance he put in place without a female. Now how does that make sense?

There are many names that are descriptive words in the scriptures for god. On of them being the word Shekinah. Here is an interesting thing about that word, it is a female description. That makes me wonder. What else did those tricky dark ages priests change in the bible? It was most important to give men complete rule thus the priests thus the pope who speaks only for god, so they say. So, if god is actually a god and a goddess or is transgender, then that would have to be changed for sure. It appears they forgot about the word Shekinah. If you were a detective that would be a clue that something was being hidden from you. And if you really cared to know the truth and not just live the easy religious life, you would start digging, my dear Watson!

A transgender god may not be offensive to some of you if you are aware of the scripture when Jesus explains that in heaven we will be like the angels, neither male nor female. Ah ha! Another clue the translators left in. Really, the angels are neither male nor female yet god is considered solely male? And we are supposed to just buy into that?

What if Christianity had been balanced all these years and god was depicted as both genders. I believe it is possible that the abuse you see would not be in the degree it is today. Men and woman are very different but we are both equally important. If we could see life through a Divine equal or non gender then we would be pressured to respect and live more harmonious.

 Woman raise children and we govern our homes, yet for centuries we have been told we are not made to govern a city or a country and that the last decision for our families is to be determined by our husbands or fathers or male spiritual leader wither they are in their right mind or not. Men scientifically have the ability to cut off emotion when faced with stress. This is extremely useful in the battle field and when protecting the home front and family. But not so useful when caring for ones own citizens or family members. Woman scientifically have the ability to feel empathy and compassion for even their enemy while under stress. This is a wonderful trait for taking care of citizens and family but not so useful when protecting and when in battle. I am aware that there are exceptions, I am speaking in a general sense. You couldn’t have a better equal partnership. Both men and woman are vital to the survival of our species. Thus, abuse should not be put up with and respect should be expected.

My whole point is that it good to believe in a higher power, but it has been a ship wreck to have believed in one god who is only one gender for so long. I truly believe the dark ages translators made the scriptures lean hard to the idea of basically making man god and woman his servant. If we want to end the tyranny of men abusing woman we need our balance back.

Just so ya know, some of you may know this or something close to it and think everyone know it. But the truth is a lot of Christians don’t. It should be obvious I was raised in such Christianity as described above. Bill Gothard is an example of one such teacher that we were very influenced by. He has a massive following and he is just one of the many spiritual leaders that teach a male chauvinistic version of Christianity. And if it weren’t so common then the popularity of woman being “put in their place” wouldn’t be so overwhelming. As is my point of this article.

Christianity needs the Shekinah glory back in God!

-Originally written in my FB notes area on 12/14/10-

This is an image of the goddess Asherah. During the time of the Hebrew forefathers she was El’s wife, later YAHWEH’s wife. And then even later, during the time of the judges, kicked out of  god’s presences and her places of worship ordered to be destroyed. Then even later than that her history taken out of the books that were to be included into the Bible likely during Constantine time when he organized the known Christian world for his government business benefit though he himself remained a pagan. 

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