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I find it ironic that the Christianity I lived in for 38 years believed these people would go to hell and burn eternally because their holy life wasn’t good enough to save them unless they forsook their religious belief and accepted Jesus Christ as the only way to be saved. Not just these people but the millions of others who live to better the lives and world around them but are in a different belief system or do not believe in the divine at all. No matter what selfless acts they do and how much unconditional love is in their hearts, according to the way I was conditioned, would still burn alive for ever. While those who are saved by the blood of Jesus live with no pain or sorrow in a perfect place.

I don’t see how one can live free from pain and sorrow anywhere when they have loved ones burning eternally. Do they just forget the people they grew to so dearly love and care for? Do they lose all emotion? How can one feel happiness with no emotions? I used to answer things like this by saying God is perfect and he makes no mistakes and letting that thought take any worry and sadness from me. But really, it’s a temporary fix because when you think about it, it just doesn’t add up. And I’m just not the heartless type.

But then again, thinking is a lot like doubt and doubt is a sin. And, thinking is a lot like eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil which is taboo. We are not supposed to think, but trust that all those good people deserved to burn. Yeah, I won’t do that.

As I started this off with, I said the type of Christianity I  lived in,  I am thankful that not all Christians are like how I was. A lot of them have a better head on their shoulder then I had. I have met some and look forward to meeting more who understand that it’s ok to think and to dig and not just from Christian resources.

I remember hearing Christian missionaries pointing out the similarities in the religion of the culture they were proselytizing. But rather then appreciating the similarities and leaving them be they felt they had to fix the beliefs to fit their idea of holiness.  If someone is reaching for hope and can’t find any, ones religious beliefs can be very comforting and even life saving for that person. But to decided that everyone in the world is wrong except those who believe the way you feel they should is either mean or thoughtless. Or, maybe it’s just fear. And no one should have to live their life in fear, that is no real life at all.

I look forward to people seeing the commonality in each other and not labeling it evil like I heard a preacher on the radio warn the other day. But opening up their eyes and joining together to better the world, and learning and working together in love and peace and kindness.


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People describe and explain things often very differently from each other making it difficult to actually relate and even making it easier to pass judgment on each other. We all have different backgrounds, ways of thinking and ideas about life and the meaning of words and expressions and we all have different expectations.

The world of ASD is no different.  I know how I feel about the questions I am asking on here but I also know I have an eternity of things to learn. I’d rather hear from others first in this post.

Sometimes the way we define things can make a better life for us and our loved ones but at other times it can cause things to be worse. Getting a better understanding and widening ones perspective is a step towards improvement. With all our various experiences and ideas and understandings we can learn from each other and better ourselves. I don’t believe just one person will have “the right answer” for these questions. I believe what is right for each of us will vary and may be inside the different answers one way or another.

I will say ahead of time that if you have no experience with ASD and have not done any research it is likely you will offend people if you attempt to answer these question and may open your self to extreme criticism. It is best that you read the answers and learn first, as is the best idea for any subject with which one has no experience.  I’m not trying to be rude here, it’s just that people with ASD and parents and care givers of folks with ASD have been through too much already.

Please do not answer the questions in just one word, but add an explanation and even a personal example.

Thank you!


1) What is a “melt down” to you?

2) How do you differentiate between a “melt down” and just behaving badly.

3) Should negative pre-meditative behavior still be called a “melt down”?

4) When a child walks away from causing harm or a “melt down” with a pleased look with him/her self should their actions still be labeled under the term “melt down” ?

5) If you’re answer to number three and four are “no”, then do you think there is something else the child may be dealing with, maybe a co-symptom,  and should they look for a more precise diagnoses?



I found this poster at – http://www.autismems.net/57801/82012.html.

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