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There were three things (among other things) I was terrified of. One was our boat and home hitting rocks. Another was being considered lazy and the other was pride.
I was an avid Proverbs reader and the book is full of all that will happen to the proud person and it’s never good.  For example  Proverbs 16:18 says “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

I was careful to not announce my talents or things I was good at and I was very uncomfortable with attention. Not that I didn’t want attention or for people to recognize my abilities but when I was recognized I felt strange inside. When things went wrong I could always dig and find something  that could be considered pride in my life and repent for it.

I see humility different now. I see it as knowledge, knowledge that I can fail and if I do it’s alright. After all I am human and I am learning. Stepping out and being proud of who I am and what I can do isn’t necessarily haughty and the opposite of humility.  One can be proud and still have the humble knowledge that at any moment their pedestal could be knocked out from under them and that it’s just another learning experience that will make them even better next time.


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i made a mistake

or maybe i didn’t

not sure what to think

i just know that it hurts

i can’t go back

or maybe i can

but i think it’s too late

how will this end

you left me

you came back

then you were gone

it happened to fast

i let it be

ive had time to think

all I see

is that i miss you

but it seems i’m to late

you’ve moved on

what can i do

tears in my eyes

i think of you

with someone one else

it’s your face I see

it’s not fair

but it’s what is to be

you’re so far away

but are you really gone

i gotta get my mind off you

what good does this do

i can’t rush time

i’ll try to let it be

and stop thinking

of you and me

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Can you weave fire?
I was in hell
It was hot
I was lost
Doin’ what I was told
I woke up
I had enough
I stopped time
That’s when I started
Weaving fire!
It was rocky
With lots of bumps
And many mistakes
I didn’t let it get to me
My dreams turned
With each step
They got better
I could finally see the sky!
My fiery steps
Took me higher
They took me out
Of that dark
Depressing place
To breath air
To smell life
To taste freedom
Now here I am
Soaring in the glorious
Fiery sunlight!

By Lori K Hobbs

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I’m Sorry
By Lori K Hobbs
Inspired by the song I’m Not Who I Was.


I just wanted to love you
I didn’t see the harm I could do
Trying to get you to see
A better way of life I thought
I wanted to take your pain away

Brighten your life lighten your day
But instead I was heaping burdens
And sorrows on your undeserving back


I’m sorry
My eyes were blind folded
I’m sorry
I was brain washed
I’m sorry
I tried to bring you into
My world of slavery
But I’m not sorry
For loving you


It hurt me so
But I’m glad you got away
It tore me up inside
But it’s good you didn’t stay
I hope you understand
How much I’ve changed
I hope you understand
I now accept you the way you are


I’m sorry
My eyes were blind folded
I’m sorry
I was brain washed
I’m sorry
I tried to bring you into
My world of slavery
But I’m not sorry
For loving you

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