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A poem I wrote while i was a bit board waiting for my kids.



I swung by the middle school today
I wasn’t scared, I was unafraid
The mood was somber, the air thin
A pleasant mood was what I was in

Books to the left, computers to the right
Kids here and there, monitor in sight
The librarian is sweet, there’s chit chat in the air
When I was this age it was silence, not fair

I don’t see why the kids get so upset
The hormones are odd causing them to fret
I wish they could see how lovely they are
And appreciate being themselves so far

I haven’t been young in a million years
My life was taken, destroyed by fears
I would be jealous but I haven’t the time
Trying to stay young to me isn’t a crime

I wouldn’t go back, what good would it do
I’ll take it from here, regret took wings and flew
So I sit here content watching my kids learn
A perfect world for them is what I do yearn


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