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Despite the fact that it’s the 21st century, there is still significant stigma attached to mental illness.
(From http://www.psyweb.com/mdisord/jsp/mental.jsp)

With depressive disorders, it is not uncommon for patients to seek treatment from their primary doctor for related physical symptoms such as insomnia or low energy. Unless their doctor takes the time to explore the symptoms sufficiently, an accurate diagnosis may not be made. Due to the stigma and shame often associated with both depression and bipolar disorder, many patients are also reluctant to disclose more obvious symptoms. They may deny them even if their doctor asks. Men in particular are less likely to admit to a low libido or feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and hopelessness.
(From http://www.psyweb.com/mdisord/jsp/moodd.jsp)

Just thought I’d share these quotes from an article a friend told me about. We are living in a beautiful age of acceptance. Sure, we have a long way to go but we have made large steps in accepting people the way they are and not calling everything we disagree with or don’t understand a sin or even demon possession. It seems there are still some folks who are desperately holding on to the old and ignorant way hopping to pull the sea saw their direction and keep us in the dark age of judgmentalness we have so longed lived in.  Though those kind of folks will always exist, they don’t have to win. Love is positive and positive is power. I find the more educated I am the easier it is to love, the more I can understand the more I can accept.

Of course in the end it is the individual choice to accept who they are and seek what it takes to make themselves a better person. But, I believe more of them would seek what they need if the rest of us would let go of stereo types and give them a change to improve and not start cutting them down before they have a chance. We need to make it normal for people to seek help and talk about what they are really going through. Even for ourselves, when we let go of preconceived ideas and our desire to be accepted by people who have blinders on, we can take a real look at ourselves and do what we need to to improve, to love… ourselves.

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