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My daughter sent me this Instagram post and of course it just had to remind me of a personal experience. Here’s the Instagram post and bellow it is my crazy story.


My mom, sister and I have had this happen. Wither it’s “The matrix” or not, experiences like these are still reason to pause and wonder…and often think of real scientific reasons…but still, it’s fun.

I was either in my late teens or early twenties and we had been told that a lady we knew who was a little younger then my mom had died. We had worked with this lady when we had volunteered at the US Center for World Missions in Pasadena one long summer when I was fifteen. My mom and her were outsiders there and found a bond of sorts. We had also heard that a very well respected older lady who was a retired missionary named Mary Watson whom every one loved and looked up to had also passed away.


(Pic I copied from Google Images. )


I remember talking about the two deaths with my mom and sister on our way from San Diego to visit the US Center with some friends. We were talking about how strange the place wold seem without those two ladies. Although the younger lady was an out cast of sorts she was always there taking care of plants and so on on the campus. We didn’t know Mary Watson very well but she was always kind to us and we saw her going from one building to another every day that we lived and worked there.

When we arrived we were in an upper office with a street view talking with some folks and I saw the strangest thing. I saw the little old white haired Mary Watson walk across the street and enter another building. At first my mom and sister didn’t believe me but later learned that I wasn’t seeing things and Mary Watson was alive and still quite active after all.

Later that day I believe it was my mom who somehow discovered that her fellow outsider friend was also alive and still working there even though most folks wished she didn’t.

Sure, it was wonderful learning that both ladies were actually alive after all but it was also very strange feeling.


USCWM now called Frontier Ventures 2015 satalite view

Current Google Maps Satellite image of The US Center for World Missions now called Frontier Ventures. When we lived there we worked in the main building that is square with a court yard in the middle and we lived in the collage dorms across the street that looks like two long buildings . I believe the year we were there was 1984 or 1985. 


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Kyle funny 1

DSCF6558 - Copy

I may have gotten that color wrong. lol 

The day after the day of the above post Kyle mentioned rubbing my feet and then drawing a pic on my arm as if he had done it that previous night. I let him know it was the night before that. He said I might be right but then he brought up something else I can’t remember but it made me wonder so I checked my arm and sure enough there were two more drawings next to the smiley face he had drawn before. Turned out he had rubbed my feet with lotion, scratched my back and signed his work with two arm drawings all while I was sound asleep. It’s very sweet of him, wanting to care for mommy. He knows how I feel about the fact that he normally won’t let me sleep when he’s awake and I think he knows I have some health issues so it’s likely he feels a bit guilty and a bit bad for me. My concern for a moment though was that one day I would wake up with his art work all over my face or something but I decided not to bring that up and give him any ideas. I gotta say I’ve never heard of people who give massages signing their work when they were done. Honestly I think the whole thing is sweet and really funny.


Kyle with a green juice mustache.

Kyle with a green juice mustache.

While I am actually here at the computer typing, although I am actually in a hurry, I’d like to let you all know I have not forgotten you. I’ve just been crazy busy and when I have a few moments my oldest daughter is usually using the computer because her lap top died. I would fuss with her over it but I’m usually worn out and just as well watch a show while I have a few moments to do so. Besides I want to keep encouraging her on her art which is just amazing, she is so talented.  I really need to get my own device. Not sure if a lap top or a tablet with a key board would be better. I have been making a few videos since I can talk and move around at the same time. Now I’ve just got to get them edited and posted. My camera isn’t very good so maybe it would be better for me to get a tablet, then I could record and have it posted easier and sooner. Hum…

Hopefully it won’t be too long till I make a video or write about what has been keeping me so very busy. I’ll try to make it sooner then later.

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