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If you have chosen to hide all your info or most of your info from people who are not on your friends list and then expect people to accept your friend request, think again.
Also, if you only have pictures of everything but your self, again, think again. I learned early on in Facebook years that the guys and gals who friend request a person with the intention to take advantage of them or for net sex didn’t have much if any info available on their “About” and they either had no pictures of themselves or they had one or two pictures they copied from someone else. Most of them have no to a few pic and the pics are of animals, causes, cartoons, hero’s, sexy stuff, and etc.
However, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference because the “About” info and the profile pics are blocked for non-friend. Just because you’ve sent a friend request to someone doesn’t mean Facebook unblocks those things, which would make more sense. No, those things remain blocked and you very likely look like a stalker.
There is another option. It’s not a very effective one but if you really want to keep your info and face a secret then consider writing the person a personal message telling them you are legit and why you want them to add you. The reason it’s not very effective is because when you message a person who isn’t on your Friends list the message aromatically goes into a file called “Other” on their message area. Most folks don’t know about that folder so they never see the messages put there.
It is important for us all to be careful about what we put out for the world to see. So putting minimal info about yourself is good, but have at least something. Maybe your state but not city. Maybe the type of work you do but not your actual work place and so on. You can actually fill more in but block it without blocking everything. Facebook offers a lot of options. And as far as pictures you can block all your albums from strangers but leave your profile picture album unblocked or even have a special album that you leave unblocked and put a few pics of yourself in for such occasions.
And more about safety, don’t bother getting offended that people won’t accept your friend request cause you either have no info and pic or have it blocked. Instead be happy that they are careful cause careful is smart.
I’ve written about this before. Just needed to ramble on about just again. ūüôā

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Well! We finally did it! We finally rejoined the Y!
Village people ymca both
If you know me then you know I love to and feel best when I work out.
Sadly, it’s been over a year (or more, I lost track) since I’ve done that. I know, that’s horrible! Even in the summer I didn’t roller blade or skate due to having twisted my ankle and chipping a piece of bone off my foot.¬†
I’m probably in the worst shape and heaviest that I’ve ever been.
Not really all that much heaver then when I was working out though. Just a little heaver, I think. But super out of shape for sure. 
I can’t go for weight loss or I’ll end up depressed. But I can go for tightening and toning and all around better health. That I’ve accomplished before and will accomplish again.
I look forward to feeling my muscles tighten back up and my lungs become stronger and so on. Maybe I’ll even get to the point where I can run a block on the treadmill! ¬†It’s gonna be very difficult to run and read a book at the same time though.
I would love to lose the weight. But I just can’t focus on that. I have to find a sneaky way around it. Shoot, even losing inches would be great.
When I worked out in the past I didn’t even lose inches. However, I knew I was doing well by the way my muscles felt. Other wise I looked exactly the same.
I’d love to look better for a few reasons. One is I would have more energy and be able to work out more effectively and be healthier. The other reason is I would look better. I would love to look better. If that seems narcissistic to you, well then la de da! lol At least I’m honest with myself… and everyone else in the world.
Maybe I should become a body builder. I’ve played with that thought before. I’ve seen some amazing testimonials about woman who couldn’t lose weight or inches by all the other weight loss ways and then they became very in shape through body building. I’m totally down with that idea!

Wow! Trying to find a cool clip art pic of a woman weight lifter was very disappointing. I decided this one would do, but seriously!

This reminds me of the people in my past who told me what I didn’t want to do even though they didn’t even know me.
One was a Christian dude from Egypt. He and his friends had taken my sister and I under their wing like little sisters. I was fifteen at the time. So this dude saw me lifting weights in the community center and he stopped me and told me that I didn’t want to work out like that because ladies don’t lift weights and try to get muscles. So I stopped lifting weights when he and his friends were around. I was mentally wimpy ¬†most of my life.
The other was my weight training teacher in a collage weight training course I had taken. I was about nineteen or maybe I was younger. I can’t remember. He let me know I didn’t want to use very heavy weights on the universal weight thing cause it would add muscle instead of just toning. But rather I wanted to do more reps to tone without bulking up. ¬†Cause obviously he already knew what I wanted and didn’t need to¬†ask. It’s great to be a mind reader like that.
I wasn’t chubby back then but I did¬†lose inches when I was in that class. it was then that I learned you couldn’t go by weight. I remember stepping on the scare and being shocked that I hadn’t lost any weight yet I knew I was in much better shape. My sister let me know that muscle is heavy so when you lose fat and gain muscle you may not lose any weight. That was good for me to learn cause that is how my body works. It feels better with muscle. But I wasn’t always okay with admitting that cause too many folks saw muscles as masculine and I still wanted to be feminine.
Muscles or not for my health sake I do need to lose actual weight. But like I said before I also have to watch my mental state so it’s better I just focus on endurance and muscle tone for now. I wouldn’t mind using weight loss programs but they just cost too much and I have kids to¬†raise and a heating bill to cover each month. Plus I’m not sure how they handle people who are gluten intolerant anyway.
The YMCA membership isn’t just for me, of course. This school year I took the boys out of the normal “brick and mortar” school. (That’s public school in English, lol.) So they need exercise and socialization. I’ve just got to find a program or two that they will be able to stand and enroll them. My kids are not into sports. I’m the one who likes to play sports. It seems unfair that all four of my kids inherited their dads hate for playing sports. Still, I’ll figure something out.
Well, at least I have a bit of a new adventure to look forward to!
Stayed tuned!

My big sis on the left and me on the right in 1991. (I was about 21)


Me when I was about 19 or 20.


Jenny Craig is very effective! I lost weight for a short time in 2008. It felt great! After this my world exploded, it’s a long story I’ve told many time already on this blog, ¬†and I went through a year of depression. Naturally the pounds didn’t add up gradually but hit me real fast and mean¬†like.¬†

Oct 2012

Me Oct. 2012


I had too many mocha’s.

Oct 2015

My kids and me Oct. 2014.

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