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Hopes Tempting Touch
by Lorenakoran


He came recommended

and what a shame

I let my guard down

and now I’m ashamed


I knew better

I’ve done it before

I let hope in

but fate closed the door


While I may not be desperate

in many ways

I still have the ability

to give in and cave


as hard as I get

as focused as I seem

the idea of love

creeps in on me


I like my freedom

I have future plans

but passion and touch

are noisy demands


the odds are against me

getting just what I want

too much baggage they call it

but it’s my cross


I didn’t plan this

I didn’t ask for trouble

my past set it in motion

I have to deal with the rubble


so if he doesn’t like it

if it’s asking too much

I’ll get over this sadness

but I’m not in a rush


I tell myself to go back to

being cool with being on my own

with plans for my future

and no ties to a home


hope set in motion

seems to take time

to move past the notion

and give up that ride


my baggage isn’t shameful

my burden isn’t all pain

for those days of sunshine

I’ll make it through the rain


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