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So, this “war on Christmas” thing.

Looks like it’s taking another turn for the bizarre.

While there have been some small minded folks who were out to be real life Grinch’s,  most non-religious (including atheists) have no problem with other people celebrating Christmas and even saying “Merry Christmas”. Some even say it themselves while others opt for a more inclusive “Happy Holidays!”. Either way, they are not trying to take away from other peoples beliefs and traditions.

The bigger problem was Christians with the “martyr syndrome”, also known as, “persecution syndrome”. A person is taught that Christians will be and are persecuted and will be and are martyred for Christs sake and they put those virtual glasses on and see the world as if the persecution is happening to them in every little negative thing that happens and is said and written. And if there is nothing to perceive as religious persecution they make it up or twist things to make them look that way. I’m not saying there wasn’t and isn’t Christian persecution. That is obviously not true. However, it’s not limited to just Christians, it’s other religions and non religions as well. Yes, atheist get persecuted and murdered in the name of religion and politics and prejudice as well. Another good reason to coexist and be there for each other. We not all that different. The way people put on an air of persecution is insulting to those who have actually gone through it.

It’s not uncommon for one person to have something bad happen to them and the news spreads and suddenly everyone feels like they are victims as well and they don’t even know the original person. Humans do that. It’s also not uncommon for there to be a problem in one area and suddenly everyone every where is seeing similar ghosts around every corner even though it’s not actually happening in their area.

I am aware that there is some anti-Christian sentiment in certain places in the US. Often in bigger cities like those in southern California. Or so my sister has informed me. When I lived there I was a Christian and was an avid missionary stories reader so, looking back, I wasn’t sure if the persecution was real or in my head. My sister is a Christian, so I could wonder the same about her, and I am not totally sure it isn’t that way for her as well, but she does have some interesting stories. So, maybe it’s a problem in So. Cal to this day. However, I have friends in the South and they have some pretty horrible stories about how they personally have been treated by Christians due to not being a Christian. What ever it be, bullies are everywhere, sadly this is a fact.

So back to this “war on Christmas” thing. I do believe there are some folks who would like to get rid of Christmas, but I don’t believe it’s very many people. I think they are few and far between. Most non-religious people love holidays and celebrate as they please. A lot of them are aware of the Christmas origins and find it ironic that a lot of Christians don’t know the origins to their own celebrations. A lot of non-religious people also find it ironic that they have been put down and called horrible names because they greeted people with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. Many atheists want to enjoy Christmas but find themselves targeted by their religious family members making the holiday less enjoyable and not as fun to look forward to.

Personally, so far, I have noticed less posts about the “war on Christmas” this year than the years before. So, that’s an improvement! Maybe the Christian community is getting the message out that bullying people you think are bullying you is not wise and Christ like. I don’t know. But it’s nice one way or another.

So this new bizarre thing. Well, it’s likely not new but it’s getting attention. Christians and Atheists attacking Atheists who celebrate Christmas by saying hateful, mean, ugly and ignorant things about them on social network and blogs, etc. What a dumb common ground. I don’t think they even know they are in agreement. Again, I don’t think it’s a lot of people doing this. It is becoming quite a thing on some Christian groups. I’ve read some of the posts and comments. Oy!  As for the Atheists, it’s a few outspoken well known ones. I’m not even sure if it’s more than two. Could be, but they have folks agreeing with them. Likely sheep type of folks. There’s sheep in everything. I’m not sure how long their “well known” status will be maintained. At this time they are exposing themselves as jerks so they may lose a lot of their followers. I’m sure the sheep will hang on for a while at least.

Still, it’s so strange seeing posts from Christians and Atheists about how Atheists have no business celebrating Christmas. I can’t help but hear the expression in my head, “You’re Not My Mom!” Which makes me laugh. But seriously, what gives anyone the right to tell another person what they can and can not celebrate. Now these folks are not just upset about Atheists using the word Christmas, they go so far as to think they shouldn’t have Christmas trees and get the day off to celebrate and spend time with their family. Even as a Christian I knew Christmas trees were pagan and the Bible spoke against them. As an Atheist I am not superstitious so I see no harm in the decorated good smelling festive trees or the word Christmas. However, the word atheist only means one doesn’t believe in any gods, so, there are some that are superstitious. Still, they have no right to tell others what they can and can not celebrate. It’s an individual choice. If they chose not to celebrate a holiday, that is their business, I will not make fun of them or tell them they have to do things my way. Same with the Christians, if they want a tree, great! If not, that is their own conviction. The only thing that irritates me is the ignorance that causes them to be jerks and lash out against people they disagree with.

As far as any atheist telling another atheist what they can and can not do, I recommend they start their own cult, maybe come up with a fancy name and serve Kool-Aid, cause that’s what they sound like they’re trying to do. I came out of a cult and I won’t join another regardless of how it’s dressed. Hell to the No!

As far as Christians telling non-believers they can’t celebrate Christmas, … This is the United States of America! I can celebrate what ever holiday I damn well please, thank you very much. And, for cryin out loud, go study some history lessons and for heavens sake, read your own Bible! Not just the parts you like, the whole damn thing! All of it! Seriously!!!  And that whole getting offended part, have you actually ever heard of Jesus. Wither he was a deity or not, real or not, he sure wouldn’t have condoned your actions, even if they were just social network actions. That’s for sure.

Christians, Atheists, people in general, you’re not gonna be able to help people by being mean to them. You’re not gonna win them over to your side and ideas by bullying them. There are some folks who do well with a good slap in the virtual face, but most folks will turn their hearing off and you will never get through to them. It’s not that they can’t understand and see reality or your reality, it’s that you screwed up the opportunity by your vain vicious actions. Kindness still works. And peace on Earth is not really a bad thing.

I wish you good-will and a gracious new year!

Be kind to each other!





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