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A beautiful lady sat by the shore

She wouldn’t cry, no, not anymore

For she had loved a sailor so fair

She loved her as much as she dared

Their passion was deep like the great sea

Only the gods could have created something so sweet

The waves took her love, crashing, smashing on rocky land

Breaking every bone ’till her love was all but sand

Though her love was deep and strong as could be

She dared not cry, she dared not weep

For she knew of her loves family, many nights she had dined

So young and so lovely, so gentle and kind

The brothers so young, the mother so beautiful

Looking for their fair maiden, true love only this dutiful

The lady who sat by the shore

Would not cry forevermore

For she was a siren, her song most deadly

The songs of sorrow, deceit, passion, the whole medley

No, no matter the pain she felt

No, no matter the mocking that was dealt

She would sit alone by the sea

A siren so silent, her cry swallowed it would always be


-Lorenakoran- (7/7/17)

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