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Like A Book And It’s Cover

What lies beneath the surface

Is what they say really matters

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

We’re taught this since forever

True beauty is on the inside

Your looks are only skin deep

Even the bible says

don’t be whitewashed sepulchre

Yet here we are insisting

That your physical appearance

Define your sexuality and gender

When in reality it’s the chemicals

That tell us who we are

But since they’re on the inside

It’s the books cover we must abide by

No matter that it’s a double standard

If their ideas of anatomy fall through

They can take up the cloak of religion

Ignoring that which is actually true

Truth is that it’s not about you

It’s about them and how you make them appear

They spend so much time

Decorating their own gravestone

How dare you not do the same

In their day there was more respect

In their day there wasn’t as many of this and that

In their day you kept things inside

Bottle up and out of sight

In their day things were better

How dare you try to change

The security blankets of their day

There’s so many “how dare you’s”

I’ll just stop here and change them to

“Go ahead and’s”, because

It’s not their day anymore

It’s our day now, so boldly stand up and say

Here’s my true colors

I can live happy and free

I can be depressed and take meds

Without caring how you look at me

I can say out loud that I’m gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, queer

Metro, poly, open, lesbian, fluid, ally, cis, hermaphrodite, or asexual

I can insist I be treated like a human being

And that my rights are respected

I can dress the way I want

Hold hands with who I want

Buy from whatever store I want

Without discrimination

I can get married just like any other

Wither we’re the same sex or not

I can get justices from bullies and abusers

Just like those who are already

Accepted in society

I can be friends with who I want

What matters isn’t their gender or

Sexual so-called preference

What matters is what’s inside

Like a book and it’s cover


I wish you the best on this June 2018 PRIDE month. May you own who you are, and accept people for who they are. 



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