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I’m sharing this personal story because I don’t want others to go through what I’ve gone through.
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You see, well when I was a child my parents warned me not to play with my pancreas. “Lori, if you keep playing with your pancreas you’ll get pancreatitis,” they’d say. Did I listen? Of course not! It was the 70’s and parents said we would get some kind of “itis” form just about everything.
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Okay, that never actually happened. But it was a good story. I’m not sure how others have gone about getting pancreatitis, and I’m still learning about it so I haven’t quite figured how I went about getting it.
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As usual, when the pain was just too long and too much it was a Friday night. Meaning, the ER was the only cool place to hang out at for an emergency, and any follow-up doctors appointments would have to wait till the weekend was over.
So, chatting with my doc about it hasn’t happened yet. I am, however, very cleaned out at the moment, a liquid diet will do that to ya. I have IBS so most often I’m not hanging onto any old used up crap anyway.
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I’ve also been reading tidbits about the pancreas and pancreatitis now and then, here and there. It’s rather redundant so diving into the study of that rather clandestine glandular organ isn’t something I want to dedicate large portions of my time to.
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The ER doctor was considering hospitalizing me but instead released me with instructions. One, go on a clear fluid diet for several days. Two, make a follow-up appointment with my doctor. Three, well three was just a prescription for pain and four would be a doctors excuse for not going to work note that I plan to hand in when I go to work. I did leave early on Thursday due to upper stomach pain and I called early Friday to let them know I needed to stay home.
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Well shoot, this isn’t a first. While writing the last sentence I got a bit fuzzy on the sequence of days. Turnes out I went to the ER on Thursday night. Soooo, I could have made a follow-up doctors appointment. Oops!  Have you met me? Cause if you haven’t, well, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Because of that sort of woolgathering, no, more like distractedness, I have a “mom’s” calendar made especially for folks just like me, a “mom’s” style daily planner that I carry with me almost everywhere, and alarms set on my phone for various things I need to remember throughout the day.
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Back to my indisposition, Pan Creat(e) itis, I’m working on remembering the spelling of this silent but organ of great caliber.
It’s a little bugger. I wonder how long it’s actually been acting up shrouded by other organs allowing them to take the blame while it peered out astern from the more mainstream organ we call the stomach.
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The pancreas, which I think should include a ‘u’ in its spelling, is known for all kinds of issues when it’s not happy. Alcohol abuse is the main reason for most peoples pancreatitis. Rules me out on that one. I rarely drink and when I do it’s Dos Equis, lol, no jk, but I do like Dos Equis. But really, occasionally I’ll add a fourth of a cup or less of wine to my juice. If I’m getting really wild I might have a wine cooler. whoo hoo!! But I don’t really crave alcohol, I just talk big. There are many other causes, feel free to look it up. In other words, I haven’t had any solid food in three days and I don’t feel like going on about all the potential causes.
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I guess we’ll just see what happens next, what I learn next, and if my spelling gets any better, and so on.
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Thanks for reading my blog about pancreatitis, oops, auto correct caught the ‘u’ I put in it again. Darn it! I hope this helps to motivate and inspire you to care for your most paramount pancreas. (Yes, I have trouble not putting a ‘u’ in the word pancreas too.) Having a pancreas removed results in dependency on insulin shots cause your natural insulin dealer is your pancreas. Safeguard that baby, but, take my parents warning, don’t play with it.
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Felicia sleeping

Pancreas’ are ugly so here’s a picture of my cat. 



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Like A Book And It’s Cover

What lies beneath the surface

Is what they say really matters

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

We’re taught this since forever

True beauty is on the inside

Your looks are only skin deep

Even the bible says

don’t be whitewashed sepulchre

Yet here we are insisting

That your physical appearance

Define your sexuality and gender

When in reality it’s the chemicals

That tell us who we are

But since they’re on the inside

It’s the books cover we must abide by

No matter that it’s a double standard

If their ideas of anatomy fall through

They can take up the cloak of religion

Ignoring that which is actually true

Truth is that it’s not about you

It’s about them and how you make them appear

They spend so much time

Decorating their own gravestone

How dare you not do the same

In their day there was more respect

In their day there wasn’t as many of this and that

In their day you kept things inside

Bottle up and out of sight

In their day things were better

How dare you try to change

The security blankets of their day

There’s so many “how dare you’s”

I’ll just stop here and change them to

“Go ahead and’s”, because

It’s not their day anymore

It’s our day now, so boldly stand up and say

Here’s my true colors

I can live happy and free

I can be depressed and take meds

Without caring how you look at me

I can say out loud that I’m gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, queer

Metro, poly, open, lesbian, fluid, ally, cis, hermaphrodite, or asexual

I can insist I be treated like a human being

And that my rights are respected

I can dress the way I want

Hold hands with who I want

Buy from whatever store I want

Without discrimination

I can get married just like any other

Wither we’re the same sex or not

I can get justices from bullies and abusers

Just like those who are already

Accepted in society

I can be friends with who I want

What matters isn’t their gender or

Sexual so-called preference

What matters is what’s inside

Like a book and it’s cover


I wish you the best on this June 2018 PRIDE month. May you own who you are, and accept people for who they are. 


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I screen captured the discussion. Here it is!

Also, if you wish to click on a recommended link or see a posted pic better I re-included those at the bottom so they would be easy to click on and see.


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Although this immunization is no longer used here is a  list of side effects:



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Acknowledgements: I want to thank the Facebook community called Things anti-vaxers say for providing a place to chat and become smarter. 

I also want to thank the people who commented on my Facebook posts. I took their names out before having the chance to ask them if they wanted to remain nameless. I color coded the block outs so I could keep track. Chantal is the one in brown.


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4 Diseases Making a Comeback Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers



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I had nothing but praise for my kids current schools. It may be a small town and it may be that we wanted to live somewhere else far from here but up until today it was a big thing to be so pleased with the school system. I’ve also been a teacher cheer leader so to speak. I believe in backing them up and not working against them. If the kids have a complaint that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t look into it but I will with an open mind because I also believe in backing my kids up. Often there are misunderstandings and communication issues. So, what I faced today was completely unexpected.

My daughter needed some field trip money for an end of the grade water-park trip. We really don’t have the extra cash but it’s a big deal so I went to the bank today and pulled out the fifteen bucks. It was going to cost more but some money had been raised so the price was lowered. I went to the school office where the always friendly and welcoming office staff lady greeted me and began looking into wither I had the right amount because I wasn’t a hundred percent certain. She called my daughters home room teacher who didn’t pick up so then she called another number and got my daughters Communications teacher. I’ll call her Mrs. D. Mrs. D let the office staff know that she wanted to talk to me personally. It had something to do with her wanting her students to take responsibility and bring the money in themselves.

I had some time to chat with the lady at the deck and besides chatting about mothers day and the lovely weekend I mentioned to her that I felt the responsibility fell on my shoulders since Kara did ask for the money over and over and over again like she always does about everything. She’s a nagger. She will ask me for crafts this and that and school this and that and food this and that and so on all through out the day till I just shut it off and then sometimes I forget. But then I realized it was still a responsibility issue on Kara’s part because she needed to learn what her actions cause.

Mrs. D arrived at the office and told me that not only did she want Kara to show responsibility by bringing the money and signed form in herself but that there was a chance she wouldn’t be allowed to go anyway. Not only are Kara’s grades not up to par but she had too many absents and tardies. Then she added that there were so many she had already talked to the Vice Principal. We’ll call him Mr. S. She had talked to him about charging us with legal truancy.

Ok, now I’m in shock! I did not see this coming. Moving to this small town has caused a lot of hardship when it comes to medical, dental (including orthodontist) and councilors. It’s a long drive to the bigger city and I try to schedule several appointments there at once so we can afford the gas which means it’s an all day trip. Of course those offices always only have time available during school hours. When we lived closer to the bigger city I could take her to an appointment and then back to school but here to much time has gone by getting there and back. To add to that often she is in a lot of pain after an orthodontist appointment. I admit, at first I wasn’t so good at getting the doctors notices for school but they talked to me about it and I made sure to get them the doctors notes from then on. If I forgot I called the office and had one faxed to the school.

I tried to explain a few thing to Mrs. D and ask her questions but she interrupted me and would never let me finish a sentence. I also asked her why I hadn’t been called first before ever considering a legal action like that but like the other things I tried to say she would interrupt and never answer anything I asked.

I didn’t feel warned or informed, I felt outright threatened.

After Mrs. D was through making sure I knew she wanted me to be charged with legal action I asked to see the Vice Principal because she had mentioned him. Instead of threatening me in the office in front of everyone like Mrs. D did he took me in his office to talk.

I told Mr. S. what Mrs. D. had said. He told me that she had no right to take legal truancy action and that he was the only one allowed to do that. I had told him she said she had gone to him over it but he hadn’t let me finish my sentence so either he didn’t hear me or he already knew what he was going to say so it didn’t matter what I said. Maybe a little of both. I was able to tell him about the appointments and how I have been working on a plan for next year so that Kara doesn’t get pulled out of school so often. This year is almost up so I am trying to think and plan ahead. He nodded in agreement and then proceeded to go over her absent history again. He said that if he had decided to take legal action it would have been done already. He said it a few times and each time added that he was too lenient and really should have already done it. I asked him about getting a hold of me before ever taking any legal action because that seemed the right thing to do. He was never very clear on wither he would do that or not and always ended with how he ought to have already taken the legal action as if he was disappointed in himself. He did mention once that he had sent me a letter about her absences. He never let me reply to that comment. I do recall getting something about it but there was nothing I can recall on the letter about legal action though I may have forgot. There was something I believe about needing doctors notes which I have started supplying before the letter arrived. I mentioned that I would go ahead and cancel any of Kara’s appointment till the end of the school year. He let me know that would be the best thing to do. Since he insisted on making sure I couldn’t finish sentences I was not given the change to explain to him how important Kara’s councilor appointments are to her. Not that it would have made a difference but I would think a good Vice Principal would want to understand his students better.

Though he wasn’t quite as bad as Mrs. D he seemed to have already made his mind up and either cut me off often or didn’t really hear much of what I would try to say. He didn’t come across as threatening as Mrs. D but his words were those of a threat and to shame.

I had tried to tell him that I was working on a plan to make next school year better in this regard and that if I wasn’t successful I would just home school her. I think he slightly nodded but he looked more like he was working on keeping a poker face. He also brought up what the law says about truancy a few times as if he expected me to already know it, as if every parent in that school district memorized all the state laws. Bringing up that I hadn’t actually memorized all the state laws and that I’m not even from this state never was mentioned because by this time he was cutting me off when ever I tried to talk.

In case anyone wonders I did not come at him or Mrs. D like I was attacking them. They had no reason from me personally to be defensive and threatening.

I left there very angry and hurt. Part of me wants to make sure none of my kids go to that school. Levi is already in the same school and in a few years Kyle will be too. I want to make sure they don’t get Mrs. D as a teacher. It’s one thing to be strict but another thing to not be able to communicate with the parents in a phone call or meeting before threatening them with legal action. I am tempted to home school but I don’t really think that is the best option. I think it’s my angry hurt brain trying to fix this. This also brings up all the suppressed feeling of frustration about being stuck in this city and this state that none of the kids and I wanted to live in. Most of the year it’s cold and it can be very lonely. It brings back the feelings of wanting to move somewhere warm and near family, if not at least near civilization. But at this time it’s only painful to entertain those thoughts. I had been doing a good job of making the best of it and finding things to be thankful for. If I let it it could also bring up angry feelings toward the kids dad for putting us in this position in the first place. But I am pushing those thoughts back. I can’t help but wish Mr. S and Mrs. D will one day get to experience what they did to me three fold.

It’s not about the school staff not wanting my daughter to be absent, I don’t want her absent either. After all I was actively working on remedying this issue. It’s about people I had put my trust in to watch over and teach my children, people I had spoken up for and backed and now here they are not even letting me talk, cutting me off before mid-sentence, threatening me with legal court action, not admitting they should call me and have a meeting with me first, and so on. It’s about walking into the school and suddenly finding myself jerked around by a teacher and the Vice Principal with no sign of humanity. It’s also about me working my self to death over being the best parent I can be. Sure I make mistakes but when I learn of them I correct them.

I also find it ironic that Mrs. D is the communications teacher and she didn’t show any signs of knowing how to communicate properly with a students parent.

Shame on them!


I know there are many people with way worse school issues then what I’ve brought up here. But this is my blog and I needed to vent. After all Kara is MY daughter. I not only love my kids but they are MY responsibility. And I take that very seriously.

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Psalms 127:

3  Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD:

and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

4  As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;

so are children of the youth.

5  Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:

they shall not be ashamed,
but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

The Psalms were written somewhere between 1037BC to 539BC.

At about 1000 BC there were about 50 million people on the earth. (From http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/history/world-population-growth.htm) Today, which is 2011 AD, there is about 7 billion. (From http://geography.about.com/od/obtainpopulationdata/a/worldpopulation.htm) That is a 6 billion 9 hundred 50 million increase.

50,000,000 – The population when the Psalm about having a quiver (12) full of children was approximately written.

7,000,000,000 – The population now.

6,950,000,000 – The population increase from 1000BC to 2011AD.

I remember growing up hearing about this scripture and memorizing it.  I was taught having as many children as the Lord would give me would be a blessing and that scripture backed it up. Why didn’t Christian educators think about the time and population difference between when that scripture was written and now?  We can’t keep up with the amount of orphans and starving children around the world let alone in our very own country yet they continue to promote large families and condemn birth control of any type, even abstinence.

I was blessed to hear some folks talk about this the other day. A few of the people in the discussion had come to realize that having more than two kids was excessive yet they themselves had four children.  They love all their children but at the same time they are not using their love for their children to remain ignorant of the issues our planet is facing. Not only are we facing these issues but the children, no matter how many, will face them at a worse rate than we.

I have noticed before that humans are mostly parasitical. Sure there are some that are not but is there enough of us good guys to fix the destruction the other human parasites are creating at an alarming rate? Rather than trying to populate an already very populated planet we should be focusing on how to fix it and make it livable for those already here.  We need to come up with curriculum on ecology and implement it in the schools and churches.

I’m not trying to offend anyone. I adore all four of my babies and I have friends that have lots of kids and I see them all as valuable.  But I won’t use my kids or anyone else’s to condone the further destruction of the only current place we and our children have to live.

Moderation is accepted in almost every area but for some baring children is excluded. This is out of balance and doesn’t really make sense. Like I stated above, that scripture was written a very long time ago. We have filled the quivers over and over and now it’s time to move on to something else.  Some people feel they will find love and acceptance through their children. Just like those who try to find love going from one partner to another it isn’t going to happen, things will go wrong. You need to find acceptance in yourself. For those who believe they need to have a lot of children to assist them or bless them in the afterlife, if you can’t take proper care of the planet you’re on now, what makes you think you can care for another one in another life?

I want to add…

Just because I am starting to understand moderation in child bearing, doesn’t mean I condone people treating large families in a bad way. I have had the ugly looks and I have friends who have been approached and balled out for having “too many kids”. Meanness, bullying, and hate don’t help anyone or convince them to do differently. It just drives them away from you and closes their ears.  Negative energy is not going to help our planet either, so don’t fight fire with fire. People with large families are people with several individuals who have feelings and ideas and such and should be treated with respect. There are many famous people who have helped our world that came from large families. So don’t persecute what already exsists. Instead of bullying we just need education.

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Waiting For Superman – Movie review by Lori

by Lori K. Hobbs on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 12:04am

Waiting For Superman is one of those movie/documentaries that every citizen of the United States of America needs to see.

It is about the public school system in our country today, right this very minute, and it is a desperate plight. There have been professionals trying their best to help our children but end up with their hands tied. I believe the only way to stop the down slide and to give all children in the US a chance is for common citizens to take a stand together. To me the movie is a war cry, a call to virtual arms. Waiting for someone to do it for us is like waiting for Superman, he isn’t coming.

The sole reason I applied for the Mrs. International pageant in 2008 was because I read that it was platformed based. I figured that if I were to get a title then it would be more likely that I would be taken seriously. I was aware of the Camden, Ar. school district problems and then was sad to learn first hand the Hawaii school district had the same if not worse problems. I had ideas that I felt would make a major impact for these districts. I wrote the school curriculum dept in Hawaii and received a nice, “we will look into it” letter back. That was in 2008, I haven’t heard of any changes yet. I even talked to the distinct leader of the Camden Arkansas schools who was very offended and told me how his kids grew up in the system and both are very successful today. It’s nice his kids did so well, but most the kids there are not so lucky.Sad to hear the man responsible for the children’s education there has his head stuck in the sand.

I was surprised to get a call from the Mrs, International office saying I won the title of Mrs. Hawaii. Sadly, the title didn’t give me anyone’s ear. Pageants in Hawaii are many and few are taken seriously. Now that I have a more inside view of why the public school systems are failing I see that getting attention from the school districts for my platform wouldn’t quite do the job anyway. It’s the ordinary citizen who needs to take a stand and insist our government do something about the teachers union so all the children can have a fair education.

When I was Mrs. Hawaii and would tell folks about my platform there were quite a few people who thought my platform was basically silly. Their kids went to public schools and received a very good education. I was surprised to see such educated people being so ignorant. Could they possibly believe that every school in the Union was like their school in their district? How very narrow minded and self centered. All they had to do is look up the educational statistics to see that they just happen to be lucky and that most kids are being virtually educationally condemned.

I haven’t said much about the movie because it would be better for you to see and hear it yourself. I just saw it once so I can’t present the facts and figures correctly. I can however, hopefully, relay the spirit of the documentary on to you.

What exactly can us citizens do? At this time I don’t know, but if every one sees this film and get the bug to make a change folk will start having ideas and we can keep trying till we are successful. My only idea at this time is for every city to form a think tank type group and put their heads together to come up with ideas and plan of actions. And that each city group be linked to each other through out the nation and so on. Letters to the governor and partitions  and such can be organized as well. What I am saying right now is not in the movie. It is just my thoughts.

I hope none of my friend on here will discount the urgency of this matter just because their kids are in a “good” school, or because they don’t have kids. Even if you are a self centered selfish person, think about it this way. You can not keep the children in the “bad” schools away from your kids or your family. They will grow up and have an effect on you. Wouldn’t it be better to care for them now and insure they have the opportunity to better themselves and make this country and this world a better place? Wither one likes it or not, we are all in this together.

Ok now, go get Waiting For Superman and watch it! ( Btw, I rented it from Red Box. )

Official trailer – http://www.waitingforsuperman.com/

My title platform – http://www.mrsinternational.com/contestantdetails.php?id=231


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This is a copy of the letter I sent to the editor:
I am a single mom of two boys ages 5 and 9. My 9 year old is Autistic and my 5 year old has ADHD. I also have two girls ages 11 and 13. My 13 year old has Aspergers.

My girls were not allowed to go on the #### Middle School summer school field trip today because they were often late and had one absent day due to me being very sick. Late has always been an issue in my family that I fight to overcome. However, this time it actually wasn’t our fault.

The boys are in the summer school program at #### Elem. School which is clear across town and we only gave us 15 min to get between schools. Maybe if I sped and ran red lights I might have made it every day on time but I won’t do that, it’s illegal and dangerous.

I even tried dropping the boys off early, I thought the school would allow them to be at least 15 min early but the doors didn’t actually open till about 5 min prior so that didn’t work either.

Apparently even if the girls had been on time everyday they still wouldn’t get to go on the field trip because of my sick day. So basically they are being punished because I was in a ton of pain and couldn’t get them to school. After all the summer school has a 100% attendance policy.

I talked to the ladies at the #### summer school office about this and they just kept reminding me they have a 100% attendance policy and there was nothing they could do. They said other students who were late had the same result of not being allowed to go on the field trip. I wonder how many of them were unfairly judged as well. I told the #### summer school office I wanted to talk to the school board and the lady gave me Billy Gosnell’s office number which I called and left a detailed message on. I looked him up on line and when I got home and it says he is Administrative Services -Summer School & Records.

It is too late to send my daughters on the field trip, but something still needs to be done about this. I want a promise that they will make the necessary changes for all children by next summer. I don’t want any more children punished for being sick or a parent being sick or because they refuse to break the law by speeding and running red lights to get their children from one school to another school clear across town. Missing a field trip may seem simple to an adult but it can really hurt a kid. It give them the feeling of being left out and unfairly punished.

This all happened after my high functioning Autistic son had to be taken out of summer school because they didn’t “have the staff” to deal with him. Apparently listening to simple hints and implementing them from his mom about how to work with autistic kids was just too overwhelming for them. No thought that what I have to say may help them in the future as well. There are a lot of ASD kids in the public schools, not just mine.

I hope the public schools here in Springfield will make the necessary changes so children may have a more positive summer school experience next year and thereafter.

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