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El Jalapeño’s is a Mexican restaurant on Central Ave in Marshfield WI.

It’s not like I’m a Mexican food expert. I mean, the fact that I used to go to TJ every weekend on trips with Sister Stamps to feed the poor and then often get to have a meal at one of the hermanas homes in the mist of the brick makers makeshift “houses” wouldn’t qualify me. Or that I was a missionary at an orphanage in La Gloria Mexico for three months.  Or that I lived in San Diego for about fifteen years. And so on and so forth. Because really, Mexico is bigger than just its northern cost and there are many different variations of Mexican food. Personally, I loved all the different kinds I was honored to have and the street taco vendors in TJ were my fav!

I got to be exposed to a different type of Mexican food when I lived in Arkansas. It’s called Tex Mex. It wasn’t my fav, by any means. In Arkansas you can ask about the Mexican food to find out wither it is Tex Mex or not and they will tell you it’s not and every time it still is. That fact, among many other things really made me miss San Diego.

So, now I am here in Wisconsin. I had no idea what their interpretation of Mexican food would be. I stopped in to check out El Jalapeño’s for lunch today.  All but one worker that I could see looked Hispanic and seemed to prefer speaking Spanish. I enjoyed being able to practice some Spanish which I haven’t had the opportunity to do in quite a while. I didn’t really forget much, then again I never really knew a lot to begin with. I learned my Spanish from the kids in the orphanage so it’s rough but understandable. Due to picking up accents easily and living in San Diego I have no trouble with the accent, it comes naturally.

There was a table of some Hispanic looking people and a white guy at another table and that was about it as far as other customers. I was there for a late lunch so I couldn’t go by the non lunch crowed.  The man who took my order was very nice. I ordered the combo meal #2 which consisted of a Burrito, chips, rice and beans and a fountain drink. I had extra rice to replace the beans and the meat I ordered for the burrito was steak. The total order including tax came to $8. I got my drink from the soda fountain and sat myself.  The food was prepared and brought to the table within minutes.

The rice was very good and like I remember it from way back when. The chips were good, not sure if they were made there or not. The burrito was very plane tasting and as well as the steak inside it. I really did not like the taste of the mild salsa that came with the meal. I wondered if the pork would have been a better choice or if it would have still be plain tasting.

I don’t intend to return to El Jalapeño’s. But there is another taco joint I saw that I will just have to try later. I’ll keep you posted!

This is a pic I took of the resturant.


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