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3/17/18 & 3/26/18


My St. Patties Day Poem
By Lorenakoran

On this fair eve of this fair day

when the green is worn

and on display

and friends cheer

and dance and sway

while throwing back beer

For this green holiday


I think of the pagans across the lake

and wish them well

And may their so called snakes

return to them

and once again be free

to worship whom so ever

they want and please


We celebrate a man

And make him a saint

Who with vengeance in hand

Murdering whom he pleased

While converting pagans

Whom likely couldn’t sleep

For fear of their oppressor

Their new master and priest


st patricks kiss my butt

Personally, I don’t celebrate St. Patrick. I’m also not a Catholic. I do, however, like holidays, sometimes. Some people complain that holidays are just consumerism, and that’s pretty true. It’s also why I really don’t mind having holiday fun. I don’t take it seriously. Sure, the history behind it sucks. But now days, at least in the US, it’s pretty much about celebrating the Irish, wearing green, and getting drunk.
I have some Irish in me from my dads side and some Scotch Irish in me from my moms side. So I like the idea of wearing both green and orange.
I love the folk music that comes from Ireland and some of the more contemporary music. The troubles they went through really show up in the more contemporary music making it very deep and emotional and beautiful. If you want a crash course about Ireland’s civil unrest read one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I think it’s in his book titled David and Goliath. But in case I’m wrong just read all of them. May as well.

I’d really love to see Ireland and Scotland one day. That would be awesome!


Written on 3/17/18 & 3/26/18.



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A beautiful lady sat by the shore

She wouldn’t cry, no, not anymore

For she had loved a sailor so fair

She loved her as much as she dared

Their passion was deep like the great sea

Only the gods could have created something so sweet

The waves took her love, crashing, smashing on rocky land

Breaking every bone ’till her love was all but sand

Though her love was deep and strong as could be

She dared not cry, she dared not weep

For she knew of her loves family, many nights she had dined

So young and so lovely, so gentle and kind

The brothers so young, the mother so beautiful

Looking for their fair maiden, true love only this dutiful

The lady who sat by the shore

Would not cry forevermore

For she was a siren, her song most deadly

The songs of sorrow, deceit, passion, the whole medley

No, no matter the pain she felt

No, no matter the mocking that was dealt

She would sit alone by the sea

A siren so silent, her cry swallowed it would always be


-Lorenakoran- (7/7/17)

sea shore 2






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mothers day poem by Lorenakoran 2014

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A Brief History of the Devil
    A poem by Lorenakoran


There was a time when heaven was in hell
and Hades ruled the underground
he was feared and barley spoken about
but he wasn’t bad and he wasn’t good
he may have been a little grumpy
after all he did get the short straw
but he took his post and ruled it well
till time rewrote him a myth in history
others took his place and heaven was displaced
to the glory of the far reached heavens
heaven above and hell beneath
seemed to suit the new believers
Hades now combined with the horned divine
became a symbol of Satan
ruler of hell he himself became evil
he was then made a plotter and a deceiver
not to be trusted and only feared
and this time the topic of much discussion
his name used as a threat to manipulate
the poor and illiterate into submission
his name for gain of land, gold and fame
a perversion of the old ways
they said they killed if one didn’t believe
in the one true God but look closer and see
they really killed if one didn’t believe in the new Satan
it was never about God, never about a savior
cause a loving saving God would never allow
such greedy ambitious behavior
creating a devil, a hell full of torment
was a much better piece of equipment
to control the masses, to make them submissive
to rid the world of thought and freedom.
Though the old ways are myth as a common thought
it’s odd that in this advanced century
the recreations are considered fact by so very many.



devil history

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fear is poem

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If You Give A Psychopath A Job

If you give a psychopath a job
he’ll be sure to charm the whole office
he’ll do his duties plus some extra
just to earn your trust and make you smile

If you give a psychopath a promotion
he’ll seem elated that you did
he’ll act like he worked hard and deserved it
and never mention who he stepped on to get it

If leave a psychopath in charge
while you’re out of town to help someone else
he’ll hack all your accounts and steal all the money
from the companies fun raisers and hard earned dollars

If you press charges against a psychopath
they’ll let him go because they hate you
they’ll tell him he has to pay it back, but he wont
instead he’ll lay low and plot your demise

If you rag on and expose a psychopath
he’ll team up with two others and their girlfriends
they’ll pay a visit when it’s just you, you son and granddaughter
they’ll point guns, make you sign a note and lock you in a hotel room

If you get kidnapped by a psychopath
he’ll make you withdraw the companies money
he’ll turn it into gold coins and rent a storage
while the world is sure you stole it and ran away

If you give money to a psychopath
he’ll kill his own, they’ll find the body with out the head and hands
this will make them finally wonder about you
his girlfriend will talk then they’ll arrest and lock him up

If they threaten a psychopath with the death penalty
he’ll take them to where he buried the bodies
on a far away farm in a lonely makeshift grave
the shinny hip amongst the bones will give your identity away

If you’re the most hated woman in America murdered by a psychopath
they’ll bury you in an unmarked grave
the Christians will see it as orchestrated by God
the proud looks and cheers will drown out any tears

If you’re louder and bolder then a psychopath
the world will never forget you
someone will hear your story and be inspired
they’ll rally for liberty, justice and equality

spicy pepper

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You Are A Rainbow

By Lorenakoran


On the outside

people can’t see it

when they pass you

on the street moonlit

they think the glow

is from the lamp post

Some days you look fresh

clean and beautiful

some days you look tired

worn out and stressed

some days people notice you

and some days they don’t

But, when the elements are just so

the planets are aligned

there’s just enough moisture in the air

something magical starts to stir

something wonderfully strange

not everyone can see

At those particular moments

when things seem the hardest

your true colors start to shine

they are made of red, orange, yellow,

green, blue, indigo, and violet

they stir the soul and make one feel hope

You may not even notice

you may be oblivious

but the people who need it

and the people who love you

have no problem seeing

the rainbow in your soul

Passion, balance, joy, generosity,

peace, calm & wisdom

are colors some folks don’t recognize

they may not be loud and charismatic

they may not squeak and be pushy

still, they are alive and they are powerful

Never underestimate

the power of your rainbow!


clover leaf rainbow valley

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