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Easter Rabbit and Easter Eggs.  How it all really went down.


One day as I walked along the side of the freeway contemplating the upcoming holiday Easter, a small car past me bellowing dark gray clouds of smoke. I tried to hold my breath but the polluted air found it’s way into my lungs causing me to have a vision that answered the often asked question about why there are bunnies laying eggs on Easter. I felt it would only be selfish of me to not share this great revelation with all. Here’s is the truth behind that great mystery. I have no solid proof, which is a good thing. If I did then I would have to provided where such proof is. However, since I don’t have proof I can insist one take this vision as fact through faith alone which is so much more admirable.


After Hades drew the short straw and was sentenced to rule the underworld there grew a patch of death across the land. He tried to hold in and deny his bitterness at losing his birthright but sorrow and anger can not be truly hidden, it always finds a way to manifest it’s self. Because of his strong oppressed emotions the land above where ever he roamed would die. Poseidon knew his older brother well, after all they had spent most of their lives inside their father, Kronos’ belly. It was he who convinced their not so understanding younger brother Zeus to help formulate a plan to help Hades, thus help the living things being affected by Hades bitterness. They sought the counsel of their sister Hestia. Hestia suggested they find a way to cheer old Hades up first thus helping him to release his bitterness with less harm.
They drew Hades to the surface to walk among his destruction. As expected it did not affect him until he came upon a strange sight. The goddess Hestia had sought the advice of the northern goddess Eostre. Eostre gave Hestia a rabbit she had blessed and told Hestia to put the rabbit down in the mist of the dead land just before Hades was to walk by. Hestia did as Eostre had said.

As Hades came upon the snow white rabbit it stood out among it’s black burnt terrine causing Hades to stop and wonder. As he gazed upon the rabbit the creature began to birth. But even stranger still was that the rabbit was not birthing live kits but an egg. And not just a normal egg, but an egg covered in a whole spectrum of colors. Hades at first saw this as an abomination and took the egg and threw it as high and far as he could. The arch the egg was thrown in caused the spectrum of colors to follow it across the sky manifesting the first rainbow.

The rabbit continued to lay more curious eggs. Some with colored spots, some with stripes, and others with various colors and designs. Hades picked up a red egg and threw it across the scorched land. As it flew through the air under it’s shadow bloomed beautiful red roses. The same effect happened with the green egg but instead beautiful soft to the touch grass came up. Out of curiosity Hades continued to throw eggs to see what would happen. By the time he stopped to reflect the torched ground was covered in life, beautiful life.

Hades heart softened, his inner sorrow still there but the anger had subsided. He returned to his realm a subdued god. Because the anger, bitterness and sorrow still remained inside of him it still grew. He kept it from torching the earth above him by remembering the rabbit laying eggs. From time to time his emotions still had to be released. Thus the reason we still have volcanoes to this day.


As far as the land where the rabbit eggs had been thrown, it is a true place of notoriety. Many gods and hero’s passed over that land and were affected one way or another. It is said that hero’s such as Mithras, Jesus, Attis, Krishna and many more met their doom and glory on that very land. It was also there that Persephone was first abducted and where her mother goes to find her for their sweet but short reunions. It is a land of magic and miracles, of death and rebirth. Much like the Garden of Eden and the Fountain of Youth, one may look as far and as long as they like, they will never actually find it. To prove oneself one must believe it exists by faith and faith alone.



Now that you have learned the truth behind the Easter Holiday you may send me money because that will prove how honorable you are and you will be blessed for your faith.


(In small print I admit I made all this up, sadly even the send me money part.)


Hades-et-Cerberus-IIIgodsHestia and EostreHades and Presephone

risen gods



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Written by Wade of Deeply Rooted on FaceBook March 2013

This is the main story that I’ve heard about spring equinox and the Goddess Ostara/Eostar/Oester and is the one I tell at each prison I go into as well as every ritual on the outside that I go to this time of year.
In days long by the great Goddess Ostara walked the dark woods of what we now call Germany. She is the very embodiment of spring and it is believed that she is the one that brings the spring after the long and dark winters. For endless thousands of years she waited for her time and then, when the moment was right, began the process that we call spring. Then, as sometimes happens, there was an especially dark and cold and brutal winter and the Goddess fell into depression. She saw the cold and dark and, as sometimes happens, thought it was just too much and sat down in a deepening sadness. When the time came for winter to loosen its grasp and the snows to fade, nothing happened. None paid that close attention, sometimes spring was a little then other times, just the way the Goddess worked. And the winter continued, and continued. The animal and plant spirits were the first to call the alarm, as they were dying with their physical aspects were dying under the snow and ice. They found the Goddess buried as well, with the snow and ice covering her up to her chin where she had sat down in her sadness over the cold and dark winter. The plant and animal spirits tried to wake the Goddess up and snap her out of her depression, they pleaded and joked and tried to reason. After that didn’t work a few, in their desperation, even tried to threaten her, all to no avail. The winter continued. Trees began to snap and fall, their sap frozen in their trunks. Bears and other hibernating creatures that should have been out eating spring greens instead began to die. Ice and snow and cold and dark seemed to be all there was or would ever be. Soon everyone saw what a horrible thing was happening and all the Gods and Goddesses and sprits of plant and animal gathered to find a solution. The great Gods and Goddesses each approached Ostara and tried to convince her using all the skills and abilities they had to muster. Every kind of bribe and argument and threat and plea was made, to no effect, she merely stared off into space, engulfed in her own sadness. At long last they all gathered around her and a call was made for any other suggestions to solve this most horrible of situations and silence was all that was heard. When everyone had their chance to offer a solution and none was forthcoming the lowly March Hare hopped forward and asked simply, “May I try?”. The hare was scraggly and thin and his hair was matted, his people were dying in their burrows and he was fading with them. The great Gods and Goddesses and all the spirits of the powerful and strong animal spirits laughed with one voice at the silly little rabbit thinking he could succeed where they all had failed. After the waves of laughter subsided a voice rang out “Sure, why not, have at it little bunny” and the mocking laughter began again. The hare sat patiently until everyone got it out of their systems and when they did he hopped over to the small mountain of snow and ice that was the Goddess Ostara and waited. After a few moments the Goddess looked over at him, for a rabbit staring at you is hard to ignore. In that instant the March Hare gave a mighty grunt and he laid a huge multi-colored egg. It was the most ridiculous and unpredictable thing she had even seen and the Great Goddess Ostara laughed. With her moment of joy spring began and the ice and snow started to retreat. As she stood up the cold and dark retreated, spring had returned. And this is why we should never forget that the smallest and most disregarded of us might have the key to bringing happiness and light into the world. This is also why we take at least one day in the late winter to dye a few eggs as many colors as we can and hide them in the woods just in case Ostara is walking in the area, so she will always remember that one moment of perfect joy and forever bring the springtime.


ostara(Found this lovely picture on Google image search.)

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Michel Hansen started a FaceBook page called Black Mercy as a challenge to write a short story based on that title. https://www.facebook.com/BlackMercyIndeed So, here is my short story in response.

This story is fiction.


Black Mercy



Black. Why do they always call it black? You know, when something is bad they attach the word black to it. I’ve always liked the color black. Mostly because I couldn’t pick a favorite color and black is basically the presence of all colors. White doesn’t really appeal to me much. After all, it’s the absence of color, it’s like liking nothing.



So, here I am with the words “Black Mercy” attached to me. At least that’s how people are explaining how it is that I didn’t end up in prison or on death row.



I’d spent my whole life being lied to, manipulated and controlled. Then he came along, Pastor Jacob Eden. He offered me a way out, a life, freedom, and hope. Before I had felt like I was living in a dark hole, like at the bottom of an empty well and there he was, standing over the well with a rope. So, I grabbed on.



Being pulled out of a hole in the ground, being loved, well, it was like a cold fresh drink of water on a dry throat. I’d never known true freedom, so, how was I supposed to recognize a different kind of trap.



At first things were nice. I was given choices I never had before. Pastor Eden and his wife treated me like an adult and sided with me about my terrible past. But, slowly they started taking my freedom away. It started off far and few between. Like, jeans, I love wearing jeans. I’m very active so I’ve never much cared for skirts and dresses. Pastor Eden started preaching about how women aren’t supposed to dress like men. Mrs. Eden took me aside and told me that wearing pants showed ones legs and bottom off causing men to lust and that out of respect I should wear skirts. I reluctantly wore skirts during the services. Then Pastor Eden would start preaching about the “spirit of rebellion” and how there were some in the mist who had it and how displeased the Lord was. So, I gave up jeans altogether.



That’s how it always started and ended. As time went by more and more rules were added along with shame for those who didn’t comply. I went from being free and happy to being nervous that I was doing something wrong with out even knowing what. Somewhere along the line it got to the point that whatever I did do I was harshly rebuked and when I corrected myself and did what I was told I was put down for that as well. There was no pleasing these people, no matter how hard I tried.



To make matters worse, the other church members took advantage of my gullible state. When they wanted something from me or for me to do something for them if I didn’t they would “tattle” to the pastor about me. They were in a better financial state then me so their requests and complains were acted on. I would then get to hear about what I had done wrong for the next three months from the pulpit. Pastor Eden said it was important to use as an example for others to learn from.



This was how I spent my twenties and most of my thirties. Taking care of the pastor and his wife and the other church members as well as visitors. Any outside friends I made were either freaked out by the pastor and the church or the pastor would preach about how they were sent from the devil to deceive me. Then he would praise himself for protecting me and watching over my soul.



One day it all changed. It’s a long story to share just how it got to this particular point, but to get to the point of it, the pastor did something very hypocritical and I saw it plan as day. I had many unanswered questions on the back burner of my mind. So, when this obvious two faced thing happened it all came together and I knew I had to get out. I knew once I left I would be preached about and lies would be told, but, I couldn’t stand being in yet another dark hole one more minute.



I gave my landlord my months notice and started trying to figure out what to do next. I had told her I didn’t want anyone to know I was leaving and explained why. She said she hated to see me go but she always knew “those” people were strange and didn’t trust them. She told me she was happy I got out of that cult and wished me the best.



However, small town people always talk. Barley a day passed and Pastor Eden along with the congregation knew of my decision. My phone was ringing off the hook. “I know your going through a tough time right now, but God doesn’t want you to quit.” “Don’t let the devil have this victory.” “You know we love you, you are family to us, we’d do anything for you.” I kept hearing them say. “We’re praying for you”, They all ended their conversation with.



They just wouldn’t leave me alone. Id go somewhere and be afraid to come home. Often they found me and would ask me how I was as if some tragedy happened and they wanted to help. They did this in a way to get attention from those around us.



Then that one fateful day came. I came home from shopping and was pleased to see there were no church members cars in my complex. I walked carefree to my apartment but when I realized my door wasn’t locked a sense of dread filled my gut. When I opened my door the pastor, his wife and elders were standing in my kitchen. Most of the congregation were lounging around in my living room. I could see the anointing oil on the counter next to the pastors large worn black Bible. Part of me wanted to bolt out of the door way and run, but I just stood there paralyzed.



Sister”, the Pastor began, “The Holy Ghost led me to call a prayer meeting for you. Satan has a hold on your life and we are here to set you free in Jesus name. You know we have given up much for you because of the love of our Lord, and we are not gonna give up on you in your time of need.”



I suddenly unfroze, turned around, shut the door and walked away toward my car as fast as I could without running. I didn’t look back to see if I was being followed. As I drove out of the complex driveway I caught a glimpse of what looked like the pastors car. I didn’t know where to go so I drove myself to the towns only strip-mall and got out.



I went to the only comforting place I knew, Marge’s Dinner just on the end of the mall. I had worked there for a while and enjoyed the time away with people who didn’t tell me I was wrong all the time, they were good people. Marge, who owned the place, saw me come in and greeted me warmly. She insisted I say hi to Sam the cook, cause apparently he missed me. So, I headed to the back.



I hated quitting Marge’s Dinner. But the pastors wife saw me having coffee with Sam one day and told Pastor Eden who then preached about lust for the next three months. Mrs. Eden also had a dream that I married him and lost my soul. He was nice and he was a Christian, he even visited my church one time, but he was never interested in coming back.



Sam was happy to see me and along with Carla and Silvia the waitresses on duty. Carla gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then left the kitchen to care for customers. Silvia was on a short break so she stayed to chat for a bit. Marge joined us to hear how I was. I was just starting to tell them what had happened when the back employee door flew open. Pastor Eden was standing there, his body taking up the whole doorway. He looked bigger then usual and very frightening.



I’ve come to bring you back”, his voice boomed. “God told me to do this.” Sam and Silvia turned white, I probably did too. Marge was slightly behind me so I didn’t see her until she stepped in between me and Pastor Eden. Marge is particularly shot but she didn’t seem so shot at the moment. She boomed back in a voice I didn’t know she had, “get out of my establishment or I will call the police!”



He hesitated for a moment, something I’d never seen him do before. I almost thought he would actually leave, but he didn’t. He pushed Marge out of the way causing her to trip and fall. Sam and Silvia took a step forward but had no idea what to do. I stood there petrified in place with my eyes wide open. He grabbed my right wrist and as he pulled, my left hand reached behind me on the counter looking for something to defend myself with. It just happened to be that my left hand found a butchers knife. Without thinking I swung my left arm around and plunged the knife into the nearest part of Pastor Eden that I could. My adrenalin was pumping and the knife went all the way in.



He froze in place for a moment. I didn’t know wither to be afraid that I had just stabbed the pastor or afraid that it didn’t do any good. He released my wrist and stumbled backward. Sam had already grabbed the phone and was entering 911. Pastor Eden fell to his knees and looked up to me. First his expression was shock, then it changed to pity, self pity that is. Marge rushed to me. She must have read the terror on my face because she started shouting, “it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault!” She turned to Sam and Silvia and shouted to them, “you saw it, he attacked her, it was self defense!” They both wide eyed nodded in agreement.



The police arrived. A rookie came in first and panicked when he saw the knife sticking out of Pastor Edens chest. Before anyone could stop him he ran over to the pastor and pulled the knife out then placed his hand over the hemorrhaging wound. Pastor Eden’s face turned white, he looked up to his left, his face froze in terror, then he fell over dead.



It turned out that it was the pulling the knife out that had actually killed Pastor Eden. The tip had just barley pierced his heart and when it was pulled out it finished him off.



Mrs. Eden and the congregation tried to use the confrontation in my apartment and my rebellious behavior” as proof that I intentionally killed the pastor. But, the bruises on my right writs and the eye witnesses testimonies, plus the fact that he hurt Marge, who everyone loved, provided proof of self defense. The judge ruled in my favor and I was released to go.



After some time several other of Pastor Edens members left the church that Mrs. Eden took over with a heavy hand. From them I learned that the pastor and the congregation had planned on doing an in home church house arrest to me that day they came over to “pray.” They had it all planned out. They had a schedule of shifts for who would stay and watch me at all hours and everything.



When I told Marge about it she said, “Sweetheart, that’s what we call Black Mercy. You were given black mercy both by escaping the lock down of the church and the lock up of the court by a very grave and dark deed.



So, Black Mercy it is then. Black Mercy saved me, but really, I saved myself. Maybe with this new found freedom I’ll leave this town, buy a boat and name it Black Mercy and just sail away.



-The End-



By Lori K Revels (Hobbs)


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A witch she said,
A witch indeed
A witch is what
She ought to be


A little girl
not far from here
held up her head
and did sneer

A witch I want to be
for this upcoming Halloween
With pointy hat
and gnarly nails
green skin
long crooked nose
with wart a top
buck teeth
and a voice that squeaks.
I’ll scare the children
and old people too.
With my crooked wand
I’ll cast spells
and turn puppies into
brown spotted snails.
I’ll make the clouds
swirl in the darkest night
and cause it to thunder
and lightening strike.
For this Halloween
I shall be
the scariest witch
you’ve ever seen.

Her mother replied,
A witch you say
a witch indeed
a witch is exactly
what thou shalt be.
Now I shall tell thee
of true witchy things.

A witch of old
of truth be told
looks nothing like
those cartoon frights,

but actually have been
something quite bright.
Their brooms they hold
are for cleaning dear,
and black caldron
for cooking herbs.
The black cat crosses in a race,
he’s just simply going some place.
Their villages they love.
their wand for pointing,
good energy and cheer.
Their spells to send
bad things away.
Long robes to keep
the children warm.
They learn from the animals
and take care of the earth.
They were the villagers
wise woman and mother,
doctors of old,
priests and pastors,
medicine men and shaman,
and story craftier.
The witches job is
to do no harm
but guide and protect
bringing peace not alarm.

Then why this mess
why this fuss?
Why the tails
of ghostly disrupt?
The little girl asked
her mother.

Greed for power,
greed for money,
cause the truth
to run muddy.
Leaders wanted more
then they had
they made up lies
that went to their heads.
They made everyone
who had something to say
look evil to take
their sway away.
They made up stories
that were not true
to cause fear and doubt,
this was their rue.
So people would turn
to them instead
giving them money
and giving them land.
The dark ages were
quite absurd.
Sadly people still do
those dark evil deeds
of killing the witches
and the wise men
wither with fire
or lies from within.
Painting pictures,
that are simply not true.
Spinning stories
to fool me and you.
The evil done
is actually by another,
not the witch
and not her mother.

So don your black robe!
Pick up your wand!
Ride your broom
up until dawn!
Cast your spell,
the vale is thin.
Heal the world
and bless you kin.
Be the witch
you choose to be,
for this sweet night
is Halloween!

No more the burning times!

So mote it be!

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The Bonnet

By Lori K Revels

There once was a beautiful field filled with daises smiling under the warm sun in a land far far away. One day a little girl wearing a pink bonnet with flowers on it decided to go pick some daises for her mom. She danced around under the warm sun and wandered over to the stream to toss small stones and watch them splash.  

While playing near the stream a breeze took her bonnet from her head and it fell into the stream. It was a bit far and she didn’t want to get wet so she looked for a stick long enough to reach it and pull it back to her. By the time she found a stick the bonnet had started drifting down the stream ahead of her.

The little girl chased her bonnet and every time she came close a current would take it on further down the stream and just out of her reach.

After a while she heard the loud noise of a water fall. Her bonnet raced ahead of her and fell over the water fall.

She stood there and cried for a while but soon stopped because she realized that her crying wasn’t helping her at all.

She heard a rough voice ask, “Why are you crying?” She looked around but didn’t see anyone. She heard the same voice again ask, “Why are you crying?” She looked around again and all she saw was a frog on a rock near her. She knew it wasn’t the frog that had spoke to her because frogs can’t speak but she went ahead and asked the frog if by chance he had said something to her. She was shocked when he replied that indeed he had. The little girl said, “I didn’t know frogs could talk”.  

The little girl told the frog that her favorite bonnet had fell over the water fall and she was very upset about it. The frog said, “Well, just climb down those rocks there and follow the river a little ways and you will see it runs into the marsh lands. I am quite sure your bonnet must be stuck there and waiting for you to come get it. “

The little girl thanked him and climbed down the rocks then followed the river as the frog had instructed her. Sure enough the river ended in the marsh lands and there was her flowery pink wet muddy bonnet waiting for her just as he said it would be.

The only problem was, the bonnet was stuck in the middle of the marsh area and she didn’t know if it was safe to wade out to get it. She stood there a while just looking at it feeling sad.

While standing there she heard a squeaky voice ask, “What are you staring at?” She looked around and didn’t see anyone, not even a frog.  She asked, “Where are you” and the voice answered back, “I’m right here.” She saw a fly on her shoulder and swished it away without thinking. She heard the squeaky voice holler, “ouch! What did you do that for?” “Oh! I’m sorry”, said the little girl to the fly who was now flying looking for a safer place to land. “I didn’t know flies could talk”, she explained.  

She then told the fly she was staring at her favorite bonnet and was sad because she couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the marsh. The fly said, “Wait here, I know who can get it for you. I’ll be right back.”  Then the fly flew away toward a cluster of trees.

After a few minutes the little girl saw something large and brown come out of the cluster of trees toward her. As it got closer she saw it was a moose. She waited politely while the moose passed her and waded into the mash toward her bonnet. The moose stopped right next to her bonnet and just stood there.

The little girl finally hollered out to the moose, “Is everything all right?” She wondered if his eye sight wasn’t very good so she said, “That’s my bonnet right next to you.”  The moose didn’t move or even look her way. Finally the moose started eating some of the weeds poking up through the marsh.

The little girl was curious as to why the moose didn’t answer her and bring her the bonnet. She was about to holler out to him again when she felt something tickle her neck and make her jump. She turned around to see an Elephant looking right at her. “Oh my” she said, “you startled me”. The elephant thought that was funny.  “Did you come to get my bonnet from the marsh for me?” The little girl asked. The elephant replied, “Yes, the fly told me you needed my help and here I am.”

The little girl told the elephant that she had asked the moose to get her bonnet for her but he had ignored her. The elephant laughed and said, “You’re so silly, moose don’t talk. Silly silly girl!

The elephant then waded into the marsh. Picked up the bonnet with his trunk, waded back to the little girl and place the bonnet right on her head.

The End

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The Sacrifice

By Lori K Hobbs

A detective was looking into a group of people in a remote area who were known for their superstitions. He learned that they went so far as to do human sacrifices every ten years to what they called their god. The child sacrificed was picked by whatever child was born on the same date every tenth year. The people believe their god required it and by offering up one life they all were saved from tribulations.

The detective stayed with them learning their ways and tried to convince them to let go of their superstitions and to educate themselves and not commit murder. 

When he saw he was not getting through he kidnapped the boy who was to be sacrificed. When he had reached his home city he called his wife to inform her of the situation and of the child he was bringing home temporarily till a home can be found for him.

They had fun introducing the boy to the modern world and the detective’s son who was the same exact age became good friends with him.

The boy told the detectives son of his people’s traditions including his own destiny as a appeasing human sacrifice. The boy worried for his people since the sacrifice day was approaching but the detective and his family convinced him it was all just superstition and by him not being there he was saving his people from committing murder. As the day got closer and closer the boy and the detective’s son started having nightmares of impending doom. 

The night of the sacrifice the boy was hit by a drunk driver and died. The detective’s family was heartbroken.  The son’s nightmares got worse but it was thought to be because of losing a close friend. A strange powerful dark figure started appearing in his dreams telling him the only way to stop the suffering was to sacrifice his life. He decides his parents had gone through enough and didn’t to tell them about the dreams.

An oddly dressed man appeared on their porch one day asking for the detective. Since the detective was due home any minute the wife had him in and made him tea and a snack to eat. When the detective came home he recognized the man as one of the elders of the clan of superstitious people. The man begged him to return the boy that was kidnapped. He explained that the tribulations had come upon them and their people were dying of disease and other disasters that were destroying their village and crops. The detective tried to reason with the man and convince him it wasn’t because they didn’t do the human sacrifice. That their trouble could be explained scientifically and likely even fixed if they would just allow an expert to see what was going on and help them.  The man was relentless until the detective finally told him the boy had already died. He then felt that was enough proof of the people’s false beliefs because the boy had still died on the designated sacrifice date and it didn’t stop the so called tribulations.

The man explained that it was likely his god who had caused the death but that the only way to appease the god was for them to make a deliberate sacrifice to show their faith and belief in him. The man finally gave in out of distress for the boy’s death and told the detective he would allow an expert to come visit them and see firsthand what they were going through and see if he would be able to help.

The detective’s wife and son heard the whole conversation. His wife was very upset and fearful when her husband left with the man and a doctor that they had arranged to take with them.  The son’s dreams continued to get more vivid.

The detective and the doctor found the village to be in a state of utter ruin. There were only a few buildings left that were repaired enough to be weather proof since wind and hail storms had destroyed much of the place.  Everyone was sick of some kind of ailment or disease at various stages. It was shocking to the detective since he had been there before and it had been a beautiful thriving healthy community. After some time the doctor became exasperated from lack of sleep and lack of success. They both now understood how these people could fall for superstitions when things could get this bad. But still they were convinced it was coincidence and worked on.

A village meeting was called. The elders tried to figure things out. They were convinced it was the detective who brought this on them all. Some believed that he should pay for his crime and that by him paying for his crime maybe their god would then be appeased.  Some of the Elders didn’t feel this would be good enough and that they must find a replacement for the child that was to be sacrificed. They concluded that if they could find a child born on the correct day, time and year they would offer that child up as their sacrifice. They begun appointing people who were strong enough to go out into the city to look for such a child and hope their god would lead them to him. Then the man who had gone to the detectives home remembered hearing the detective’s wife telling him how the detective’s son and the boy had become good friends and that they were the exact same age. He let the council know much to the horror of the detective. The elders felt it was the leading of their god and agreed it would be the detective’s son that would stand in the place of the boy.

The detective didn’t waste any time trying to call his wife to warn her and have her and his son leave their home till things were safe again. Being out in a remote area there was no signal.

The detective’s son was becoming convinced due to his vivid dreams that he was the only way to save the village. He told his mom that he had been having nightmares but instead of telling her what they were about he told her that his dad was in extreme danger and because his dreams were so vivid he believed it was true. After not being able to reach her husband on the phone she called her husband’s boss and told him of her child’s dreams and that she wouldn’t leave him alone until he took her to see her husband. The boss felt it unwise to take her but he was aware of her persistent ways and relented.

It was late at night when the wife’s mom arrived to keep an eye on the son for her. The wife and the boss took off to see about things. The son snuck into the back seat of their car. When the grandmas TV program was over she went to bed and was not aware the son was missing till morning. When she saw he wasn’t in his room she wasn’t sure if he had got up early to go to a friend’s and called the mom see. The mom wasn’t completely sure either but was very concerned because she was already on edge. She felt the urge to check the back seat and fount the son when she did. After scolding him she called and informed her mom that she had found him and that he would stay with them since they were too far to turn back.

The son dozed off a few time and every time he had to be woken due to hollering out from the nightmares. He began to get chills and looked sick as time went by.

The detective had left the village and was speeding back to try to get to his son before it was too late.  He stopped to get gas and a nosy attendant asked him where he had come from. He told him he had been at the village of the very superstitious people and was on his way home to protect his family. The attendant told him he had better hurry and turn back the direction he had come from cause he had just talked to a woman and a man and a ten year old boy who were on their way to the village to see about the wife’s detective husband. The detective lost all color in his face and raced back to the village.

He arrived and found his wife, son and boss in a small building surrounded by the villagers in the center of town. He disguised himself and worked his way through the crowed to the hut. Finding a way in he whispered to his family he was there to get them out. He loosed them from the ropes they were tied to and they followed him out, all but the son. He stood there and refused to leave. He told them he knew if he let them sacrifice him the village would be saved. They argued that it was just superstition but the boy told them he had dreams from their god and this was the only way to appease him and save the people from their suffering. After some intense hushed arguing the son agreed to go with his father. They snuck out through the crowed of villagers and made a run for the vehicles. The elders had gone into the small building and found the prisoners missing and pursued them. The detective and his wife dashed into a building while the son and the boss ran down an alley. The detective and his wife were easily found and brought out to the town center where the sacrifice area had already been prepared.  

The son tried to run to his parents but the detectives boss stopped him holding him and covering his mouth to quiet him. He told him his parents wanted him to live and he would protect him no matter what. The boy felt a brick lose next to him. He became very still and seemed compliant. The boss asked him if he was going to continue to yell and he shook his head so he took his hand off his mouth. The boy told him he understood and would do what he was told to do. The boss half way believed him and though still holding him loosened his grip. The son remained still for a moment then made a quick convulsion escaping the bosses grip, grabbed the lose brick and hit the boss in the head knocking his out. The boy whispered a respectful apology to the out cold man and ran back into the crowed toward his parents.

The winds had picked up by this time and hail had started falling everywhere except where the people stood in the center of town. From time to time one could hear the hail breaking glass or the wind tearing apart a building and the screams of the sick people inside the place that was torn apart. The son began hollering out for them to leave his parents alone, that he was there and there was no need to harm his family. When the front of the crowed realized who he was they parted to let him through. The parents saw him and were horrified and scolded him for coming out to them but then embraced him when he got to them.

The son told the village elders he understood his fate and was willing to be sacrificed to save the people from their god’s wrath. The parents tried to stop him but he let them know he loved them deeply and that he knew what had to be done and to trust him. Seeing there was no escape especially since their son would not go willingly with them they stopped fighting against the people holding them in place and watched in horror as the elders prepared the son for sacrifice. There was a wooden alter that he was laid on along with gifts the villagers had placed. It was almost beautiful if it wasn’t for what was about to take place. The winds had grown stronger and the hail bigger and was in closing in on them. The knife was raised by the designated elder and the fatal blow was made to the screeching of the sons mother and the tears of his father who stood shocked and speechless. The sons body was raised on its wooden alter and tied to a pole in the middle of a pile of wood that was then lit.

A hush fell on the people. Even the mom was silent. The detective looked around to investigate the utter silence. The wind had stopped and so had the hail and the clouds were quickly retreating away. The sick began to emerge from what was left of the buildings as well healed people. When the other villagers saw them and that they were no longer ill they began to shout and cry for joy. Villagers from the fields beyond began to walk into the town causing more cries of glee at their sight. One of the villagers noticed the detective and his wife still holding each other with a look of shock and told them that people they had buried during the recent plague were alive and walking into the town.

The detective and his wife, boss and the doctors were left alone to leave. The couple headed home solemnly in silence as the sun was coming up. They stopped at the gas station to fill up. The nosy attendant told them he couldn’t chat because he was taking a kid home to his village and wished them a good day. He got into his old beat up pick up and as he drove off the couple saw the boy who was to be the original sacrifice in the passenger’s side of the truck. 

The End

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