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Time changes us in many ways. My view of certain songs has certainly changed as I have. Not always for the better or worse, more like what fits my mentality at the time. And what fits me doesn’t likely fit everyone else.

Over the years there has not only been songs that “spoke” to me, but also songs that just irritated me. When I was young if I liked the melody of one such type of song I just changed the lyrics to fit what I agreed with and liked. I don’t fell like doing that so much now. If the melody is really good I may try to zone out the annoying lyrics, maybe.



For a while now the lyrics to the song Waterfalls by TLC has annoyed me. I just love the melody though. But those lyrics! Sure it’s unwise and sad when youth leave the security of home and chase easy money, pretend love, and destroy their lives. But it’s unnatural for them to stay home hidden in their mothers skirts. Sadly too many poverty struck homes are stuck in a downward spiral and the parents do not encourage their kids to climb out. Instead they try to prepare them for a life of more poverty. It’s the murky river and stagnate lakes they are used to.

I can’t help but think of the kids my mom worked with in Camden, Arkansas. They didn’t want to go to collage and become successful because they didn’t want their families to reject them. They saw it happen, they saw others who had gotten a good education and became successful come home and be treated badly because the family decided that they were “too good” for them and rejected them. They instead chose to stay with the muddy puddles they were used to so they wouldn’t lose their families respect. Don’t go chasing waterfalls was more of an order than anything.

I understand that the song likely means not to chase drugs and criminal activities and such but waterfalls seems so much more than that to me. Maybe it should say, don’t chase a different mud puddle or don’t chase stagnate lakes or snake infested marshes. Waterfalls are pure and fresh and should be considered positive and be pursued. Unless of course you don’t want your children to become their own people. I’ve had that experience, but that’s another subject.

Another reason that song’s lyrics annoys me is likely also because I love seeing and experiencing new things. So to me it’s suggesting I torture myself. Lol! However, I understand that my way of being isn’t for everyone. Actually, it is more common and healthy for the average person to  be a village dweller. So, maybe that song is good for some people. It’s just like scratching a chalk board to me though.



Me Too by Megan Trainer. I actually like this song, well, at least most of it. There is only two lines I don’t like and I find them very irritating.

“What’s that icy thing hangin’ ’round my neck?
That’s gold, show me some respect”

Okay, I know it’s silly, but it annoys the crap out of me. Why the rest of the song doesn’t? Well, partly cause it’s on the silly side and partly cause when you work hard and put in the time to get somewhere, then awesome! Be proud of yourself and brag some about it. Hey, you did it and you should enjoy it. And while you’re at it take a little joy in the fact that those folks who didn’t believe in you are eating crow.

But just cause you have gold and jewels doesn’t mean you deserve respect. Too many people have these things from taking advantage of others so I just don’t see it as a sign of true personal success and a sign that one should be respected. It isn’t a sign of hard work and perseverance to me. I don’t have any problem with people wearing theses things, they can be fun. But don’t demand respect just cause you’re wearing it. Expect respect because you earned it.

I still like to listed to Me Too but I either turn the channel at the beginning or just mentally tune it out cause those two lines are just too frikin annoying.


I don’t actually hate these songs. And this isn’t a serious blog post. Just in case anyone was concerned or offended.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll see these songs completely different and change my ideas about them. Sometimes hearing other peoples perspectives can open up ones own ideas and understanding. Could happen!

There are plenty more songs that I find annoying for various reasons but these two are the ones that come to mind when I think about it.

What about you? Any particular songs that just rub you the wrong way? Please feel free to share in the comments.




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I am putting a book of nightmares together. It is a topic of interest for many and I think it would be fun to do. I am asking for you to submit your dreams no matter who odd cause that is how dreams can be.  Then when I get enough of them I will compile them into the  book. Some dreams that have scared us may seem silly and funny to others while some seem crazy or disturbing.

This is not intended to be about how I feel or what I think. It is simply going to be the dreams people like you send me.

If you have a drawing you want included with your dream submission that comes from what you saw in a dream please feel free to include it.

I will be happy to give you credit for your submissions or to use an allies if you don’t want you’re name known. Just let me know.

I can’t wait to read about your dreams! Submit away!!!


Submission e-mail address is:

The FaceBook site is:

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Have you used any dating sites? Please share your story.

Here is mine:



We hit it off real good cause we are both into film. He called often and it was nice to have someone to talk who seemed to care. He would often stop talking to me for long periods of time and his reason was depression. He lived in San Fran and I briefly entertained the thought of going there to see him and my aunts family. I admit, I needed a vacation and my not yet ex was good at agreeing but not delivering.  After a while Michael and I got to know each other good enough to see our differences and decided being friends was best rather than a relationship.




There was a free one on FaceBook that I looked into while I was living in Hawaii. I was awaiting my divorce to go through and still living with my ex. Sure, that wasn’t a good time to be looking but I’m one of those humans who loves to have companionship and life was getting very miserable. My ex would come home from work, eat, go out on the porch to smoke his pipe and chat with his girlfriend on line.

FaceBook dating site (I can’t remember the name of it.  It was free at the time but they charge now.)



I met some nice guys on there. One from England named Graham became a good friend and we even talked on the phone sometimes. He was planning a vacation and entertained the thought of coming to Hawaii.  He also lived with his ex and had quite a crazy story.


Somewhere along the line I met Fernando in Australia. Things seemed real good. He was still having issues with his ex but who doesn’t.   We started making plans. He was going on vacation as it was so he planned to come to Hawaii and if things kept working out then the kids and I would move to Australia. It sounds crazy, I know, and actually it may have been but it wasn’t so crazy to me cause my ex and I had talked a lot about moving there any way in the past. When I brought it up to my ex he didn’t mind the idea and was considering moving there himself any way. Later when all this fell through he informed me he would have never let me go there with the kids. Fernando and I chatted every evening either on the computer or talked on the phone. Then he started talking less and less to me. Feeling rejected was very easy for me at that time so this was quite painful. Finally on Mothers Day we talked about it and he let me know he was seeing someone in his area and that was the end of our relationship. I was upset naturally and he did that typical man thing by letting me know there was no reason for me to be upset and it was silly and then he removed me from his FaceBook friends.

 Guy I went to the movies with.

I was chatting with another guy on FaceBook who I was not romantically interested in. He was nice but not my type.

He asked to take me to the movies one day and I said yes cause I needed to get out. So then he told me to meet him at a certain movie place that was clear across town.  I wasn’t used to the area and as usual I got lost.



I called him several times with no answer. Finally he answered and told me where to turn to find the place. Then he let me know he didn’t think I was coming so he went ahead and watched the movie already. It was the movie called He’s Not That Into You.

I arrived and found him by his car wearing a big beach hat like he said he would. He took the hat of and placed it in his car and then off to the movie ticket booth we went. There was some really great action movies playing but he thought they were too scary and really wanted to watch He’s Not That Into You again. So he got the tickets. We had about 45 minutes till the movie would start and since the theater was in a very nice strip mall with coffee shops and all, I suggested we walk around and chat till it was time but he was concerned we wouldn’t get any seats so we went in.

We passed the concession stand where there was no line and as we passed the ticket guy he stopped to chat for a moment. I learned he came to that theater quite often and everyone knew him by name. They also didn’t mind when he would bring in KFC and eat while watching the movies.


We found nice seats in the empty theater and visited while we waited for the movie to start. He told me all about his medical problems and what he did in the Navy and then more about his medical problems, mostly sinus and jaw stuff. I brought up a few other subjects that he didn’t find interesting, he would always find a way to bring the subject matter back to him and his medical issues.


I went to the concession stand and bought myself some nachos. When I came back two girls had seated in front of him and were talking with him. He introduced me. They worked at the Turtle Bay Resort where he also liked to hang out. One of the girls turned to me and asked me to tell him why he had trouble getting a date.  I immediately thought of many answers to that question but because I had just met him I didn’t feel right being so honest. I politely told them that we had just recreantly met. He gave me a disapproving look and whispered to me that I shouldn’t have told them that.

Eventually the movie started.  During the movie he responded to FaceBook posts on his phone and whispered stuff about the movie to me. 

Then it happened… it was the middle of the movie, he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. He told me what was going to happened at the end of the movie.

By this time I had already found this date to be more and more humorous and that just added to it.

The movie ended and my date who had been chewing gum excessively walked me to my car. He asked me to go dancing with him at a go go club in Waikiki cause it was 80’s night and he loved 80’s night. Although the evening had progressively gotten funnier I was ready to go home so I declined the offer.

He then started telling me he couldn’t wait till I was officially divorced so we could get married. I thought the evening couldn’t get anymore ridiculous … but I was wrong.

I was trying to say goodbye when he put his finger over my lips to hush me and then leaned over to kiss me. He stopped and in my bewilderment I started to say goodbye again when he did the hush thing again and kissed me again.

shush 2

Actually, it was more like this…


Surprisingly he was a good kisser which threw me off a bit. I sure didn’t expect that! The excessive fresh gum chewing started making more sense. It’s not a bad idea really.  But this time I reacted much quicker cause I really didn’t like being hushed and I really wanted to leave and as much as kissing is wonderful, he was just really annoying to hang out with. 

On the way home he texted me about going out again. I am normally a very nice polite person. But even very nice polite people have their moments especially when it is just irresistible. I pulled over and quickly texted him back, “I’m sorry. I’m just not that into you.”

Really, he wasn’t evil and I would have been happy to stay his friend and maybe even give him some dating tips which he desperately needed but by the time I got home he had removed me from his FB friends list.




I decided to give it a pay try for one month. I had moved to Kalamazoo and really wanted to have a special someone. I had figured out I was the type of person who was happier with a guy to love and love me back.


In that months’ time I met Ted. He talked me into meeting him at McDonalds and give him a chance. He was real nice and we ended up dating for a while. My mom and step dad came to see me and met Ted as well. They really liked him.  Ted’s teen son seemed to like me and his teen daughter seemed ok with me, his adult daughter was very upset that he was seeing anyone but her mom. The son and adult daughter lived with him as well as his niece that he took care of.  Though I knew Ted and I were not really a good match, I enjoyed having a friend and a boyfriend.

Kyle loves being around guys so he found Ted very exciting besides Ted would tickle him. Levi was ok with him. The girls were board and didn’t like going to his house cause they didn’t have stuff to do. He promised to have bonfires but it never worked out. The kids did have a blast helping him burn tree debris which I guess is like a bonfire.

I was still not healed from the pain and rejection I went through during my marriage separation and divorce and if I hadn’t been in the middle of reading The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler when Ted decided to not see or communicate with me for about two weeks,  it would have crushed me and I would have cried every day. The book was helping me build a back bone. It didn’t feel good but I was getting through it and when you give me two weeks to myself I have time to think. I thought about all the reasons why Ted and I shouldn’t be together that is. By the time he contacted me and wanted to see me again as if nothing had ever happened I was ready to break up with him. I still hate to hurt anyone so I gave him the “it would be best for both of us” speech which he temporarily bought into. Later when I started seeing Frank he decided he wanted me back.


Plenty of Fish

I moved to Springfield and decided to see what POF was like.


I met David. We had a lot of the same interest like music and photography and he seemed to be the adventurous type. He had his own DJ business at one time.  We chatted for some time when he finally decided to call. The calling didn’t last long cause he reverted to texting. It was either texting or chatting on line. I prefer to have a guy ask me out than for me to ask the guy out. To me it shows he has some guts and I like guts. I finally gave in and asked him if he was ever gonna ask me out or if we were just gonna text forever. He let me know he was shy and continued to send text. I informed him that when you refuse to ask a girl out it sends a message to the girl that you aren’t really that interested in her and just stringing her along and it hurts her feelings. Eventually he asked me out, if that actually counts.  We started seeing each other. He had a habit of going to his folk’s house on Sunday to do his laundry and watch the car races. I figured after he got to know me better he would take me along and introduce me but that just wasn’t happening. I also learned that though he liked all music he preferred country. I can only handle so much country western music. I also learned that although he liked to storm chase with his son he was too scared to do pretty much anything else.  He was quite content to sit on the couch and watch TV. He didn’t mind Kyle climbing on his lap but that was all he would have to do with my kids. There was no attempt for any interaction with them.

David’s mom had emergency surgery. I got a call from him after he got to their home. He asked his best friend for a ride. She and I had already met and got along great. I was disappointed he didn’t ask me to take him there. It just showed me he was still more comfortable with his best friend than his girl friend and I got over it. He was at his folks to be by his mom’s side for over a week I believe. I understood that he needed time there and it was very scary cause they didn’t know if she was going to make it. He hardly ever called to let me know how things were though his best freind and FaceBook friends were all updated. Again, this time away with hardly any communication gave me time to think. I realized that though we had things to talk about in common when it came to living, we didn’t have much in common. I realized that people who chase tornadoes are not the same as people who ride ‘em.  I later found out that I am related to Pecos Bill. Lol

He came back and eventually contacted me. I expressed my frustrations and he was annoyed and that was the end of that very short relationship.

I think he is a very nice guy and will make someone who is okay with being a homebody very happy.


By this time I have figured out first hand that Match.com and POF do not really match people very well and I was annoyed with the dating sites. I was gonna give up on them altogether.

Out of curiosity I looked at a note sent to me by Tony and responded. We hooked up on FB and got to know each other better on there. He’s a So. Cal guy that transplanted when he and his family visited his wife’s folks in Missouri and she refused to leave. His older two kids had grown and his son was in his late teens when his wife decided she was sick of him and wanted to divorce.  They separated but stayed married because she needed his health insurance for her medical issues.

By the time I met Tony I wasn’t excited about marrying anyone. I decided I wouldn’t mind finding a partner but marriage would either not happen or would have to wait. Tony was on the same wave length in that area along with many other things. Our first date was with the kids, he took us all to see some lakes and hang out.

Tony’s ex was very annoyed that he was dating and his two older kids were ticked at him as well. I never met his daughter. I got along fine with his teen son.

Tony was a lot of fun and attentive for a while. We went to the lakes that first time and took a walk along a stream another time and later we went fishing. He would sometimes put a movie on for the kids or let them use his computer. That was about the extent of interaction he had with them.

He met my mom who waited to get him without me and then say really bad things about Mexicans, call me a whore and try to attack his parenting skills. Apparently she was thinking he would never come back and I would cry on her shoulder.  He did leave so he wouldn’t go off on her but he also called me and told me what happened and let me know he was ok. Her excuse was that he was still married which meant I was being an adulterous and a whore. Ted was also separated waiting for his divorces to go through when I was dating him but when she learned we broke up she was upset with me.  The real problem for her with Tony was that he is half Mexican.  Most of my life my mom was not raciest. It is sad to see her like this. I knew she had become raciest against African Americans but I didn’t realize it was other nationalities as well. Tony survived my mom’s attack. There were other difficulties but we somehow got through all of them.  There were other things I could complain about, after all he is a guy and guys do a lot of stuff alike. I’m sure he could say the same of me being a girl and acting like one too.

Then I got the text, the one telling me how he F’s everything up in his life. Then the one about how he has raised his kids and is having trouble with the idea of raising anymore. And then some more “I’m breaking up with you ones”.  And that was it for a while until I got the “why aren’t you talking to me” ones. I reminded him he broke up with me and he said he didn’t really do that and wanted to get back together. I told him I needed time and he gave me a little time then he started in on the “if you really loved me” messages and it annoyed me but worked. So we took the kids to the lake to fish and had a nice time and then I didn’t see or hear from him for a while. Then he sent me a message saying his dad was retiring and wanted him to come back to California and take over his business. I told him I was happy for him cause I knew he missed So. Cal and I told him I would miss him and he stopped talking to me. I reminded him of his messages saying, “If you really every loved me…” and he said I was right but he didn’t want to hurt me any more than he already had and so on. I let him know that I wanted to stay in touch and that maybe it was himself he was trying not to hurt any further.  And the non communication continued except for an occasional very short note. He has moved back to Cali and I do hope the best for him.


I have been very busy lately with the kids and keeping busy is a great way to keep from missing someone. I go up and down with wither or not I miss him.  I have come a long way the last couple of years. I’ve gone from believing I needed to have a man in my life to realizing I am fine without one but preferred to have one to where I am now. Where am I now? At times I miss not having someone, other times I feel it is nice to not have the stress of having to please yet another person. I really want to be a globe trotter one day and I am concerned that hooking up with a partner would interfere with that so waiting may be better. I read Eat Pray Love and really identified with the author. I love that she had the freedom to travel without inhibitions. The book was like a daily devotion to me for a while there.

Then there is the matter of the kids. After Tony had broke up with me the first time, his reason really hit home. How could I ever expect a guy to love me and my children? Asking someone to take on four young kids was big enough, but three of my kids have special needs making it an even bigger deal. Even Tony didn’t show any interest in learning about Autism which will be a requirement if I should get in a relationship again. Another concern is if the guy does take an interest in my kids is he just a really great unusual guy or a pedophile? I’m at the point where looking to get in a relationship just isn’t likely gonna work out and I’m mostly ok with that.

The biggest most positive changes in me came through learning to love and accept myself. And that is what really matters. If I find “Mr. Right” then cool, if not, then that’s cool too. I have a mental bucket list and I will do all the adventures in it as well as add to it whenever I learn of another really cool thing to try, with or without a guy.

The pics are of me sky diving about three years ago. I had wanted to so that for a long time. I had some guy friends who talked about going sky diving together. When I mentioned I wanted to go to they let me know that they should go first.  I though that was rude. Then Shirley called me and told me she was getting a sky diving ticket for her grandson as a present for his graduation but he didn’t want to go alone and she wondered if I wanted to go with him. !!!! Sky diving was awesome and the beauty of Hawaii just added to it. To the best of my knowledge, none of those guys have gone sky diving yet. lol


So, that is my on-line dating stories. Please add yours to the comments area or put the link to your story on here. I’d love to hear from you!


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Hey! Time to stand up for ourselves!!

by Lori K. Hobbs on Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 4:59pm
Your changes have been saved.

I decided to write a generic letter to companies that use only woman to advertise and to those who use only “perfect” looking woman.  It’s to easy to think it isn’t possible to inspire change or to just be too busy. I figured with a generic letter it would encourage me and encourage others to put our feet down and demand a change. So, please either copy or write your own letter and send to any company you see violating life.

Things are way out of balance and need to be put right.  This isn’t just an insult to woman but to men as well.  I know a lot of woman have been affected by men who were not raised to do anything, but there are still good hard working sincere men out there and they deserve to be recognized as well.  Demand that normal average looking people, or better yet a variety of different looking people be hired to be our models and actors who advertise to us.

Hey, making a change like this may save your child from having to take depression meds or even committing subsided some day. Maybe it will even save their marriage.

If you decide to write your own letter and want to share it please do. Just be aware once it is shared on here it is available for others to copy.

Thanks for jumpin on my worthwhile ban wagon!



To whom it may concern,

The year is 2010 and it’s time companies like yours come up to date. Woman are no longer standing for the image that has been enforced upon them. Woman no longer put up with companies acting like they are the only gender that cleans, cooks and takes care of the family. Men do or should do these jobs as well.

Also, woman do not want to buy a product that is solely advertised by a”Barbie” type model. Barbe’s were originally designed as men’s sex toys. Even the Barbie had found freedom in being a child’s innocent toy. If you want to sell to a woman use a normal average looking woman. Unless you think men are watching and will use your products as a sex toy. Then that is a different matter.

Thank you for your time. I hope you use this information to better your company and to better our world.

Lori Revels


This is a pic of me looking normal. lol The black and the bathing suit are slimming but still. 🙂

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JFF! What famous folks are you related to and who have you met?

by Lori K. Hobbs on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 10:17pm
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My great great ….and so on, uncle on my mom’s mom’s side is William Clark of the Louis and Clark Expedition.

My dad knew Buddy Upson from a coffee shop they both used to go to on a regular basis in New Port Beach, CA.

My dad’s mom was bound and determined to be a famous movie star so she married my grandpa and they moved from Florida to Burbank CA. When she realised she was to old to continue her quest she decided her kids would be movie stars. My grands had two girls and my dad who was in the middle. My eldest aunt was in High Noon. She is actually easy to spot. She the little girl in the church scene chewing gum which wasn’t part of the plot. lol And she was the first child to run to the man when he got shot at the end.

My younger aunt was in a popular series as a child but I do not know what it was called. I ask my Aunts stuff from time to time but they don’t reply usually. My dad passed away nine years ago. My mom might remember, I think I’ll send her a note.

My older Aunt did end up being a producer and worked for years at Heritage Village for Jim and Tammy Baker. My cousin dated their daughter when he was a teen, or so I’ve heard. She has been all over the globe producing and such. She produced Wayne Watson’s video Water Color Ponies. I still have never seem it and I can’t find it on YouTube either. Bummer. I hear it was real good and was nominated or won a Dove Award.

My sister and her kids have been in modeling and commercials and her older two daughters have had major parts in plays. One of the commercials her daughter did was at the Lego Land in Cali. for the Lego Land in Europe.

I worked at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. It is a historical monument and a resort with 700 rooms. I worked there 7 years in 5 departments. Working that long at a place like that means you get to run across celebs for sure. Here are some that I remember running across. Some were regulars and some just passing through:

*Former President Clinton (then Governor Clinton)

*Dustin Hoffman – Very nice guy, yes he mumbles in real life. lol

*Kim Peek ( the guy Hoffman studied for the part of Rain Man) Always got my age wrong. lol

*Gene Hackman – very tall

*Pretty much all the cast of Bay Watch except Hasselhoff. – really nice folks

*Michael Richards – sadly he was accross the room and didn’t come my way. pouts. yes he sported his crazy hair.

*Anita Hill – on the phone

*Hillary Clinton – on the phone

*Mr. M Larry Lawrence – not only owned the hotel but became the ambassador to Switzerland just before he died.

*Eric Roberts – phone maybe, been a long time and didn’t really know who he was then. The other ladies I worked with didn’t like him cause he was rude to them.

*Martin Short

*David Marciano from Due South. Was as excited that I recognised him as I was to meet him. Sweet family too.

*Tony Curtis – A regular. After the all, the American favorite, Some Like It Hot, was filmed there. He would swagger up to the desk with two very tall young hot blonds and an entourage and make sure I remembered who he was. lol He was always nice.

The cast of Punky Bruster and Saved by the Bell as well as some others all came for a big party and hung out in the lobby for a while.

I was actually not very good at recognizing people so I likely met many more but had no clue cause no one was there to point them out to me. I never made a big deal about meeting or helping them cause I felt they were there to vacation and it was my job to make them comfortable. Marciano was the only one I made a big deal about cause my little friends I took care of loved the show Due South.

Oh yeah, my dad and his sisters were neighborhood friend with a lot of old time stars when they were all kinds. Nataly Wood was a regular play mate and I often heard about how she locked my dad and his younger sister in the play house once. lol

I want to be a talk show host someday. Soooo, just maybe I’ll be you all’s next I Met A Celeb! Fingers crossed!



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    • Lori K. HobbsIf my Aunts, cousins, sister and such see this and have a correction on our history please feel free to correct me. I would love that. And please by all means add some info too! Thanks ahead of time.

      June 24, 2010 at 10:19pm · Like
    • Leia Pamela Peisonneato. how far back in your family have you gone? how did you find them?

      June 24, 2010 at 11:00pm · Like
    • Lori K. HobbsIt’s just William Clark that I am related to. The others are just folks I came across. I haven’t gone back myself, I’ve just learned stuff from hearing things from my folks and relatives.

      June 24, 2010 at 11:17pm · Like
    • Lori K. HobbsMy mom baby sat for Sonny also known as Ken Berry from F troop. She also baby sat for Don Knots.

      June 29, 2010 at 12:38am ·

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Share your Holiday Traditions!

by Lori K. Hobbs on Monday, November 30, 2009 at 5:16pm

Christmas, Winter Solstice, holiday break, New Years Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa… Oh the fun of decorating, preparing celebration foods, parties, time with family and friends, gifts and decorations.

I would love to hear about your family traditions and what makes the holidays a special time for you. Please do tell and share! Thank you!

Lori RevelsTim AllenChineseNative AmericanAfrican AmericanCeltic

Pictures were from google search.

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    • Nikki Blainchristmas eve im with my moms family and santa comes then….christmas day i go to my dads and step dads house

      November 30, 2009 at 5:32pm · Like
    • Terri Revels HedgecockThe only one we really have……we take the kids out every year to buy a new ornament of their own. Now that they are grown up we aren’t woke up in the middle of the night by excited kids anymore. Sorta miss that part, sorta don’t 🙂

      November 30, 2009 at 6:18pm · Like
    • Shareena Bottoms McKinneyWe do our big dinner and present opening on Christmas day as a family here at our home. We eat then have our tradional poker game we have always played cards its just now the kids are oldser it quarter t limit poker MOm even playes and is really good at it and like Terri my thing is giving keepsakes each year to all my kids those I gave birth to and the ones I have adopted by love and now to there kids as well

      November 30, 2009 at 9:46pm · Like
    • Rebecca ForesterChistmas is all about tamales for us, the whole family usually helps unless it’s just me and 100 + tamales to go. we do the cookie thing gunner loves to cut n sprinkle ( he usually eats what he makes cause ive seen him lickin his fingers) he knows santas not real though. shh dont tell th others!

      December 1, 2009 at 12:04am · Like
    • Lori K. HobbsI appreciate those of you who have shared so far. Thank you very much! I hope more friends will add as well.

      December 7, 2009 at 2:06am · Like
    • John HewittA red Ryder BeeBee gun. Wait I may shoot my eye out.

      December 7, 2009 at 10:49am · Like
    • John HewittHot choco, good movies, (Wonderful Life & Chrismas Story), remembering why this time is special.

      December 7, 2009 at 10:52am · Like
    • Lori K. HobbsHaa haa, John you still have your wonderful sense of humor. My fav part of A Christmas Story was after the dogs got the turkey and they went to the oriental restaurant. When the man chopped the goose head off. Loved it!

      December 7, 2009 at 4:32pm · Like
    • John HewittThat is my Fav also. That and the pole, never lick things in the cold, never.

      December 7, 2009 at 5:24pm · Like
    • Deanna-Marie A. Nicholson Haapala

      Things change with the season and year. This year I’m putting up every light bulb and decorating with Santas just because I have so many this year. So Christmas will be red and white candy cane. Some years we do Advent and Hanukkah and have New Years Party. Sometimes I go to a Tea…Sometimes Cookie exchange
      sometimes Donating time and money to charities, some years homemade Christmas cards, some years we carol, some years we drive and look at light displays. Now we put giant ornaments out on the trees in a boggie swamp as a memorial to my sister… who died around this time in memory of her.
      One year we had no presents. Because we couldn’t afford it so we decorated boxes and bought batteries and put them in the old toys still good and play this those…and taped a lot of Christmas movies off the TV. Made a ton of cookies and sent them off to sailors. One year we won a Christmas light contest not even trying. We placed third but third was good when your not trying :)….. We read the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Story almost every year. With two deaths back to back it was really hard to have Christmas one year we had the tree already up when the news came about my sister…so we had celebrated anyhow but it was too hard for me the next year to put anything up so we did put a tree and the kids did that. One year we did nothing no tree nothing.
      Baking stolen and cookies and having raspberry smoothies with salt on the brim would be something we do traditionally.
      Merry Christmas! If it’s not about Christ than it’s not Christmas. Bless you and your love ones.
      December 8, 2009 at 7:21am ·

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