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Ghosts Among Us By James Van Praage and mention of When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski.
A book review by Lori


I read the book When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski a while ago and really enjoyed it. She sees earth bound spirits which are spirits of people who passed away but didn’t go into their light and are hanging around often in a state of confusion causing trouble for those who are “living” though often unintentionally. Mary Ann explains in her book that she doesn’t not see spirits who have passed through the light and come back or angels and other such spirits. Not that she isn’t often made aware of their presence as well as negative energies.

James Van Praagh is gifted in seeing those who have passed through the light and have some back to help as well as angelic presences.

Through his book he recounts experiences with people and the loved ones trying to help them from another dimension. He also tells of others with “psychic” type people such as Mary Ann and tells some stories of working along side them.

His stories are filled with love and hope and encouragement. He emphasizes how we are not alone and there are plenty of ententes willing and ready to help us. Of course our “rational” minds are often not open to receiving help and we tend to block their efforts.

James also tells a little of his life and learning about his gifts even as a child and fine toning them. I and other pagan/wiccans I know often warn people to stay away from divination type tools such as Ouija boards and seances. Without a solid protection around, one can end up being fooled by a rogue spirit or even oppressed by one. James take on those subjects is different that what I’ve heard from myself or others. Though I would still use the same warning I understand there is more to it. If you want to hear his take on them, well…then read the book!

Over all both Mary Ann and James help people get over their fears of the afterlife, “unknown” and ghosts. Getting over fears is a giant step in self improvement and moving on. They also give people hope for their loved ones who have passed away making it easier to let go of grief and embrace hope and learn from the legacy they left behind as well as letting go of fear and misconceptions of ones own pending “afterlife”.

I like the order in which I read the two book and would recommend reading May Ann’s book first then James’.

Both writers were consultants for the show Ghost Whisper. Mary Ann tells a bit more about her experience working with the show. She also dedicates a chapter about protecting ones self from negative and annoying spirits and energies.


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I was inspired to talk about something that I heard Wayne Dyer say on a Super Soul Sunday show I watched on my DVR.

He talked about the term for God used in the scriptures, I Am.   Exodus 3:14 says,   “God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.”

It was food for thought thinking about how every time we say I am we ought to think how and if it applies to the one or ones we worship and honor. For instance when one says, “I am stupid” or “I am not good enough” or “I am ugly” think about what is really being implied. Is God stupid, not good enough, is he ugly?

It’s a good way to condition ones self to stop being self destructive with negative thoughts and words.

Wither you believe in God separate from yourself, within yourself or as a part of every living thing, it still applies.

God should be the exact image of Love and love is not stupid, lower or ugly. It is everything that is good and positive.

Next time you find your self thinking or saying something negative about yourself and you hear the “I am” words, stop mid-sentence and think about it. Then change the ending to some thing positive like, I am…love!

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