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We keep living
by Lorenkoran


We keep living

We keep living for our children

We can’t let them see us die

The universe keeps drifting

The music flows on by

No matter the pain

Not matter the torment

This life is but a moment

Don’t fill it with regret

They live with our consequences

They carry them on their backs

It takes more than a notion

To free themselves of it

Let them live

Free from condemnation

Let them sour

Far above reproach

Let them see us as guiding hands

Not shaping their own destiny

We brought them into this world

We have a responsibility

To let them be who they are

And not what We wanted to be

Not what society has handed down

That lie is someone else’s crown

Don’t pass it on

It’s time for those lies to end

Legacy is in one’s own hand

Not passed down from man to man

Be yourself

Don’t give up

Don’t throw in the towel

Change roads if it’s not workin’

Take another path

Reflection, change, betterment

Are living and not quitting

It’s okay to change your way

Just be present all the same

Be here for you children

For the generations behind you

Extend your hand in service

And wave them high in praise

These children who are watching you

Will never be the same.





Things have been emotionally difficult lately, and physically. Sometimes the very people whom we have such difficulty with are also the ones who give us the most inspiration.

Last night I was watching Oprah interview and talk with Dr. Shefali on Super Soul Sunday and this evening I watched Birdman starring Michael Keaton. I’m not sure how I feel about that movie. I partly was bored with it but I partly get it too. Anyway, this poem was inspired by both shows. It didn’t exactly go the way I thought, but then again when it comes to poetry one never really knows what the end result will be till one gets there.




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Well, at least it’s kind of here. I am still learning to navigate Weebly and make my own free web site. There’s a lot more work to be done. But you can still check it out and get involved.

aparently fandom 1poster with web address

aParently Fandom is a new community, or at least it will be a community soon I hope, for parents of children in fandoms. It’s not just for parents really, it’s for anyone who knows someone in fandoms and loves that someone and wants to support them.  It’s also for parents who don’t quite understand and are frustrated, scared and even embarrassed to come and learn more and share and get rid of fears and help their child go on with life as well as go on with life themselves.  It’s also for the people in the fandoms. Who better understands what a fandom kid is thinking then a fandom person themselves. You can’t expect your folks or loved ones to read your mind, sorry!  But you can (nicely) let us know how you feel and why you do what you do and what you’re thinking.


Never assume you are the only one who is going through what you are going through. Every one needs someone to understand.


The person or persons in your life that are into fandoms may not just be children it can be teens and adults as well.


So, I could call it a support group but that’s so overused. I think something like “encouraging group” or “inspirational group” or “the world isn’t actually ending group” or something less used like that.


My daughters helped me come up with the name aParently Fandom for the group. Obviously it had to have the word Fandom in it but we got aParently by playing with the words “apparently” and “a patently”.


How do you know if your loved one is in a fandom?

Are they obsessed over anything?

Do they talk about and go to or at least try to go to cons? (A con stands for convention. Think of Comic Con and you might get the idea.)

Do they cos play or at least try to or really want to? (Cos play stands for costume play where the person dresses up like characters from their favorite show or game.)

Do they watch the same show over and over and sing all the songs and talk of nothing else and find a way to relate everything to that show?

Do they write fan fiction? (Fan fiction is where fans of the show write their own stories using the show characters and ideas. I’m not sure how that all works legally but many shows love it and encourage it.)

Do they purchase or try to purchase figures, shirts and other fan paraphernalia often?

Do they order or try to order various wigs?

Do they purchase or try to purchase various costumes and or items to make costumes with.

Do they have to have every movie and episode or game of a certain sort and if they think they are gonna get it they become crazed with happiness?

Do all or most of their friends  like the same exact show or shows or game or games? (If they don’t have any friends yet usually attending a con will solve that issue.)


aparently fandom hannahs design


I’m sure there are many more tale tale signs. I’ll have to dedicate a page to this later on the website. For now if you want to join the aParently Fandom community please click on –     aParently Fandom


See you there!

PS! If you are into fandoms please remember to let your folks and friends know about aParently Fandom and get them involved. Please & Thank You!


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I Wanna Drive
by Lori K Hobbs-Revels


I wanna drive
in a hot car to see you
pick up my friends
drive till the road ends
we got a whole life to live
so today lets begin

Jammin to the beats
screamin from the back seat
having the time of our lives
cause life’s a ride ride ride
come on lets live
forget who’s saying smack
throw worry to the back
jump in
have a good time
be real
it’s about time
every days a win

I wanna drive
in a hot car to see you
pick up my friends
drive till the road ends
we got a whole life to live
so today lets begin

I gotta feeling
it’s gonna be good
no matter how it looks
you can’t go by that
the futures wide open
you write your own book
make the life you want
grab a friends hand
help em up
it’s time to dance
the slide goes down
then you climb to the top

I wanna drive
in a hot car to see you
pick up my friends
drive till the road ends
we got a whole life to live
so today lets begin

drive, drive, drivin till the end, drive, drive, drivin till the end…

Pic from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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Can you weave fire?
I was in hell
It was hot
I was lost
Doin’ what I was told
I woke up
I had enough
I stopped time
That’s when I started
Weaving fire!
It was rocky
With lots of bumps
And many mistakes
I didn’t let it get to me
My dreams turned
With each step
They got better
I could finally see the sky!
My fiery steps
Took me higher
They took me out
Of that dark
Depressing place
To breath air
To smell life
To taste freedom
Now here I am
Soaring in the glorious
Fiery sunlight!

By Lori K Hobbs

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