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Hopes Tempting Touch
by Lorenakoran


He came recommended

and what a shame

I let my guard down

and now I’m ashamed


I knew better

I’ve done it before

I let hope in

but fate closed the door


While I may not be desperate

in many ways

I still have the ability

to give in and cave


as hard as I get

as focused as I seem

the idea of love

creeps in on me


I like my freedom

I have future plans

but passion and touch

are noisy demands


the odds are against me

getting just what I want

too much baggage they call it

but it’s my cross


I didn’t plan this

I didn’t ask for trouble

my past set it in motion

I have to deal with the rubble


so if he doesn’t like it

if it’s asking too much

I’ll get over this sadness

but I’m not in a rush


I tell myself to go back to

being cool with being on my own

with plans for my future

and no ties to a home


hope set in motion

seems to take time

to move past the notion

and give up that ride


my baggage isn’t shameful

my burden isn’t all pain

for those days of sunshine

I’ll make it through the rain


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Written by Daniel Reid Stadler. 

Some people claim atheist have no morals or atheists are selfish. Here’s my story. I was raised in a Missouri Lutheran Synod household. My uncle is a pastor, his lot in the church is to raise up church attendance. His sermons are some of the best writing I’ve ever read and he can bring an entire congregation to tears or joy in a few minutes. I was fully prepared to follow his footsteps and become a pastor myself because I deeply love humanity and want to help in any way I can. My personal faith, was similar to most people. I felt and believed God was love. And his son, Jesus Christ was the embodiment of love in human form. To be a Christian meant loving everyone and I also believed that if you love something or someone it must be allowed to follow its own path unless it is interfering with someone else. Over the years I’ve also learned about many other religions and most believers feel the same about their God. They may have different beliefs about freedom and personal choice but their God(s) are reflections of their own feelings about the world and humanity. Over the course of my spiritual journey I have come to realize that the Christian God is not a God of love. And that I can be a more loving person if I am honest with myself and everyone around me. I still believe loving your neighbor is the way to live your life. I don’t believe in the stories passed down by religious leaders from 2000+ years ago. I believe in humanity and the goodness everyone has in them at birth. Life can damage a person and change their view but we are all born perfect. As members of humanity we must care for all people especially the children. I care too much to believe a god exists who would allow the suffering I see everyday. If he/she does exist then that deity is not a god of love but is instead a god of pain and suffering. I don’t care how eternal and great the afterlife could be. I wouldn’t stand by and watch the suffering individual people go through and not act. Somehow an all powerful, all knowing, all aware deity allows this because heaven? That’s messed up. In the words of John Lennon, “I just believe in me…. And that’s reality.” I believe I have an obligation to help and show the love I feel for other people. Secular humanism requires caring for others and placing their needs before your own. Not because in the afterlife I will be granted something great. But because it is the right thing to do.

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A dove in the sky (Image found on Google Images)


It’s good to remember and keep in mind that your spiritual experiences are not only found within your own belief system but are found in all belief systems. Just as right as you believe you are, others in their beliefs systems know they are right as well, and that you are misled. You may believe their spiritual experiences are deceptions from their carnal mind or are even demonic, but keep in mind, they believe the same way about you.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Spiritual Witnesses


I love that someone put this clip together to show testimonies from people of various belief systems sharing the same experiences that caused them to believe, change for the better, and want to reach out to others. I think it would have also been great if people who were touched and changed by a secular rock concert would have been included as well. Yes, that does happen. Hype, mental manipulation and desperation, etc, can cause the same effect across the board.  But of course, only those converted and touched within your religion are actually being blessed by the only one true way. And that doesn’t have to make sense because when it comes to spirituality, science and reasoning are off the table and no longer apply. So, until one is able to wake from their wishful thinking and brain washed state, reason is a sin.


And to those who are tolerant, accepting and willing to coexist, believing “there is more then one path…” wither I disagree or not, I commend you. You are not “wishy washy” “simple minded”, “wimpy”, “unable to makeup your mind”and other insults religious and non-religious people have thrown at you. It’s okay to accept people the way they are and to be happy for them. This is not a bad thing. It’s also okay to not know something and admit it, that doesn’t make you stupid or dumb. Pretending and convincing yourself you know something and then convincing others of the same is ignorant, arrogant and rude. Peace is good and more effective them hate, division, and other negative things.


Honesty can be good but one must start with themselves to be truly honest. Questioning everything is the “right path”. Feelings are nice and they are human but they should not determine what is true and what is false. Also remember, when you research, don’t just research from within your own belief system. Go outside your belief system as well. And don’t just believe the first thing you read or hear. Questioning and research do not stop at one or two articles, blogs or personal testimonies. Also remember to appreciate the feelings but to take them out of the proof equation since feelings can be triggered and manipulated. Even testimonies like those of healing, healing is not restricted to that persons belief system. If you can handle it you may even push further and look for reasons these things could have happened without a “miracle”. Take into account that a lot of people lie. Even nice people you trust may be prone to lie about certain things. But there are still plenty of others who are not lying but do not understand the science behind what has happened to them, therefore to them it is a legitimate miracle.


If you are the type that believes you need your religion, then stay with it, but, don’t be a jerk about it. If your belief system is actually good for you, (in other words, you are not being controlled, abused, and told to take your own life or another’s or sticking with it out of misplaced pride) then stay with it but accept and even fellowship with people who believe differently then you. It’s good for you, good for your community and good for the world. And by all means, speak up and encourage others to do the same so that the out spoken Fundies don’t keep getting all the attention. We need more people to help other people to get along peacefully without tying to change folks to their spiritual way of thinking.

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I keep reading peoples posts and comments on FaceBook saying that though they don’t believe in homosexuality and same sex marriage they don’t judge and that they love their gay friends and family members regardless.

Part of me is glad that at least they aren’t being cruel and are trying to be accommodating. However, what they don’t realize is that by saying they don’t believe in it is just like saying one doesn’t believe in gravity or that there are no people who are hermaphrodites or that the world is flat, or that autism is just an excuse to get free gov aid, etc. Basically they are saying they are ignorant of researched and proven scientific and medical facts.


Pic found on Google Images search.

They don’t understand the body and the chemicals and hormones and so on that make us who we are. They are still stuck on the old idea that homosexuals have a choice to be “straight.” Sure, of course there are some that do have a choice but there are many that do not. Living “straight” goes against who they are inside their mind, and I don’t mean something they made up in their mind, but something that’s been there since birth. It’s who they are from the start.

Those who believe their God is perfect and made us perfectly yet oppose homosexuality are saying God made a mistake. I’m sure by now they would rebut this with how human kind has messed up the environment and the water and air and such and that’s what causes children to be born with a chemical and hormone issue causing them to be homosexual. If that is the case then one must stop referring to their god as kind and loving. He or she would be more of a god that doesn’t interact or really care. Maybe he or she is actually more like the God of the Old Testament and Torah where he’s malevolent and doesn’t mind the slaughter of the innocent.  Cause if a baby is created with and born with what they consider a horrible sin because of the environment, and God is all powerful yet chooses not to give the innocent child a head start on not sinning and avoiding hell then He or She isn’t actually good or kind. Unless ones idea of good is perverted, which is sadly often the case.

(Regarding the malevolent OT god, see Deuteronomy 7 for starters.)

Society has brain washed many folks to believe what is natural is a sin. After all the Bible says that we will also be judged by our thoughts. But many of those so called sinful thoughts are part of us naturally. To hate when offended and harmed, to be jealous when others have what we need or want, to have sexual thoughts when we see something that turns us on, etc, those are feelings we have programmed into our brain wither we like it or not. And if you believe God created us, then either you need to believe those things are not sins unless acted upon in a harmful way or you need to believe that God is imperfect, or that he enjoys insisting that we live a life he made impossible.

Negative thoughts only become “sin” or wrong when they are acted out in a way that harms oneself and or others. If one chooses to hold on to them the negativity can become harmful to their body but the initial feelings are not bad and they are not sinful. There are some feelings and desires that can be lived out without harming anyone. The reason for that is they aren’t actually sinful or bad, they are just seen that way because of all the religious rules man has made up to keep other people in line and obedient. Things like homosexuality, polygamy, open relationships, sex out side of marriage, etc. When it is between consenting adults it is not wrong but often looked at as wrong because that is what man has told us that God said.

(Matthew 7 is one of the places that condemns what people think regardless of their actual actions. And regarding polygamy, according to the Bible it’s only wrong if you are a church leader. I Timothy 3:2 & 12) 

Another thing I am seeing written since the wonderful victory on the side of Freedom allowing same sex marriage in the US is that now the government is gonna allow polygamy and child rape and murder. These are Christians writing this horrible stuff. Thankfully I have plenty of Christian friends who are not so absurd and know how to think clearly. But when I see the awful posts from those who actually think this,  I can’t help but shake my head and wonder what is going on in some peoples heads. It’s disturbing! Why would a person see two consenting adults having a relationship between them as the same as child rape and murder. I want to get mad about this but I have been in their position before and I understand how brain washing works. I believed a lot of strange things that didn’t actually make any sense because I was programmed to believe it. So, I have to calm myself and remember I was there at one time too. I was just as offensive.

Murder and rape and child molestation is a horrible act that needs to be stopped and harshly dealt with. That is obvious unless your a psychopath and you weren’t raised in a good family with someone to teach you right from wrong. But if you are not a psychopath with no training you know those things harm people, it’s pretty simple.

Being in a homosexual relationship or having a few partners or deciding to have sexual relations and not get married and your partner or partners are of age and are aware and approving, then you are not harming them or yourself. You are not murdering anyone, you are not having sex with a child, you are not forcing anyone to do things they don’t want to… This is not murder, this is not rape, this should never be mentioned in the same sentence as murder, rape or child molestation! People who put them in the same sentence and as if the are all the same are using propaganda, manipulation and drama to get a reaction wither they know it or not. Maybe it isn’t even original, maybe they heard it somewhere else and bought into the drama and are just repeating what they heard cause it caused a reaction in them that they want others to feel. Sensation isn’t always the sign of the real thing. Sensation is often a distraction tool.

So when you say you believe that homosexuality is a sin but that you still love and don’t judge your friends and family who are gay, think about how it would feel if many of your friends said they believe being “straight” is a choice and it’s a sin against God, worthy of the eternal torture of hell fire but that they still love you and they don’t judge you. Would you really feel loved? Would you really feel like you weren’t being judged? To make it worse what if they added that though they still loved you your sin of being straight was the same as murder and child rape. Still feel loved?

People can use the Bible to prove that homosexuality is a sin, while other people can use the same Bible to prove it is not a sin. Personally I see the scriptures that say it is a sin. But then again I was raised to see it that way. What it comes down to is how you chose or were programmed to see it. It comes down to you actually having a choice to see it either way and, like me, understand that your view is influenced by how you were taught. So it’s you that has the choice, not the homosexuals. You may have been programmed to see things a certain way, and I know personally how difficult it is to see things differently, but you were not born that way.

Are you strong enough to step away from what you were taught, what you so strongly believe and to actually do some research and learn the facts about homosexuality not just within your Bible but in real time right now medical facts.

And the big question is, … Do you actually LOVE enough to challenge yourself to learn the truth?


Pic I took at the Event for Equality Wausau 2015.

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If you are surrounded with people who accept people the way they are and are not on a mission to “save” everyone and you only believe in the parts of your holy book that promote peace and love, then, you might not know what the “others” are up to.

Quite a few times in the recent past I have posted comments or shared other peoples posts about Christians that were mean, bullying and threatening. There are several reasons I feel compelled to share such things. One is because there are many Christians who don’t actually know what their bothers and sisters in Christ are up to. Another reason is because if the more liberal Christians would wake up and realize what going on out here then they could better speak out against it. Not that all fundamental Christians will listen to them, but some will, and at least the loving peaceful kind will be noticed and it would at least give Christianity a better name. Being silent and doing nothing doesn’t make the world a better place, it just lets the obnoxious loud people get their way.

Another reason is to set some of the lies and deception straight. As someone who was lied to for most her life I find this very important.

I’ve had issues with the Duck Dynasty group for a while now. Not only is it a show I won’t watch but one of their main and respected people, Phil Robertson, has said some things that made my stomach turn. After his indiscretions instead of seeing the show get canceled I started seeing even more Duck Dynasty paraphernalia sold in stores.

Then today I see this article;

‘Duck Dynasty’ star fantasizes about atheist family’s brutal rape and murder to make point about God’s law

Click on the blue words to read and hear what Phil Robertson said. It’s short and disgusting. Or clink on the link bellow to go to the Sound Cloud recording and listen to it.

This man really believes that a person can not be good without God. Even if the Bible was 100% correct, Phil would still be wrong. We have this thing in our minds that I remember learning about as a child. Maybe folks like him didn’t get that lesson. The thing in our head is called a conscience. They even taught us about it in Christian school.

There are some folks with out a conscience and they are called psychopaths. Many of them are what ever popular religion is in their area. While they may be “religious” so they can blend in, some of them are because they were just raised to be.  There are some without religion who have been raised and taught well how to behave in society and not do things that will cause them harm or get in the way of success. Then there are psychopaths who do bad and horrible things. The majority are going to come from the religious world. But yeah, some from the secular world as well. So, even then, with out a conscience and without a god a person can actually still be “good”.

Then there’s also another motivating factor for those who are good challenged. It’s called the law and law enforcement. People in general do not want to be punished and do not want to go to prison and do not want to pay out a lot of money and do not want to be executed.

But there’s more!

Not only do most folks have a conscience and a healthy fear of consequences (in this dimension) but many folks with or with out god have empathy. It’s not a god thing, it’s a built in thing just like the conscience. And if you do believe in a god or gods, then you may believe he or her or they put the conscience and empathy in us. One way or another the average person, believer or not, have those. We can operate without a deity and still use our conscience, still be empathetic, still love, still be kind and so on.

It’s a shame that Phil doesn’t seem to know any atheist type people who do volunteer jobs in his community. Considering where he lives it’s possible he does know a few but they are to afraid to expose themselves. The South still has a long way to come when it comes to prejudice. He obviously doesn’t research the subject or he would find atheist are involved in many compassionate outreaches and many are philanthropist. Just like religious people, some do it for attention and to further their goals, but many more do it because it’s just who they are. Without god(s) they are still loving kind people who care and want to help make the world a better place.

After reading and hearing how Phil summed up his gory disgusting vision of what life must be like or could be like for an atheist it seems he may have realized at least for a split second that he had gone too far, or not. I am referring to when he said, “If it happened to them, they probably would say, ‘Something about this just ain’t right,’”  Really! If anyone, including atheist, had something like that happen to their family to think they would just sit back and think, “hum, something just ain’t right” is insane. Hell no! There would be screaming, crying, panic, a desperate attempt to stop what was happening. It’s as if Phil thinks that atheists minds are empty and void of any emotion.  If someone really believes this they really need to get a psychological diagnoses and medical treatment cause there is something sick going on in their head. No, seriously, I’m not just saying this to be spiteful, well, maybe a little, but really, mental illness is a real issue and there is help out there. Sadly, folks like Phil will not likely seek help for various reasons. I would love to be wrong about him, we shall see. Like Phil, if they keep getting patted on the back and told what a great job they did, why would they seek help? And if they are too proud or too fearful… and so on, well it’s challenging. Also thinking they may be rejected if they admit they have a mental problem stops a lot of folks. This is why we all need to get a better understanding of mental illness and become ready to be supportive and encourage mental health help.

So, now you know more about what the “others” are up to if you didn’t already know. Phil is just one out of many but he does seem to have quite the flare for disgusting drama. Others do as well but not everyone is as famous and well heard. Just ask your friendly well known atheist and they could likely show you quite a lot of messages threatening their life as well as threatening other horrible things. And most of those notes would be from Christians, not the godless.

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I want to get into more vlogging and become more comfortable doing so. I haven’t done a vlog in a while now and I sure had a difficult time doing this one. But I was determined. Gotta start somewhere! I am convinced the next one I do will be better. lol No really! 😉

Also, if you would  subscribe to my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it. I’d really like to get 1,000 plus  subscribers so I could make a few bucks. They won’t do paid ads for channels with under 1,000 subscribers. So, it would certainly be helpful! The kids and I could use a few extra dollars.

Here’s the video –


Here are the quotes I read at the end of the vlog.

Dr. Shefali quote about our anxieties


Dr. Shefali quote on where it all comes from


Your children are your mirror



rob bell quote about palms open to receive

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I was pretty young when I heard of Johanna Michaelsen and she was a hero so to speak in our family. My mom read her book The Beautiful Side of Evil, and told us all about it.

Johanna Michaelsen

(This image was found on Google Images)

I’ve learned over the last five or so years that most ex-occult members don’t usually tell the whole story or are bated by people using their stories and leaving out certain details or least make a point not to high-lite them.

One of those issues is they usually went into witch craft or what ever it was with the intent to gain power and get what they want. They also make light of the drug use and the mental issues they had as well. Any religion one goes into to gain power will be tainted. Any religion one is into and uses drugs is going to have an adverse reaction. Any religion one goes into and doesn’t properly deal with their mental issues is going to still be affected by their mental issues. However, the religious talk shows and evangelists using the ex-occult members will not focus on the real problems but will blame all the negative crap that happened on the “occult” religion being of the devil and influenced by demons even if that particular religion doesn’t even believe in the devil or demons.

I had wondered if this was the case with Johanna. When I Googled her I was surprised to see there wasn’t a Wikipedia page on her. Not that one can believe everything they read in Wikipedia but it is a place to start and then compare what else is learned. I haven’t yet been able to figure out if  Johanna was involved in what ever she was involved in for control, or used drugs or has a mental illness. It seems it was something she may have been raised around. Still, if one is seeking to promote themselves and things go wrong, it is just easier to blame the system and move on to the next and try to gain recognition by another means. I don’t mind being seen and heard but I am not going to lie and make crap up to accomplish that. However, many folks will.

I ended up running across a video done by The Fugitive2 which I found to be very interesting and informative. At first I didn’t find him funny, but after watching it for a while I kept finding myself laughing out loud. It’s nice to find humor and break up all the seriousness once in a while. I will include the link. After all, his video is why I am doing this particular blog today. I was going to just share it on my FaceBook but when I found myself writing an essay about it I figured it would be more appropriate on my blog.

What many evangelists and preachers want you to believe about witch craft, witches, pagans and so on is for their own benefit. Sensationalism is a big money maker.


(Image found on Google Images.)

Witch craft and Wicca are pagan by the way. Pagan is any earth based religion or belief. There is not only no agenda to convert and proselytize people, it’s quite the opposite, most pagans are very quiet and protective of their beliefs and lifestyle. Sure there are the outgoing out spoken ones but the majority are very private people. They are not private because they feel they are doing wrong or are ashamed but because of the long history of persecution they have had to survive.

samhain 2013(This is a picture I took at a Samhain 2013 Celebration at a pagan nature camp. No children were sacrificed that day! Funny thing about the lie many Christian speakers like to spread about witches sacrificing babies and children is the opposite of the truth. The pagans I know would do anything to protect a child. They will also take in and help the very people that churches have rejected. They don’t do it to convert that person, they do it to be humane and help that person and because they can empathize. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know pagans all over the world and though they have different beliefs and ideas their love and kindness is the same.)

When I was a pagan I was very out spoken. Though I am an atheist now I still support my pagan brothers and sisters. And, I am an outspoken Atheist. But you gotta understand, when I was a Christian for 38 years I was outspoken about my beliefs the whole time as well. Or at least once I was able to master talking. I used to make things a bit awkward when I was very little by trying to witness to the grocery story clerks leaving my mom to finish the task. So it’s just how I am, part of my personality. But I am one of the unusual ones. Most Pagans and Atheists are not outspoken and do not want to convert your children. They just want freedom and to be free of persecution like anyone else.

Here is the video I mentioned earlier. Give the guy a moment, he gets better as it goes.-

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