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White Light!

It’s a visualization of positive energy. Close your eyes and imagine a candle with a flame. Focus on the flame and there you have it, White Light. You can send it out as healing power or encouragement to friends and loved ones or even enemies you feel the need to bless.


Does it work? Maybe, it certainly is possible and, as atheist normally hate to hear, it’s not something you can disprove. If it is blocked or for some reason doesn’t work, it still does good for the sender. Wither it’s actual positive energy at work or it’s a placebo, the good it does is well worth the simple effort. The mind is a powerful thing!

That’s how my brain works. I love science and a closed rigid mind can not discover. Science is all about exploration and discovery and possibilities.

The trick is to be careful not to harm oneself or others when exploring. That’s why there are rules and proven facts to help guide us. Sometimes those things need to be challenged, but even then one must proceed with caution and use common sense and reasoning while paying attention to hunches and feelings.

A few years back I was in a very dark place mentally. I started learning about the power of being positive and the possible effects of “white Light” and such. I was able to visualize it and send it to those in need with out much effort. I also saw how this sort of thing was the same as prayer and meditation and other forms of sending help from where one was at. This helped me re-accept prayer as a positive thing. The same type of action, the same type of results. Even the sounds many folks make when meditating reminded me of the peaceful and jubilant times I felt in churches when folks were harmonizing in tongues. Again the same positive effects occurred. There was also the scary times. Though I have heard more scary sounding tongues then meditation sounds. It all depends on the heart, mind and intention of the person making the sound. There is scientific studies done on how sounds affect us and they do indeed affect us.

positive a

Not to long ago I realized I lost the ability to visualize the light. I could see a candle, but no flame. This concerned me and I considered talking with some friends about this but kept forgetting to. I figured I had been too negative inside myself and must have fed into my negativity more then my positivity and thus the results. As the old Native American story goes, the wolf I fed the most is the one who grew the strongest. Oops!


I was at the local Goodwill recently and was happy to find a book I have been wanting to read. It was at one time on my own personal mental banned book list. I had seen part of the original film when I was a Christian and deemed it very anti-Christ. Since I have left that ridged and corrupt way of thinking I have wanted to re-check it out. I like reading the books more then seeing the movies so I had really wanted to read it. And, there it was on the Goodwill shelf and brand new looking. Finally I had my own copy of… The Secret!

BOOK - The Secret

I started reading it to my boys as they went to sleep at night. Right away I had this thought that maybe this would help me get my “light” back, boost my positive side. I’ve been reading a few pages to them for a while now and it does seem to be working. I haven’t really thought about, well, giving thought to my words and thoughts and training them to be positive for a long time now.

I want my kids to be happy and successful so of course I want to pass on what I learn to them which makes me responsible to act upon it first. As I talk to them about it I am cementing the ideas in my own head.

While talking to one of my daughters about some of the things I have been reading in The Secret it dawned on me where my lack of light may have done the opposite of spark.

A little over a year ago I gave up on trying to make local friends. I had done every thing I knew how and was able to do to make friends and all I got was very hurt and disappointed. I went into depression for three month and that scared me into taking action so I wouldn’t get depressed again if I could help it. My wall of protection was to temporarily not try to make any friends and to just find happiness in my kids and myself. Sure I would enjoy when someone chatted with me on Facebook or e-mailed and I loved chatting with random people here and there but I had no expectations of any future happenings.

I do believe this is where I started feeding the “wrong wolf’”. I do not have a quick fix recipe for this, but most things worth doing take time. I’m starting off with changing my words and my thoughts to be positive and go from there. I don’t yet have many expectations but in time that should change. Already I feel physically and mentally better. I still have a fear of getting my hopes up but even that is changing. I can’t yet allow myself to expect great things to happen fast, after all I am aware that strong buildings are built brick by brick and not slopped down in a day. But what ever good may come at what ever pace I will be thankful.

By the way, I haven’t even gotten half way through the book yet.



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