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This started off as FaceBook posts and updates as comments from myself but then it got to long and I thought, “Hey, why not blog it!” So here it is status and all.


I finally got my oven fixed (2 days ago). I promised myself I would make cookies when it was fixed so I did. I didn’t think about how it’s a gas oven and it’s old and it takes forever to warm up. Gotta get used to this!
Now if only I had a washer and dryer…


and… I also didn’t think about how nothing in this mobile home was cleaned before we moved in and that would likely include the oven. Although they had already been checked, the smoke alarms still work! lol


Oy! Hopefully it won’t take me to long to catch on. It seems so far that in order to get the oven to heat up I have to turn it all the way up to 500. The problem is remembering to turn it back down when I put the cookies in.


So, the school had a fundraiser. I hate begging for orders, then collecting money. So not my cup of tea. I liked it better when I was on the PTA board and helped organize it but not actually do it. Well, actually we were supposed to do it. This time I decided I would do my best to be a supportive parent and take my boys out and knock on some neighborhood doors before all the other kids did and get some orders. They each got one customer and I was exhausted but happy. Now they can both get an invisible ink prize! Yah!   ;P  The school staff informed me that the money was due on the day of product pick up so I painfully informed the customers that I needed the money the day before. Yesterday Kyle and I drove to the school to pick the stuff up. On the way I realized I didn’t remember which school the pick up was at. We headed to the elementary school first but it wasn’t there. On our way to the other schools I received a automatic phone message saying the fund-raiser pick up was the next day. Oops! My bad. So we headed home.


The next day (today) I went in to my sons school to talk with the nurse about his prescription. When I was done I asked a staff member about where the fund-raiser would be. She told me it was last night at the high school gum then took me to another staff member to find out what I should do. That lady wrote the PTO president’s name and number down for me to call. So I called and left a message about my situation.

The lady called me back and let me know the fund-raiser pick up was indeed last night in the gym. She also mentioned that they are still trying to figure out why that call went out. As far as the products, it was too late, they already sent the company the left over items back.  I didn’t want to get mad at her. It wouldn’t do any good. But I was really ticked. In the past I would have told her it was okay and not to worry about it,  but I am reprogramming myself for a more honest realistic life. However, I was still pleasant with out the lying words of affirmation.  When she hung up I then expressed my true feelings of disappointment and anger to, well, the air I guess. Knowing people got a official school call telling them to pick up items the night after the real pick up couldn’t they have held onto the stuff one more day? I don’t know, maybe not. Many of the items are frozen food products.


So, now I have to confront my neighbors and tell them what happened and return their money. One of the neighbors had told me he was excited to get his pizza he ordered! Ak!

But I have a plan! I just so happen to be making chocolate chip cookies. Well, before I remembered I was making cookies I contemplated purchasing pizzas at the store, but that would be lame. lol So yeah! Homemade cookies! They can’t get too disappointed if I have a plate of free homemade cookies for them! I pretty much have the ‘not burning them thing’ down now so this sounds like a good plan. (That may have been hard to read but if you read it a couple more time you might get it. lol) Go me!!!

So, that’s it for now. I plan to update the results on here when they come in. Which means this blog isn’t done yet.

I'll Be Back


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