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She was dressed to the nines as she made her way through the small town grocery store. “Mom”, a teen girl called out as she raced up to her. “Did you remember the ice cream?” The teen was dressed in designer jeans and a right off the rack Hot Topic blouse.
At the check out stand after the checker scanned the Twix bar and cookies and cream ice cream she reached into her Coach hand bag and pulled out a food stamps card. The teller tried not to roll his eyes. After all it wasn’t his business.
He needed to vent so when the cashier got home he told his wife. They worked hard long hours to keep their family going and this just felt like a slap in the face. His wife found a pic that related to their frustration that had been going around the social media for quite some time now and shared it telling about the woman at the store who was taking advantage of the system. Several of her friends commented on how sick it was and some had horror stories of their own to share. Several went on about how lazy the woman at the store was and needed to get a job. There were about two comments from folks explaining how it’s not all that easy to scam the system anymore and suggested the woman may have gotten her things already used or as gifts. But those comments were ignored because there wasn’t enough drama to them and what fun is there in that.

Gucci and Food Stamps

Let me tell you a true story now. It’s a story about me. I have a food stamp card. I’ve had all the way from several hundred dollars on it to just under fifty dollars. We also get Social Security and Child Support. As far as how much we get, the SS and the FS go up and down depending on how much the CS is and each other is. In other words, there is a ceiling on it. I simply can’t get rich or even ahead off the government help. I could lie but because I love my four children I don’t want to go to jail and have to pay penalties cause the chances are I’d be caught. It’s not worth it. And they do know how to catch people.

I do however pull my FoodStamps card out of my Coach bag. I was pretty excited when I saw it at a garage sale for four bucks. I even did something I know better about, I didn’t check the zipper. Yeah, it’s broken. My bad! And really, the ladies selling it could have been honest but not everyone cares to live the way they expect others to live. I’m zipper OCD. Meaning I wont purchase a purse with out a good zipper cause I don’t want my stuff falling out. But, I’m also purse lazy and I don’t want to empty it again and put my stuff in another one. It may seem like the lazy won over the OCD but when I find another purse that’s just right for me (and affordable) I will find the motivation to transfer my things into it. Meanwhile, I am still pulling my FoodStamps card out of my Coach purse when I need to use it.

I also like to dress well. Every now and then I feel obligated to update my wardrobe with a shirt or two so I go shopping at the second hand store or rummage through the sale racks at Walmart. Here on this side of the US the Walmarts have some pretty awesome sales. And I love heals! They up-dress an outfit. I don’t actually dress up as much anymore though. Not because the small farm towns here in the mid west are full of people who look at you like your a tramp cause you’re not wearing dumpy blue jeans and work boots. But because I have IBS and my stomach is very sensitive. It makes it challenging to find nice things to wear that don’t cause me a lot of pain. I’m working on getting better and when I do it’s back to the nines for me! (At a discount, of course.)

Then there’s my oldest. She does have a “designer” pair of jeans that I bought her quite a while ago. Well, they may not actually be official designer jeans but they are really cool looking. The blouse from Hot Topic, I just bought that for her the beginning of this month. Being my oldest and having aspergers she has acquired an understanding of our financial difficulties and unlike her younger sister she hardly ever asks for anything. So once in a great while I like to get her something nice that she will use. I wish I could do more for her and that she didn’t worry about money and such. But such is life.

I don’t usually purchase candy bars but I’m not against it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a treat whither it’s for me or my kids. I do get them ice cream. I think it’s nice for kids to have ice cream sometimes. The closest store is a small town market type so the ice cream prices are horrible unless there is a sale which if I am going to purchase ice cream I wait for.

And why don’t I get a job?

A job? Gee, that sounds so fun. No joke! I’m serious. If I had a job I could see adults and talk to adults and listen to adults. Wow! I could have somewhat of a social life with a job. I’ve worked before ( a lot) and I enjoyed it. So I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it again. However, I am not only a single mom of four lovely children, but I am a mom of children with special needs. My children who are diagnosed with Autism actually did really well in school this last year and I didn’t have to make appearances at their schools every other to every day. It was wonderful but also felt a little strange. My youngest who is still going through the diagnoses process is another story. The school so far does well enough with him that it’s actually possible I could get a job during school hours this upcoming school year. I will certainly be looking into that. At the moment it’s summer break and due to his “behavioral issues” I can not leave him at home with his siblings for long and often not at all. His dad lives to far to drop him off and pick him up again and he was too busy with collage as it was. Now he has a nine to five job and again still lives to far away to keep my little guy in the evenings and have him home in time for bed which is very important not just for his behavior but for when school is back in session.

Then again, why is it wrong to get help from “the system” in order to stay home with ones children? When did it become a bad thing to raise your own kids instead of a day care provider or baby sitter? Not long ago my oldest very sincerely told me that they really liked that I was home with them when they were home. It was a very touching moment. It isn’t always that a child expresses thankfulness toward a parent like that. As much as working sounds fun to me I really love the idea of being the best parent I can be.
I understand some folks must work outside the home. But just like I shouldn’t assume things about their life and “judge” them, they shouldn’t assume and judge people like me.


My whole point is that things are not always as they appear. While you don’t want others to jump to conclusions about you and to judge you, you need to watch your actions and thoughts as well. When you see someone doing something you think you don’t approve of you are unaware of so much of their background story. Sharing posts about it on social media isn’t harmless, it can cause a lot of harm and when you do it, you become part of the problem. Be careful what you share and “Like”.

It’s like the person who cuts you off on the highway. It’s so upsetting but, you really don’t know what’s going on with that person. Maybe they are just a bonafide jerk. Or, maybe they are rushing to someone who is dying, maybe they are dying. Maybe something horrible happened to their kid or someone broke their heart and they just aren’t thinking straight. In situations like that we just don’t know. If you believe you know what’s going on in the mind of someone on the road or someone in the grocery line, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you need serious mental help. Seriously, there is no harm in being honest with yourself and seeking help.

Same with thinking someone is taking advantage of the system. You don’t know their back story. It’s possible they are taking advantage of the system. It’s also possible they are on the verge of getting caught and ruining their children lives. But in this day and age it’s more likely they know how to dig for a deal and make it look good. Maybe they have a few bad habits. But what about you, do you have a few bad habits? Mine is gummy bears. I love gummy bears… as long as they aren’t green, orange, yellow or watermelon flavor. And I buy “fruit snacks” from Sam Club in the shape of gummy bears for the kids and I. Please don’t take me out back and shoot me!



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The title sounded like a song so I added the “Oh baby” part to it.

The pantry’s entrance door for the room to the thrift shop face the main pantry’s entrance doors so while working in the thrift shop I often see who’s coming in and hear pieces of conversation the patrons are having with those they are entering the building with.

The other day two ladies came in together, the one was going on and on about her troubles. I didn’t know till a moment later that they weren’t actually together. As they split ways the one complaining about stuff went on to the pantry office and the other darted into the thrift store, looked intensely at me and expressed her frustration by saying, “I’ll never ask a person coming to the pantry how they are ever again!” It was funny and I totally understood.

I’ve only volunteered there a short time and I really haven’t run into many complainers though if your gonna find any one would assume the local pantry patrons would be a good place to start. But really, I can see that some people have a lot to complain about but they usually don’t.

Later the complaining lady decided to wait out her wait time for the pantry in the thrift shop. I was busy so she focused her attention on the lady I work with. Gradually the other volunteer found her way out of the complainers sights but the lady didn’t skip a beat. She found another customer to talk at. I had to do some stuff behind the deck which made me her new focal target. I really didn’t mind, I kind of found it entertaining. Not to make light of her troubles but human nature can be rather amusing when you have the patience to sit back and watch.

Eventually she left and the lady I work with said something about how bad that woman has it. Wither she has it worse or not I recognized that the woman has an addiction to having troubles to talk about. I told the lady I worked with that I believed she thrived off of troubles. I wasn’t saying life wasn’t difficult for her but the way she went on about stuff she seemed like the kind that would either bring trouble to her because of her negative out look in life or that no matter what good there is she’s gonna focus on the bad, or both. For her it’s a good story, it gives her something to say, and raises mental protective barriers and validates her life choices.

The complaining woman mentioned a few times why she had the right to go to a pantry as if it was an embarrassment to her but her tone and casualness didn’t add up to it really being a bother or really all that embarrassing.

When you are okay with making a point to prove you have it the worst, you’re gonna keep having it “the worst”. I did enjoy reading the book called The Secret. I had become very negative in my thinking and it helped level me out some. I am not convinced ones thought patterns make the universe respond but the idea is isn’t that far of. Negative breeds negative and positive breeds positive. Wither the universe is really like a Jeannie in a bottle or not, your life choices add up to an outcome and you are often guided by the way you think. If it’s all down in the dumps kind of attitude for you then you will not see opportunities that can bring you out and you will cause your self to be stuck that way. But if you are ready and understand that things can change and willing to make those changes, you will be ready for the good when it comes your way, ready to grab it and live.

I’m not saying that the complaining lady can’t change. I don’t know her. Maybe one day she will hear just the right word to make the flip. Maybe not. Sometimes it’s hard to give up ones love and passion even if it is tearing them down. They’ve put so much time and energy into it and they have used to to protect and comfort them selves. Sounds like a lot of relationships, bad relationships. A relationship, apparently, isn’t always between two people. One can have a love affair with other things in life such as a negative outlook. You can become so attached to negative thoughts that you feel you can’t live with out them. But you can.

For some people realizing that there are plenty of other people who have it worse works and helps them come out of their negative way of thinking giving them a sense of thankfulness. But many folks are addicted like a drug to it and it takes something mentally to snap in the right direction for them to change. It may be realizing that doing better or focusing on the good could actually make them happy and even make them feel good. And as far as getting attention, one doesn’t have to use negative words to get it, it can be obtained with positive words as well. Others just need to realize they can still protect themselves. It’s funny to think of viewing being positive as scary but it certainly can be. Some folks forget or don’t understand that being positive isn’t being ignorant. They don’t understand that thinking negatively with no balance can cause one to be just as ignorant as one who is unbalanced with their positive outlook. Both when unbalanced are not in tune with reality.



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About two weeks ago I finally got my butt down to the local pantry and became an official volunteer. Though I worked two days there that week my official working day would only be one day a week.

It really is quite a work out. After all I have to show up at noon and stay for two whole hours in the thrift shop. Sorting and tagging clothes is almost unbearable. Lift, hold up, look for stains and rips, lower, if it’s good tag it with a gun, if it’s bad put it in the going out bag, if it’s good hang it up, start all over again. Then sometimes I go to the pantry to tear boxes up. Talk about a work out! Actually the second day I did that I did have sore arms. I know, that’s pathetic. But I have an excuse, it’s CWWW, (cold Wisconsin winter weather). Then there’s the socializing. I’m wore out just thinking about it. Ok, truth is it’s easy and I enjoy it.


The thrift shop part of the pantry uses it’s earnings for the pantry. The prices are kept low because most of the customers come from the pantry so likely they can’t afford a lot. It’s a pretty cool system.

Today at the thrift shop there were quite a few customers. Everyone was friendly and talkative. Maybe the spring almost warm weather is starting to thaw folks out. At one point a customer was telling us about her son’s girlfriend breaking up with her son and blaming her for it. She said the girl blamed her because she felt the mother raised him wrong. I told her that according to *Malcolm Gladwell that wither parents like to hear it or not kids are shaped by who they spend the most time with which would usually be their peers at school. She said she wanted me to write that down and something about making it her Facebook status. Then another shopper kind of cried out that what I said was so true. I though maybe she was speaking in humor but when I looked at her face she was very serious. I said something to her about her understanding what I said and she explained how her son was treat badly all through out his school life and still affected by it today. She looked so sad. It seemed she was surprised to hear someone explain how her and her son felt all these years. We didn’t get to talk about it anymore after that because things in the store were poppin but I hope she takes home a sense of not being alone, that there are people who understand out there.

It’s wonderful to be able to meet needs and touch a soul for good. And no, I didn’t write down what I said for the other lady but I am curious about her Facebook status!


1391848_10151943419074834_59421140_nThe pic on the right is of Kyle and me trying to copy Macklemore. I got the jacket at the pantries thrift shop last winter when I didn’t have a heavy coat and was tired of layering to try to stay warm. It only cost me a couple bucks.


*If you want to know the exact quote from Malcolm Gladwell then read The Tipping Point and Outliers: The Story of Success. It’s in one of those books. While you’re at it you may as well read Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. It’s pretty awesome!

Well that’s funny, I posted a picture of Macklemore and I talked about Gladwell in the same blog. Macklemore has a song called Ten Thousand Hours where he talks about Malcolm Gladwell. The Ten Thousand Hours concept comes from Gladwells book Outliers. I just caught what I had done and had to mention it.

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Tuesday 10/22/13

It seems the more positive I try to be the more negativity I unearth.

I knew I was too negative inside, but this is a bit ridicules. How does one be truthful and honest yet still be positive and speak things into existence, so to speak. “Hi! I’m broke and don’t have enough money to get through the month.” No! That’s putting doubt and negativity out there. “Hi! I have all the money I need to get through the month… by faith!”  Hum, one is negative but true while the other is a sentence of positive faith or attraction but a lie at the present moment. “Hi! I’d like to sign up for help from the food pantry even though I’m filthy rich!” I don’t see how that would go over very well. How do you ask for help when you’re not allowing your self to put negative words out into the universe or as some would say, when you are not uttering words of doubt that God can take care of you. “Hi! I need to sign up for such and such help because I am still expecting my fortune to come in.” Hum, that might actually work! Lol

What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!

I went to the grocery store yesterday to get milk and a few other things. I knew my food share card was almost used up since $80 doesn’t go very far. I had a little over ten bucks left on it. I’d been mentally trying to prepare myself for the cut that takes effect next month which means our food share will be lowered to $40 for the five of us. The food share I had left took care of about half the bill so I pulled out my child support card but it was empty. No problem, I had a little left in my bank account. Nope! So I went to the ATM and found I had about $90 left on the SS card. Pulled out $80 and then went to the bank to find out why I was over drawn. I figured it was a miscalculation on my part.

The beginning of the month had been a bit crazy with the child support and food stamps not coming in on time cause we moved counties. They felt they needed to hold onto the money till they felt like pushing the paper work through causing me to be late on a bunch of bills, several of which were auto payments drawn from my bank. The money I pulled out was just able to cover the over drawn amount and the amount for the groceries I needed, thankfully.

For those who think one can get rich off the “system” they have a ceiling that they don’t allow you to go over. So if one is increased the other is decreased. At least that’s how it is in Wisconsin and Michigan. Apparently there are ways to fool the system but I am not educated in those ways and I wouldn’t want to risk the consequences if I was. For people who are and get caught instead of fining them they should put them in government jobs cause they are so cleaver. Lol


Back to yesterday… The problem is, it’s was the 21st, meaning I had a week and a half left to get by on about $20. I still needed gas to get around, food, laundry mat money (takes about $20 or more to do that.) and so on. But, I needed to stay positive. There was nothing I could do about it at the time so no need to dwell on it.

This morning my alarm went off like it does every school morning. I do have a rather positive disposition in the morning. I’m all cuddled up in my warm cuddly blanket on my pillows and I have this sense of thankfulness and gratitude toward the fact that I have a snooze alarm. I mean, I really like my snooze alarm! When I’m asleep through out the night I don’t think about how lovely it is to be sleeping, but once my snooze alarm goes off, well, then I do.


Inevitably the last snooze alarm goes off and I know if I don’t get up I will fall back asleep and that will not be good. So I get up, find my slippers in the dark and wonder what I’m going to wear. Then I realize it don’t matter just yet so I dawn my fuzzy robe. Then I try to remember what it is I need to do next. It would seem my brain doesn’t actually wake up when my body does. Coffee is a wonderful motivator. It’s a toss up between coffee or getting the kids up so I dwell mostly on coffee. I really like coffee! Well, I like my kids too but I hate waking people up. Then it’s which kids to get up? Sometimes my brain is still asleep enough that I attempt to get my girls up first. Hannah is always quick to remind me that she has her own alarm that hasn’t gone off yet. Maybe I forget this some mornings cause her alarm has failed… often. Hum, I don’t know. I often turn the hall light on and then wake the boys. Levi is very good about getting up and getting him self together or attempting to talk me into letting him use the computer. The rule is, if he or another kid gets up before my alarm goes off and gets themselves ready for school then if there is still time left over they may go on the computer or Ipad. Of course they conveniently forget this and are so disappointed when I remind them. This morning that’s exactly what happened. I was the bad guy and Levi was so bummed.

The girls alarm goes off shortly after mine and usually Hannah gets up. Hannah is the oldest so no matter how many times I remind her that it’s my job to raise the kids she still feels strongly obligated to try to wake her sister which doesn’t go over well at all. She also turns the bedroom light on which for a person trying desperately to stay asleep is a huge crime and worthy of severe consequences, such as yelling, apparently. I am under the impression that the yelling person feels it is my job to initiate the extreme punishment on the wrong doer who so rudely turned the lights on so they could see their clothes. I do sympathize, I have been tortured in this way as well. Years ago my then husband would get up about 5am and flip on all the lights and bang things around as he got ready for work. Even more years before that when I was 17 my sister an I were doing missions work at an orphanage in Mexico and would attempt to sleep in on our days off. At the time we were staying in the big girls room sort of as dorm moms and the girls didn’t feel it was fair we slept in so they would slam their mental lockers shut several times each. It didn’t occur to them that normally we were up before them taking care of stuff and didn’t go to bed until they all had as well as the other kids in the orphanage. Teens!  However, on a morning like today Hannah had waited a while and it was well past the time Kara should have been up. So I did not keel haul Hannah.

By the way, hearing my daughter holler and yell does challenge my sense of positiveness or lack there of.

Although I drive Kyle to school normally I still have to help him get ready for school at the same time as the other kids since he can be very challenging when trying to head out the door no matter what it’s for. I also do not like to get the kids up to early because then there is empty air space time and that can turn into disaster or lead them to be late since they start to relax. Still time goes by fast and next thing I know it’s time for the three big ones to head out the door. Sometimes this goes smoothly.

That was not the case this morning. This morning there was a jacket issue. The weather has suddenly turned very cold and even Hannah wanted a heavy jacket. Kara needed another of my sweatshirts cause she already got hers and all my other warm sweatshirts she had borrowed dirty and naturally didn’t think to bring it up till it was time to go out the door. But I had already loaned her all my warm or semi warm ones except the one I was wearing. While getting Levi’s sweatshirt, which he was supposed to already have on but didn’t cause when I told him he couldn’t go online he decided to lay down,  I asked if Kara could borrow one of his which he agreed so she was set. Thankfully I knew where the boys jackets were so that wasn’t an issue. Kara on the other hand was having jacket issues cause she left hers at school the day before. She pulled my jacket out to see if she could use it and that’s when Hannah announce that I had given my jacket to her. Oh crap! Really? Why would I give her my only heavy jacket that I wore all winter long last winter? She informed me that not only had I told her she could have it but apparently I had done so years ago.  When Hannah gets something like this in her head she is very stubborn about it. Then, she dawned the jacket.

Kara had by this time figured something out and was on her way out the door. Hannah stopped for a moment and told me they had already missed the bus but I insisted she go anyway and check. Levi managed to leave right behind her.

Positiveness gave way to frustration and a few tears. I was trying all morning to stay positive but it just wasn’t working. The jacket thing really bothered me cause I couldn’t help but think about yesterdays financial issue and now I needed to add a jacket to my list of things I need to get. I even thought about telling the girls they can forget about going to Dashio Con which is something they have been looking forward to going to and preparing as much as they can. It’s next month. If the con accepts us as volunteers then we won’t have to pay to go, but there is still the gas to get there and it would be best if we would get a hotel room. Hannah plans to wear the costume she already has but Kara plans to make something which isn’t exactly free. Oh yes, then there’s the food we will need to consume as well. Add that to the normal months expenses. Really, a big part of my financial issues is debt. It’s sucking the life out of our money. A lot of it is old medical bills that went to collections a long time ago. Well, some of it did and some is still being handled by the hospitals and doctors offices. Also, it’s normal for things to be tight when one moves cause there is a lot of added expense like first and last or deposit for rent and start up fees for gas and electric and internet/TV/phone and water and trash and so on. Remembering that does make me feel a tad better cause it shouldn’t be so tight once I get through all this. I had borrowed money from my ex for the move in so I still am paying him back.

So, how does one flip from negative to positive. Wither it’s faith or science based I don’t see it as an easy thing to do. Old habits die hard, but I really need this bad habit to die sooner. Negative begets negative, it just makes sense. Patience must be the answer. CURSE YOU PATIENCE! Ok, don’t curse you. When I know what needs to be done I like to do it NOW! So patience isn’t something I really appreciate like I should.

On the way home from dropping Kyle off at school I thought about my actions and feelings this morning. As far as the jacket I am actually thankful that Hannah has adopted my jacket. She has one from a few years ago that she has been wearing the inside liner of. As a matter of fact, it’s the inside liner that is her comfort item. She keeps it with her everywhere she goes and when teachers try to take  it from her I end up having to go to the school to deal with the situation. I have washed the thing but it’s old and worn out so she has some teachers who have offered to clean it for her cause they think it has never been washed. It’s like a child’s security blanket or teddy bear or therapy animal. One day we actually hope to have a certified therapy dog. I think that would help a lot.

She refuses to wear the very nice and still new looking out side of the jacket cause it makes her sweat. Buying her a new winter jacket is difficult cause the odds are once she gets it home and wears it once something will be wrong with it in her opinion. This may sound bad to some but actually it’s an improvement compared to how it was when she was in grade school. She used to have more texture issues. She hardly ever wore pants cause they bothered her legs which is a problem when it’s freezing cold and snowing and she will only wear skirts. I wrote many tardy notes to the school explaining that we were late because she couldn’t find socks that wouldn’t bother her feet. I figured they may as well know the truth as silly as it sounded. She has been able to wear pants, including blue jeans, for a few years now and the sock issue is much better and hasn’t made her late in quite a while now. So, now that I gave it thought I am actually happy she thinks my winter coat is hers. Problem solved. I have enough stuff to layer I am fine and I will replace my coat when I can.

I just found it so hard to maintain being positive when I have made myself aware of wither I am or not, which is actually the first step in improving oneself. And it’s difficult when it’s morning and the rest of the folks in the house are in a tizzie.

I hear writing a list of things you are grateful for helps. It seems true cause after thinking about how I should be grateful about Hannah and the jacket issue I also feel so much better remembering the trouble we used to have and how she has come a long way and is doing so well.

Talking about pants, my other child in the spectrum, Levi, has the pants issue as well. Winter can be a challenge since I want him to stay warm. But really, blue jeans are not always that warm either. The problem I used to have with it was actually his dad. When we lived in Chili WI and his dad would take him to the grandparents he would insist Levi wear blue jeans. I didn’t mind Levi wearing sweats but I knew when daddy came there would be a problem if Levi didn’t have blue jeans on. At first I would make him wear them but that really didn’t seem right. After all it was his dads issue and not mine. It’s also possible his grandparents were putting the pressure on as well cause I had felt the blunt of that myself as well the times I visited. They live on a farm and even though they don’t have animals anymore they abide in a farm frame of mind. Sometimes when I used to visit I would have my $5 thick WalMart sweat pants on and their Grandma would tease me about having fancy pants on when visiting the farm and she wasn’t joking, she really thought my sweat pants were fancy. Her teasing wasn’t just teasing either but her way of letting you know you weren’t appropriate.


So I gave up trying to get Levi in the “right” pants for daddy and just packed the jeans instead which meant Levi still had to wear them. This time when we moved back to Wisconsin over a year ago I left off trying to help Levi please his dad. Why the hell should he have to wear blue jeans when they irritate his legs just so a bunch of old foggies can feel comfortable around him. I put his blue jeans up for when Kyle gets that size. Still, buying sweats and other comfortable pants for the long legged growing boys is a challenge. He often ends up with high water pants. He doesn’t care but I do try. At least he doesn’t go on about his socks and jacket. Sadly, Kyle just got into the sock issue.You know the part where the sock is sown together at the top? Well, that part recently started bothering him. I remember there were times that bothered me as well. I think it’s a normal issue many folks have off and on. I just hope Kyle gets over it soon cause it’s already hard to get him out the door as it is.


I do have a ton to be thankful for one, well, that’s actually more then one. Things always work out at the last minute and one day soon that will change to things work out right away. (I’m being positive.) There are places around here that help out with things like food and clothes that I can contact. It’s going to get better. Patience is my friend. ( I need to keep repeating that last one.)


Thursday 10/24/13

Yesterday after attending the lunch with the pastor event held weekly at the church ( Such a good idea!) I went to the local panty. They didn’t have milk and lactose free milk and such but they had cereal, caned food, breads and some over ripe fresh produce. So it was helpful. The local panty also has a very cheep thrift store and when you pick up food there they give you a coupon for the thrift shop. They gave me a $3 one. I was hoping I would find a good winter jacket in there so as soon as I was done loading the food they gave me into the car I went in to the thrift shop to see. I found a giant purple very faux fir fully lined jacket with a hood. Even though it’s old fashioned and way to big it was too cute and fun and warm to pass up so I bought it. Kyle was with me and found a little fifty cent trinket. The jacket was $4. I ended up paying $1.06 for both items. When I put it on outside Kyle told me I looked like the person in the Kids Bop commercial singing “I got twenty dollars in my pocket.” You know, the Thrift Shop song. That cracked me up cause he was right!

poppin tags

A friend back in Plover and I were chatting and she told me I ought to come over and do laundry at her home. I thanked her and told her it was a toss up between using my last $20 doing laundry, getting some groceries (like milk) to get us through to the 1st or gas, which I would need to visit her. She then suggested I use the money for gas to get to her place cause then I wouldn’t have to pay to do laundry and she wanted to buy me some groceries and it wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not a user and I know she has been through a lot so receiving can be very uncomfortable for me but it’s not just for me but for the kids as well and I knew I needed to receive this blessing. So yesterday I did the laundry, got groceries and enjoyed the day in the company of a lovely friend.




(Thanks to a little neighbor kid for taking Kyle and my picture so I could do the ‘poppin tags’ collage. The rest of the pics I found on Google images. )

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