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You will believe it if you really want to. Even if not at the moment, it will happen because it’s what you deeply want. You will find a way to make your self believe again.


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My mom and elephants.

When I was little I remember this baby elephant in the back of a circus type truck at a gas station. He was being used to attract attention for the business. My mom pulled in and we got out to see him. My mom felt bad for him being in the city in that little truck being gawked at. When we got near the truck the baby elephant reached it’s trunk out to my mom and rapped it around her and pulled her close to him.

Another time we were at a zoo and the elephant ride elephant was on break. He was munching on something on the other side of the walking field. My mom started calling him and the trainer told her that people do that all the time but the elephant never ever comes to them. My mom kept calling and the elephant walked right over to her. It really upset the trainer.

When we would visit the elephant exhibit at the zoo’s the elephants would always come to her and people would either be amazed or upset that she took the elephants attention.

My mom was the one who always pointed out nature to my sister and me. Though she felt the need to witness to those of other religions they never seemed to mind cause they could tell she really loved them and seemed to listen to them as well. If they didn’t convert she didn’t write them off.

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I have lots of stories and ideas and well, I think a lot. So I’ll be sharing a bit of this and that when I feel so inspired or when I write something that I feel would be good to copy and put on here.

I love comments so feel free to leave them.

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Me at the KZoo Nature Center

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