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I wrote this while being very tired so it’s a bit splintery.


Thanksgiving time reminds those of us in the USA

Of our survival in the new land

We often recall all the good in our day

And eat till we are stuffed


We chat with family and watch games

While some participate in the parade

And others complain about how lame

It is to gather and enjoy the day


But it is more than just survival and tables with lace

It should be a reminder of the love

That was given between those of a different race

Around a table with peace and joy


So as we battle for or against those who want to coexist

And as we fight about who is right in the religious list

Be sure to save a spot at the table, setting aside all your fables

Show some kindness show some love all this fighting rise above

This Thanksgiving Day should be

A celebration of diversity!


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Staring Dudley Moore,  Liza Minnelli, and John Gielgud as Hobson.

First off, up until the 2011 version of Arthur staring Katie Perry’s husband, Russell Brand, I had no interest in seeing Arthur. It looked old, boring, and moody plus it stared Dudley Moore whom I wasn’t very fond of. I also wasn’t aware Liza Minnelli was in it and I just love her acting. Since I want to see the new one I absolutely had to see the old one so I could have fun noticing the things they got from the old movie and incorporated into the new one. I don’t necessarily compare, just have fun with, unless one of them is much better than the other then I might compare.

I NetFlixed it and …. Really loved it!!!! It was a delightful movie and I’m glad I watched it after all.

I don’t care for the musical score at the beginning and ending credits, I’ve never really cared for that song anyway. I also didn’t care for Arthur’s annoying laugh at the beginning.  The beginning of the movie was ok but what won me over was the part when Arthur calls Linda to tell her he is proposing to the other girl and Linda’s dad balls his head off. It was hilarious and charming and the move just seemed to flow better after that.

Most certainly a feel good movie with a witty ending!

————– Geraldine Fitzgerald as Martha Bach in Arthur. What a character!

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I just opened a forwarded e-mail and found this awful suggestion. Before I continue commenting about it here it is:



Christmas wishes!  Don’t forget to show Christ’s Love by sending the ACLU a
Christmas card this year!
(My Uncle)

What a wonderful idea! Let’s hope it sends them into a tizzy!

What a clever idea! Yes, Christmas cards. This is coming early so that  you can get ready to include an important address to your list.
Want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS?
Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS CARD this year.
As they are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this
sad, little world. Make sure it says “Merry Christmas” on it.
Here’s the address, just don’t be rude or crude:
ACLU 125 Broad Street , 18th Floor
New York , NY 10004

Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations because they
wouldn’t know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend
44cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone. Also tell them that  there is no such thing as a ” Holiday Tree”. It’s always been called a CHRISTMAS TREE!
And pass this on to your email lists. We really want to communicate with  the ACLU! They really DESERVE us!!
For those of you who aren’t aware of them, the ACLU, (the American Civil
Liberties Union) is the one suing theU.S. Government to take God,  Christmas or anything religious away from us. They represent the atheists and others  in this war. Help put Christ back in Christmas!
** Suggestion: Pass this on to your church, co-workers, family, and  friends.
What do you have to lose but 44 cents, what do you have to gain — more than you may ever know possible.



Well, that was it.

I just don’t see that as showing the love of Jesus which a true Christian is supposed to do.

I also know how offended Christian organizations would be if a bunch of Pagans sent them a Yule card reminding them Christmas was originally pagan. They would have all kinds of things to murmur about and then moan about how persecuted they are for Christs sake.

I have Christian friends who regardless of the fact that I freely admit  it have to remind me that not all Christians are like that. They may say they are aware that there are badly behaving Christians out there but the rest of what they have to say says they don’t really believe it. Well, that forwarded e-mail is some written proof that Christians can be just as anti-Christ as the people they persecute.

The ACLU may do things you don’t agree with but they have done their fair share of helping those who would other wise be destroyed by the systems. By sending them spam Christmas card you are being like what you say they are.  If you’re gonna be a hater of them then add just about all lawyers and such to the mix and send them hate mail as well. While you’re at it send your self some too cause you do things that other people don’t agree with or like. Then be sure to sign your hate mail with “Jesus loves you!” .

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And so I sit
trying not to throw a fit
I haven’t had a day off

In 365 days
All I have to say
Is I went out two nights

My ex is here
He has gloomy cheer
He took a two week vacation

He’s had at least 96 days free
And nights off start with a 3
317 nights is what I count

He leaves me with kids
To do their bid
Wherever he may please

With no thought about me
Who is never free
He cares about only himself

How much would it costs
I bet it’s lots
To have hired a maid and a nanny

And they would have seized
A bonus to spend as they pleased
And surely a paid vacation.

When is it my turn for a break
Away from the daily rake
But where would I go anyway

I’d fly over seas
And visit the trees
In lands like Europe and India

I’d visit my friends in Michigan, Missouri, California and Alabama
And take in the vast panorama

But instead here I sit
Two days still since he lit
In a small country town in Wisconsin

By Lori Revels

 Yeah, I’m still frustrated. It helps to write a poem about it.

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El Jalapeño’s is a Mexican restaurant on Central Ave in Marshfield WI.

It’s not like I’m a Mexican food expert. I mean, the fact that I used to go to TJ every weekend on trips with Sister Stamps to feed the poor and then often get to have a meal at one of the hermanas homes in the mist of the brick makers makeshift “houses” wouldn’t qualify me. Or that I was a missionary at an orphanage in La Gloria Mexico for three months.  Or that I lived in San Diego for about fifteen years. And so on and so forth. Because really, Mexico is bigger than just its northern cost and there are many different variations of Mexican food. Personally, I loved all the different kinds I was honored to have and the street taco vendors in TJ were my fav!

I got to be exposed to a different type of Mexican food when I lived in Arkansas. It’s called Tex Mex. It wasn’t my fav, by any means. In Arkansas you can ask about the Mexican food to find out wither it is Tex Mex or not and they will tell you it’s not and every time it still is. That fact, among many other things really made me miss San Diego.

So, now I am here in Wisconsin. I had no idea what their interpretation of Mexican food would be. I stopped in to check out El Jalapeño’s for lunch today.  All but one worker that I could see looked Hispanic and seemed to prefer speaking Spanish. I enjoyed being able to practice some Spanish which I haven’t had the opportunity to do in quite a while. I didn’t really forget much, then again I never really knew a lot to begin with. I learned my Spanish from the kids in the orphanage so it’s rough but understandable. Due to picking up accents easily and living in San Diego I have no trouble with the accent, it comes naturally.

There was a table of some Hispanic looking people and a white guy at another table and that was about it as far as other customers. I was there for a late lunch so I couldn’t go by the non lunch crowed.  The man who took my order was very nice. I ordered the combo meal #2 which consisted of a Burrito, chips, rice and beans and a fountain drink. I had extra rice to replace the beans and the meat I ordered for the burrito was steak. The total order including tax came to $8. I got my drink from the soda fountain and sat myself.  The food was prepared and brought to the table within minutes.

The rice was very good and like I remember it from way back when. The chips were good, not sure if they were made there or not. The burrito was very plane tasting and as well as the steak inside it. I really did not like the taste of the mild salsa that came with the meal. I wondered if the pork would have been a better choice or if it would have still be plain tasting.

I don’t intend to return to El Jalapeño’s. But there is another taco joint I saw that I will just have to try later. I’ll keep you posted!

This is a pic I took of the resturant.

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Tuesday 11/15/11

At first I was jealous. Preston, my ex, had just retired from the Navy and was on his way to Jordan to meet his girlfriend in person for the first time. I wasn’t jealous of him having a girlfriend, personally I find it curious but then I quickly lose interest. I was jealous that after all these years of him being able to do what he wanted when he got off work and on his days off he did as he pleased with no responsibilities, he felt he needed to do something nice for himself and take the trip to Jordan. And, here I am with all four of our children and no days or nights off and no vacation to some far off place to reward myself for working 24/7/365. It just felt wrong and unfair and very self centered of him. I wasn’t hiding my feelings from myself, I knew I was jealous and it hurt me inside. However, I didn’t know how to tell him without it coming out wrong so I’ve held my tongue till I can figure out how to say it. I feel he owes me a very nice paid vacation equal to the one he took.

My feelings of jealousy changed today though. They turned to anger and mistrust. Preston let me know very clearly that he cares very much for his children. We’ve been stuck staying in his small two bedroom apartment for longer than expected because of having trouble finding a home of our own to rent. I finally found the perfect one but it won’t be available till after Thanksgiving.

Preston e-mailed me for the first time after he left for Jordan the Monday before last to let me know he’d be home Wednesday and asked if we moved in the new place yet. We thought the kids and I were moving to a small duplex while he was gone but the previous renters couldn’t move out for a while. I told him what happened and about the new much better place. Then I told him in simple and few words that I was surprised that he didn’t call when he got to Jordan to check on Kyle who was still in the hospital under observation when he took off overseas. And I mentioned how he hadn’t called to talk to his kids at all.

He wrote me back asking how we could work out paying his rent of $425 for the month.  I’d been on cloud nine because of finding such a great home for the kids and me up until that moment and then he managed to throw a wet rag on the whole thing for me for a little while. Not that I mind helping with his rent for this small place that he got to house himself and the two boys and the two girls when it’s his turn to have them, but he never led me to believe that he was going to charge me for me and our children staying here. I was naive to think he was just being nice. Really, I should have known better.

He really cares for his children, yet…he’s gonna charge me for them staying at his apartment. He really cares about his children, yet… he had arranged his trip to Jordan within a few weeks of retiring which meant he only intended to see his kids a few weeks then leave them again, like he always has. I may sound unfair, but how do you think they see it. I think it is actually just normal to them.  His oldest even expressed to me when I told her I was considering the move so they could be near him since he wouldn’t live near them if I didn’t, that she didn’t see any reason to have dad in her life on a regular basis. She was content with him just visiting for two weeks a year.

I am becoming happy here. The kids are doing well. The kids and I really enjoy their grandparents and aunt who live nearby. The schools are good. We found our dream house. I am adding up the reasons why I don’t sell everything, load up the vehicle and get the hell out of here. I have good friend where we were last in Springfield MO. Hannah finally had a friend that she didn’t want to leave. Shoot, I miss the ocean like crazy and I have friends and a sister in California too. But we have found a good spot here and I am fine with staying. It’s just that being here so the kids can have their daddy may just be a big joke cause he is all words and no action.

Aw, sure, he has excesses. Like he was deployed all that time, he likely has aspergers and so on. For those who don’t know, the Navy doesn’t keep you out to sea every day of every year that you are enlisted. When he retired it was for his benefit and not his kids to move to WI instead of where they were already established. Autism… he’s a computer geek for Christ’s sake; he knows how to look things up. If he doesn’t want to ask a doctor to teach him social skills which would help him treat his kids better then he could at least look up articles and read about it. On that subject, two of our kids have ASD. If he cares so much…I wonder if he has ever done any research on ASD so he can understand his children better and be a better parent to them.  Maybe he is really ignorant and he really does mean well, if so he needs to stop being so damn proud and get help.

The question in my mind now is, how is he gonna skip out on them next. I hope he does it before they get to attached too him and get hurt real bad.


I have been updating this in the comments area.

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My Sunday Day

It’s Sunday, November 13, 2011. Today started off with me hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. I set it to wake me so we could visit the UU church in Wausau, WI. Today is the last day of the kid’s relocation vacation. Everyone was sound asleep except my 9 year old, Levi, who is usually the first up on non-school days and playing games on my lap top. I decided to let everyone including myself sleep in after all so we missed church.  We got up after 10am.

Mornings consist of my little guy, Kyle age 6, needing help getting his breakfast. His sisters, Hannah age 13 and Kara age 11, were quite capable of taking care of their own breakfast by age 6 and I believe Levi was too but Kyle has youngest in the family syndrome.  I don’t care a lot for cereal at this time so I usually cook up an egg and sausage or make a breakfast burrito for myself.  I’m not usually hungry in the morning but I try to eat because I believe my metabolism has suffered enough and I try to at least start the day off right. I usually end up forgetting to eat lunch though so I’m really not really doing my body any big favors.

The kids and I are staying at my ex’s small two bedroom apartment in Marshfield WI. We moved here from Springfield, Mo where the kids were enrolled in school and had councilors and therapy for the ASD and friends who are family to us and even made some new friends and so forth and so on.  We were there a year and finally got established.  I tried to convince my ex to move there when he retired from the Navy for the kid’s sake. He made up his mind that moving to Marshfield, WI would be best for him because the state would then pay for his college education. Marshfield is where his parents and youngest sister live and it’s close to the collage he wants to attend in Stevens Point. The youngest three of my kids have expressed one way or another that they want a daddy figure around so we pulled up the tent stakes and now… here we are.

This area doesn’t seem to care for advertising much on Craigs List and not at all on Rent.com. Not only that but rentals are few and far between in the winter, apparently you have to wait till spring to actually have choices. That’s not just for Marshfiled, but Stevens Point and Wausau as well. I finally settled on a duplex that was actually nice except for the via duct at the edge of the backyard. I was concerned my boys might get curious and hike up there and get hit by the train.  However, it didn’t seem there was anything else and we really need to get out of this apartment that belongs to my ex. He could stay here, there’s an extras mattress, but he chooses to stay at his folks house. Neither of us is interested in reconciling our marriage but we both have agreed to get along and be nice cause of the kids. Personally I think this is the best we have ever gotten along. It seems we do better as friends than as a couple.

I settled on the duplex and called Success Reality and let the lady that handles rentals know I would take it. Before I could come in on Monday I had to take Kyle to the ER because he had flu like symptoms and was dehydrated. I had been trying to get Pedialyte into him as often as I could but it was a struggle.  My ex, Preston, hadn’t yet left on his trip to Jordan to meet his girlfriend for the first time so he was able to come to the hospital and stay with Kyle while I went to the office and filled out the rental application.  I asked how long it would take to get approved and she said it could be up to three days.

I called the lady at Success Reality the next day and she said all she had left to do was call my last landlord and get a reference. The next day, day three, I called again. The man that answered said it was her day off but he would look into it for me and call me back. He did just that and was happy to tell me I was approved. The lady called me the next day to tell me the exact same thing and then to add the clincher.  She told me the place wouldn’t be available for a few weeks because the folks living there hadn’t moved out due to trouble they are having with buying a home. I was pretty ticked. I really was hoping to be moving out and have it done before Preston got back so he could have his place to himself, or at least without me being in it. I also was hoping to have stuff unpacked before the kids went back to school. And, I didn’t like being deceived.  She should have been upfront and said something about it before and added a note like others do in all the Craigs List adds.

So I continued my search and Friday I had two appointments to see four bedroom homes in Chili and in Spencer.  The home in Chili was a wonderful farm house that the wonderful owners told me would be available at the end of the month. The one in Spencer was two blocks from the public school and owned by a realtor who works for Success Reality.  It was purple and even the inside made me feel like I was in an enlarged doll house.  It was actually very nice and the lady who owned it gave me the scoop on the lady who I was ticked at at her job.

I found it ironic that all this time I couldn’t find a home I was happy with until Friday when I found two. The farm house was on the top of my list because I felt most comfortable there and because it was what I had wanted all along. At one time I even told Preston and his parents I wanted a home like that and they thought I was funny. Getting a farm house and all isn’t something you can do when you first move to a new area.

I decided I’d go with the farm house in Chili and called my ex-in-laws to see if they’d help me check it out again on Saturday. They are from here and know what to look for in a home. The folks were more than happy to help me out.  Saturday I text my ex-sister-in-law who shares the same name I have with a different spelling, instead of Lori Koran Revels, she’s Laurie Ann Revels. She said she was already with the folks and would see me there. They were more than pleased with the house and what good shape it was in and the owner.

Grandma and Grandpa Revels on their anniversary.

While we were there checking out the garden area Laurie informed me she and Kevin broke up. He had been mean and forceful with her and she asked him to leave. I also found out she has taken herself to the ER cause she had been sick like Kyle and sadly Kevin wouldn’t drive her to the ER for no reason even though she was really too sick to drive herself.

Preston, Kevin, Laurie, Allison and Allen on the folk’s anniversary.

So, back to Sunday… In the afternoon I got a call from Laurie. She was crying and asked me to come over. I got dressed and went to her house. The police officer, who looked like an older version of High School Musical’s Sharpay’s brother, was still there.  He finished going over some things and asked us to come down to the station and fill out an official report. Laurie had been beaten by her last two husbands so when her boyfriend Kevin came at her she grabbed the house lease, the key to the upstairs dead bolt and locked herself upstairs and called the police. Thankfully Kevin can’t come back to the house for three days.

Moving here has given me a lot of mixed feelings. There have been times I felt I made a big mistake and times like today when I realize it was the right thing for the right time.

For dinner I took the kids to McDonalds so they could play. They have a big screen TV there and I spent some time fussing at the boys for watching Power Puff Girls instead of playing. While the boys were watching the show an older gentleman suddenly appeared with his thumb in Kyle face. He spotted Kyle sucking his thump and decided to give him a hard time about it by offering his stained beat up thumb instead.  Then he gave the kids a lolly pop and wandered away. I noticed he had a very old worn out Army base ball cap on so when he came back by I asked him if he was in the Army. He had served thirty years, fought in Korea and been all over the world. When we were almost ready to go I asked Kyle if he wanted a picture with the old Arm veteran and Kyle agreed to it. I’m glad to have a kid that helps me get cool pics. I just loved the character lines in this man’s face.

The man agreed to the pic of him and Kyle then told me he took pictures everywhere he went while he was in the Army. He said he even had pictures of the Japanese’s surrender. At one time his house caught on fire and a bunch of his pictures fell through to the basement into the water. He used some solutions and rescued what he could. He informed me that Fuji Film just fades away in water but Kodac will hold up. He learned that pen disappears in water but pencil doesn’t so it’s best to write photo info on the photo with a pencil. Then he went to his vehicle and got a small very used photo album and showed me some of his pics including the one of the Japanese surrendering and a massive hole in the ground that was a Korean burial place where they camped near and used skulls as footballs. The pics were pretty dang cool.

Mr. Frank and Kyle

The evening ended with watching the Disney movie Geek Charming and lots of yelling “get back in bed!!!”

The kids start school in the morning. I have important phone calls to make, like the SS office and the food Stamps office to let them know I moved and other exciting things. Plus I need to see about how the school bus system works and if they still will charge me when I move to Chili, WI. We will be using my minivan for now but the school bus could really come in handy when that long drive way to the farm house gets piled high with snow.

Who knows what new adventures will come my way…tomorrow!

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