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About My Hair…

About my hair… lol
A few years back I tried several times to make it blue but it just wouldn’t work. Sometimes it turned into a dying moss green color, sometimes it washed out, and so on. So I gave up on my fav color and eventually went with purple.
me not so younger
I decided to give it another try not too long ago so I bleached out my hair and enjoyed that look for a short time. (May as well.) Then I put in a lavender color to see how that would look and somehow I ended up with a blue streak. So I continued the fun with actual blue which kept working. I didn’t do it all at once because I thought it would be more fun to take my time and try different things.
my hair evolution
While I do like the all blue look, I don’t care much for solid colors. So I put a black streak in it. Funny about that is the black comes out a faded color so it just looks like a tad darker shade of blue. Like the blue color the black is reusable to I tried it again on the same spot but it didn’t make a difference.
I won’t be purchasing that brand again.
As far as where I like to purchase my hair dyes, if you are interested,
I have found that Walmart is NOT a good place to get them. I’ve gotten dye from them that smelled bad and they often didn’t work well. (Yes, this includes permanent and Splat.) I’ve always had good luck with Walgreen’s hair dye. I have had several lame dyes from Sally’s.
So, that’s my recent hair adventure story.
For those who don’t dye their hair none traditional colors and for those who think it’s strange or bad, you should know that when you stare at people with hair colors you find odd, well, they often don’t remember that their hair is unusual and don’t know why you are staring at them. They may even think something is wrong with you or you never learned simple manners. lol Also, if you judge people by their hair color choices, well, I now judge you as lame and a stick in the mud and you likely have very limited fun. I recommend you watch and read a lot of funny stuff and loosen up and learn to enjoy the life you have.  Also, read Malcolm Gladwell books to improve your brain capacity. He makes complex things seem simple. And I just really love his books. I’ve also heard that the book How To Win Friends and Influence People is very helpful. I have yet to read it myself. But I will!
And for those who have jobs that don’t allow hair colors that aren’t natural looking, I feel you pain. Bug hugs! I recommend those colored hair clips that you can put in when you are not at work. Hopefully they will work well on you. I’ve never had them work on me. They either look like a hair clip or they don’t stay in place. But I always had problems with barrettes and hair clips in general anyway. Or you could use wigs. That is if they don’t bother your head and you can afford them. After Halloween sales are a great place to pick up oddly colored hair. Sadly they do not look natural, well, at least the cheep ones don’t.
As far as expense, I do my own hair so it’s not pricey. (And not easy.) I love the brand Splat because it works well and can be saved to use at another time instead of having to throw it out when done.
Now here’s a little more history on my hair color from way back when.
I was about fourteen and still lived on a sail boat with my family. We were anchored in Gloretta Bay so in order to get to shore we had to use the dinghy and either putt-putt (the outboard engine) or row to the small boat landing dock.  We carried backpacks because once ashore we didn’t really care for coming back until all the shore plans were finished.
My sister had purchased this crazy lip stick stuff at the drug store. It looked like very green lip stick but when one applied to ones lips their lips would turn a very hot pink color and that color would last for about two days. I didn’t realize how awesome that was until I grew up and was allowed to wear makeup. I’ve never used a lip stick since that stays on my lips longer then five minutes, if that.
One day I discovered that if I mixed some of the color from my sisters strange lip stick with some Dep (gel) and applied it to my bangs they would turn bright pink and it would wash out with no problem. By the way, up until my mid-twenties I had very blond hair. Sometime in my twenties it got darker and became this dull non discript brown color. I kept it that natural bland color for a long time because of my “spiritual” leaders and their beliefs about such things. So now when I’m not playing with colors I still dye it a brown or black color. Sadly my gray’s don’t feel the need to be colored over.
Any who, after discovering this awesome mix of lip stick and Dep I started coloring my bangs bright pink. When my big sister saw it she tattled on me to dad. Dad sent a message back to me through her. He said he didn’t mind me coloring my bangs pink as long as he never saw it. So, that’s what I did. I would color them right after going ashore and then when it was time for me to meet up with the family I would go to the Wendy’s bathroom before they arrived and wash out the color in the sink. And no, I did not leave a mess like a lot of kids did when they washed out their color in the Wendy’s bathroom. I knew better! lol
me younger
Well, I think that’s about it on my hair color stories and info. I know there’s no moral to the story or deep message but sometimes life can be lite and fluffy so it’s okay.
I will add a warning.
Some people have had very bad experiences with hair dyes. There’s been plenty of people who have had their hair ruined or lost their hair due to bleaching and even dying it. It may have to do with genetics or body chemistry or health, I don’t really know.
As far as me bleaching my hair, it’s not something I normally do. To keep it soft I regularly use really strong conditioner that’s supposed to be used after dying ones hair. I likely won’t bleach my hair again for a very long time.

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