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The Amityville Horror (1979) – Movie review by Lori

I got this movie from Netflix and put off watching it for a while. First I put it off cause we moved and someone packed it. We were living in an apartment and I looked forward to seeing it. I had seen two other versions but I heard this one was the best. But, then we moved into a farm house and it took on a new form of freakiness for me. Too much to possibly relate to I guess.

I finally stuck the DVD in the player and began watching it. It was better than the other Amityville Horrors from the very start.  The movie plays out day by day till the last day, day 28. It was very suspenseful and the kind of film that is hard to get out of you head.

As usual, I had to pause the movie several times to take care of the kids.  Finally I had to quite watching the movie to take care of things. I paused it near the last big scene.

The movie makes you think you’re gonna see or hear odd things. I got a kick out of being a bit on edge and it didn’t help that one of the kids thought they heard things the next night even though they didn’t see the movie and didn’t know about it. I pondered wither I wanted to finish watching it or not. After my circumstances changed from apartment living to farm house living,  it seemed perfectly normal to find the setting of the movie to close to home.

I finally decided that I don’t like to be afraid of stuff so I would finish watching the movie and get over it. You know, one of those “run to the roar” things. So I put the movie back on, found the last scene and began watching it expecting it to be really freaky.

The scene began with words saying “last day” instead of 28. It showed the house in the dark of night illuminated by flashes of lightning in the downpour.  I won’t go on but when the walls and stairs started seeping blood it totally lost its scare tactic for me.  The old ridicules horror movies came into play and it was just plum silliness to me from that point on.  During the most intense part the musical score had an upbeat to it that made me want to bob my head. Then the violins started in adding to the corny flavor. They were pretty violins, mind you, but not scary.

And then, the movie was over.


I first posted this on FaceBook notes because my computer was being worked on and the notebook I was using didn’t have a lot of capabilities. So here is the info transferred from there.


by Lori K. Hobbs on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 9:57pm

This is temporarily on here due to my laptop not working at the moment and being on my kids notebook which is not letting me on WordPress. When I get my laptop back I will transfer it over there.


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    • Jeanne MilneUmmmm. Ok? I thought there was only one avh?

      January 8 at 1:29am · Like
    • Lori K. Hobbs Oh no, there is bunches of them. And then there are spin offs. One I saw was really cheesy. lol

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Lost Hope
by Lori Revels

My heart is thumping in my neck

This is a new pain

Sure I’ve been down this road before

But all heart aches starts new again

Old feelings have changed a tad

Throws me off in my head

How to deal with this one

Do I put up walls to block

Do I give in and bend over in agony

Where do I start

Where do I began

My head begins to hurt

I feel the worry lines cross their spot

I don’t want this to be happening

But I can’t stop it

There’s nothing I can do

It’s too late

I let him in

I trusted him

No man,  no God

Has been true

I just want to beloved

To have a companion

That I can trust

But there is no one

All hope is lost

This is from a photo shoot I did in Waikiki. The groom stole all the money out of their account the next day and left the bride with all the bills and such. 

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Back In Love
by Lori Revels

Love, they say
is like a gun or a cannon
You fall for who you point it at
For some it’s more like a shot gun
But sometimes it feels
Like I’m the one
who’s takin the bullet
As if I had no choice in the matter
They call it soul mate
love at first sight
I’m not convinced, sometimes
At least not till it hits me
Like a frekin heart attack
smack in the chest
It can take days, plus some
to re-aim my gun at another
Even then I doubt myself
But when my cupids arrow flies
It’s too late to deny
I get that sicky feeling
all over again
Aw dang, there I go again
I’m back in love

A wedding shoot I did in Waikiki. 

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