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Never At Home
by Lori K Hobbs-Revels


Home in the moment
That’s all I know
Staying to long
It’s time to go

The road is long
I can’t wait to arrive
Rest my legs
Feeling alive

Enjoying the moment
The moment is gone
I feel unease
It’s time to move on

I’ll keep your contact
I’ll post lot’s of pics
Finding a new home
Adding to the mix

Magnets, plates
And shot glasses
Seeing the country
Passing the masses

Don’t feel sorry
Don’t feel bad
I’m not ashamed
Of who I am

A seeker
An explorer
A creator
A door opener

Sitting quietly
It’s time to go
Cause I will never
Really be at home


269120_10151184656944834_1133579385_nA pic I took while driving from Grand Haven, Mi to Stevens Point, WI.


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What they may feel but not quite say
By Lori Revels-Hobbs


Scream but don’t cry
yell silently
mouth open wide
hit, punch, punch the air
run, stomp, stab
in my mind I kill
kill myself
kill someone else
twist and turn
ball up and rock
back and forth
back and forth
eyes glazed over
demon possessed
totally mental
no one can see me
my life is over
it’s ruined,
I’m stupid
it’s done
you’re ugly
there is no help
punch punch punch


I’m Superman
in my own color
the world is mine
I dominate
I’m good looking
I’m a monster
I can do what I want
I have abilities
you haven’t discovered
I’m special
no one in the world
is like me
I don’t need anyone
I can survive
I will take over
the world is a toy
sometimes I am a puppet
sometimes a puppet master
I am superior
I am right
you are wrong
I am confident


I love you
I know how you feel
I’ve gone through something like it
I look perfectly at peace
but I don’t know how I feel
I am content
lost in my own world
I’m glad we get along
I will help
I want you around
You make me feel comfortable
I want to make you happy
I can help
I will give up
to see you satisfied
I take care of the earth
it makes sense to me
I want to understand more
I will learn to be friendly
friends make me feel good
I will learn to reciprocate
I will protect you
my heart is in your hands


I just felt like writing rap style a bunch of the emotions I see from my ASD kids and friends who have ASD all mixed together. I see so many intense emotions from people with Autism. It’s like a living rap or poem all in itself.



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