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My thoughts regarding the above-linked article.
Interesting article. (I couldn’t watch the video. Sound issues.)
I had duct ectasia in my left breast and had to have the duct removed. Before removing it they couldn’t tell if it was duct ectasia or cancer. I wonder if bra wearing has any impact on something like what I had.
I was an avid bra wearer most my life because I was taught to believe it was a decency thing. My church leader who dedicated my life to me insisted the woman of the church be fully dressed and ready for anything as soon as they got up. Naturally, that included wearing a bra the entire day. It’s taken me time to mentally get over that concept. I’ve had to declare in my head that this is my home, my sanctuary, my safe place, which means I can dress as I see fit here in my own home. If anyone comes over and doesn’t like it, they can leave.
This mentality has been rushed into being and timely for me because I have abdomen issues and wearing bras can be extremely painful. I’ve tried taking the wire out and getting the crappy wireless kind, but the pain is still intense. I do have some week lazy looking bras I wear when I go out. Sometimes I’m kind of okay with them but often in a short time I am in pain. Same with shirts and dresses with either a built in bra or a band.
Apropos of society are so overrated and stupid in many cases. If something is harming us many people just can’t take initiative and stop. However, when one does take initiative and do what is right and better, they give others virtual permission to do the same. We are a society of people who need permission. So by all means, give them permission by doing what is best.
I know, easier said than done. Getting over the mental bondage & brain-washing takes some clarity & determination.

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