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I want to touch you
caress you in my arms
Yet I want to slap you
wake you with alarm

I know what you’ve done
I know what you’re doing
But I still want a piece
of the American pie

Your pecks of steal
your arms of rock
So nice to touch
your skin so soft

Come near
come close to me
Make sweet love
set me free

What is wrong
what is right
Murky waters
foggy lights

My head spins
when you bring me in
No clear thoughts
just a moment of heaven

Should I hate you
for who you are
Can you help it
were you born afar

This secret we have
must remain this way
Making love behind doors
then walking away

Picture found at – http://www.sculptureschool.net/online_gallery


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Why do I have to sit here
thinking of you every night
Why do I have to miss you
wanting you to hold me tight
Where has the time gone
I cry so hard inside
My heart is breaking daily
I can hardly catch my breath
but I play the part and look fine
Who would understand
maybe everyone
But I have no one to talk to
I just wish I was here with you
I guess I like torture
cause I don’t want to get you out
I cherish the thoughts of you
I love loving you
It would be so much better
If you still loved me too

Come away with me
come away with me my love
We’ll find paradise together
we can be happy
we can be free
looking into you eyes
is my paradise
tell me you love me
bring my dream
into reality

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I was evil
I did bad
Hurt someone
Made them sad
Destroyed a world
Burned up the land
Killed and pillaged
Ran with the wrong band

I don’t remember my evil deeds
I keep tying but nothing I see
I just imagine it’s what I’ve done
To deserve this life that follows me
I can help others but not myself
I get ahead then knocked back down
I can not die but I can not live
My heart bleeds but never quits
What karma have I created
To deserve such affliction
I hold the world up
While my arms shake and burn

My next life will be great
For I’m payin my dues
Workin off punishment
Of sins I don’t remember
It will be filled
With light and love
I don’t want to wait
I year for it now

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empty eyes
empty heart
wish I’d known
from the start
but it didn’t take long
to learn you were all wrong
the decay on your flesh stinks
though it’s covered up with sweet
deceiver, liar
you admit what you are
you take with out flinching
your lust is thick
no wonder she left you
too bad she doesn’t know
maybe she likes it that way
you want part of me
you don’t care for the rest
there’s no humanity
because inside you
you’re dead

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A witch she said,
A witch indeed
A witch is what
She ought to be


A little girl
not far from here
held up her head
and did sneer

A witch I want to be
for this upcoming Halloween
With pointy hat
and gnarly nails
green skin
long crooked nose
with wart a top
buck teeth
and a voice that squeaks.
I’ll scare the children
and old people too.
With my crooked wand
I’ll cast spells
and turn puppies into
brown spotted snails.
I’ll make the clouds
swirl in the darkest night
and cause it to thunder
and lightening strike.
For this Halloween
I shall be
the scariest witch
you’ve ever seen.

Her mother replied,
A witch you say
a witch indeed
a witch is exactly
what thou shalt be.
Now I shall tell thee
of true witchy things.

A witch of old
of truth be told
looks nothing like
those cartoon frights,

but actually have been
something quite bright.
Their brooms they hold
are for cleaning dear,
and black caldron
for cooking herbs.
The black cat crosses in a race,
he’s just simply going some place.
Their villages they love.
their wand for pointing,
good energy and cheer.
Their spells to send
bad things away.
Long robes to keep
the children warm.
They learn from the animals
and take care of the earth.
They were the villagers
wise woman and mother,
doctors of old,
priests and pastors,
medicine men and shaman,
and story craftier.
The witches job is
to do no harm
but guide and protect
bringing peace not alarm.

Then why this mess
why this fuss?
Why the tails
of ghostly disrupt?
The little girl asked
her mother.

Greed for power,
greed for money,
cause the truth
to run muddy.
Leaders wanted more
then they had
they made up lies
that went to their heads.
They made everyone
who had something to say
look evil to take
their sway away.
They made up stories
that were not true
to cause fear and doubt,
this was their rue.
So people would turn
to them instead
giving them money
and giving them land.
The dark ages were
quite absurd.
Sadly people still do
those dark evil deeds
of killing the witches
and the wise men
wither with fire
or lies from within.
Painting pictures,
that are simply not true.
Spinning stories
to fool me and you.
The evil done
is actually by another,
not the witch
and not her mother.

So don your black robe!
Pick up your wand!
Ride your broom
up until dawn!
Cast your spell,
the vale is thin.
Heal the world
and bless you kin.
Be the witch
you choose to be,
for this sweet night
is Halloween!

No more the burning times!

So mote it be!

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verse 1

Just because I said I do
doesn’t mean you own me
Just cause we’re in the same room
doesn’t mean I’m not lonely
You hold my hand
because I reached for it
I feel your touch because I leaned in


Your past is dark
and mine is crazy
Can we make this work
without pushing up daises?

verse 2

We walk side by side
I finish your sentence
you finish mine
But we never really talk
not even with words unkind
Inside my head I yell and scream
To you this relationship is a dream


Your past is dark
and mine is crazy
Can we make this work
without pushing up daises?

verse 3

Fire the maid we never had
Iron the clothes
and make the beds
Going through the motions
I’m more of a possession
I’m what you wanted
And I was desperate
I’m giving up hope cause I know


Your past is dark
and mine is crazy
Can we make this work
without pushing up daises?


Slide across the floor with me
Slide down the rail
Meet at the ol’ willow tree
Wind in my hair
I barley remember being young
but we were there
Just you and me

(written 9-17-12)

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He’s a vexin
I can’t let go
I try to forget him
Then I see a sign
His name on the top line
He’s a vexin
I still love him, Oh
But what’s the reason
I do not know
Why does he keep
Vexin my soul

verse 1

he loved me
of that I’m sure
I wonder if in
his heart it still hurts
or is it just me
this anal inability
I just keep seeing him
in everybody on the street
verse 2

rain or shine
light or dark
thoughts of him
I need to part
color the world red
throw a brick at my head
another love for me
isn’t going to be


run as fast as I can
beat the wind
bury in the sand
all my memories
all my regrets
come what may
I’m in love with him

(Written 9-19-12)

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