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Hey Sami!

I hope you don’t mind a little writing advice from me. I thought I’d share a few tips.

Here goes!

When you write and post your writing you will likely get a lot of people telling you haw great it is and you may also get folks telling you how terrible it is. Some may point our errors and offer ideas and ways to improve.

Anyone going public with their talent needs to get their mind ready for both the positive and the negative.

Don’t throw all the negative stuff away and don’t accept all the positive. Both can be flawed. If the negative is bullying then by all means mentally toss it.

Are you familiar with the term “water on a ducks back”? Normally when water falls on a ducks back it just rolls right off cause of a coating on their feathers. Sometimes we need to be that way with negative things, let them roll right off and not affect us. But, sometimes they do and then it’s good to talk with someone about it and have them help you shake the bad comments off.

I also said not to accept all the positive stuff. It’s not peoples intention to lie to hurt you but to protect and encourage you so there will be people who lie thinking it’s helpful. Even though lying isn’t cool, they don’t know any better and are doing what they think it right. When someone complements your work and you’re not sure they are telling the truth or you know they aren’t I advice being gracious and just saying “Thank You” and let it go. Actually, that same thing can work for false negative things as well. You have stuff you gotta do and you don’t need to waste time trying to fix or correct people who likely won’t understand and appreciate it.

As far as the true things or possible true things that are either positive or negative sounding, take what you can use to improve yourself. Don’t take what you feel you need to impress people or please them cause then you could lose being true to yourself. Just take what you need for where you are at the moment. Some of the advice may be helpful later in life but you can only do so much at a time so just take what you need now. Some things you can mentally file away for later. But don’t worry to much about that cause most lessons come back from time to time. You could also keep a journal of things you’d like to remember.

Just remember, when something starts to hurt, stop! Ask yourself if any of it can be useful to you. If not, imagine you are crumpling it up and tossing it in a trash can or fire place and then it’s gone. If some of it is useful take the useful stuff and toss the rest. You’re not throwing out a person, you’re just throwing out bad or hurtful advice or comments.

Moving on…

Read read read…. and read some more.

Reading is one of the best ways to keep your imagination flowing. There may be times that some one points out that what you are writing sounds a lot like a certain book or character. At this point it’s ok. You are young and you need experience so just keep writing. Eventually you will need to separate what is too much like another already published story and what is completely your ideas. It doesn’t mean you have to quite doing either. It’s just the one that is close to or involves characters from other already published stories would be called “fan fiction”.

Fan fiction is really popular right now. The folks who write it give props to who ever they are basing their character and story from. It can be real fun. Some people even mix their favorite stories together so that their favorite character can meet and have adventures.

Of course your own stuff is yours. I like to date and sign my writings so I can keep track of when I wrote them and if challenged I have a date to prove when I wrote it. Publishing it on places like FaceBook or other sites can help prove when it was written as well. I use WordPress for my place to publish my blogs, stories, poems and lyrics. I am just learning about another site called Weebly, it’s free too. I’ll include some info on those at the bottom of this note.

Moving on again…

Listen, listen, listen…
You are fortunate to be in school and have classes like English, Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Communications, and so on. Soak what they are teaching you up like a sponge. Practice and apply what you learn. Eat it up like it’s delicious food. If you don’t understand something, ask about it. If you can’t interrupt write you question down so you don’t forget it and so you can free your mind to learn what else they are teaching. Then when you can, ask. When not in school you can look stuff up online and read or watch videos on how to do what you need to learn. Hopefully the computer you use has filters on it so you don’t have to worry to much about inappropriate stuff popping up. Researching stuff on line can be very helpful. However, I advice in some cases to check with more then one source cause some people post how to videos and info and they have no idea what they are talking about.

When offered take classes in learning other languages. Much of American English is from different languages and learning other languages can help you understand ours better and open up new ways of saying things. Personally I wish the schools taught Greek and Latin because most all languages (including English) comes from those two. But take what you can. You can always get more when you go to collage.

And last but not least…

Write, write, write…
Maclolm Gladwell (one of my favorite authors) says in his book called Outliers that it takes ten-thousand hours to become truly successful at something. Not just writing, but things like playing a sport, musical installments and so on, what ever someone wants to be successful at, they need to get the hours in. If anyone tells you I’m not correct about this, ask them if they actually read Outliers. And if they haven’t tell them to get back to you after they have. Lol As much as ten-thousand may seem you should have no trouble hitting that mark and passing it up since you are starting so young.

Even if you get sick of writing a particular story and you need a break, go ahead and take the break but don’t stop writing. Write about something else. Even stupid stuff, just so you write. Then when you’re ready get back to the story you want to finish. I’ve heard many writers say they write something, anything, everyday. Just so they write.

Don’t expect every story you write to be an instant success. You will just set yourself up for disappointment. Go ahead and write it like it’s your best cause it’s good to do ones best, but not all stories are received with the same excitement that we write them with. Different people like different things. You can’t please them all. First and foremost, like your own story.

Getting an honest fan club can be tricky. Humans can be strange sometimes. Often if someone likes mystery and you write comedy they will think yours is bad. Or if they like comedy and you write mystery they will think it’s bad and so on. Just because you are writing a different genre then what they like doesn’t make your writing bad but some people will insist it is. Such is life, move on from them and keep writing. It’s nice when people can appreciate your writing even if it’s not their type of preferred material but truth is, a lot of folks don’t understand this. Getting upset about them and letting it affect your writing is a bad idea. It’s likely you can’t make them understand so it’s usually better to move on. I don’t mean they can’t be friends, I just mean when it comes to your writing know that they aren’t the ones who should be reading it and that’s ok.

One last tip, for now.
Look words up. When you see or hear a word you don’t really understand, look up the meaning and try to memorize it. It can actually help improve your writing. I find it fun. One of the best ways to remember a word is to use it three different time in sentences through out the day.
I am so happy you are writing and loving it. I wish I had started earlier and had some of this advice. It can be very challenging to put my mind to writing with four kids around but I am doing my best. I also improve myself when ever I can by both reading a lot and researching things. You will never know all there is to know, there will always be more to learn. Personally I love that, makes like more interesting and exciting.

I wish you the best of adventures and success!

Here’s the web sites I told you about.

Here’s WordPress

Here’s Weebly

Here’s Blogger

There’s more but these are the ones I’m familiar with. I think Blogger may be one of the more simpler ones but it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

Most free sites will try to get you to upgrade and when they do that it’s not free. I just ignore those offers. Maybe one day I will need it not so far I don’t.


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She was dressed to the nines as she made her way through the small town grocery store. “Mom”, a teen girl called out as she raced up to her. “Did you remember the ice cream?” The teen was dressed in designer jeans and a right off the rack Hot Topic blouse.
At the check out stand after the checker scanned the Twix bar and cookies and cream ice cream she reached into her Coach hand bag and pulled out a food stamps card. The teller tried not to roll his eyes. After all it wasn’t his business.
He needed to vent so when the cashier got home he told his wife. They worked hard long hours to keep their family going and this just felt like a slap in the face. His wife found a pic that related to their frustration that had been going around the social media for quite some time now and shared it telling about the woman at the store who was taking advantage of the system. Several of her friends commented on how sick it was and some had horror stories of their own to share. Several went on about how lazy the woman at the store was and needed to get a job. There were about two comments from folks explaining how it’s not all that easy to scam the system anymore and suggested the woman may have gotten her things already used or as gifts. But those comments were ignored because there wasn’t enough drama to them and what fun is there in that.

Gucci and Food Stamps

Let me tell you a true story now. It’s a story about me. I have a food stamp card. I’ve had all the way from several hundred dollars on it to just under fifty dollars. We also get Social Security and Child Support. As far as how much we get, the SS and the FS go up and down depending on how much the CS is and each other is. In other words, there is a ceiling on it. I simply can’t get rich or even ahead off the government help. I could lie but because I love my four children I don’t want to go to jail and have to pay penalties cause the chances are I’d be caught. It’s not worth it. And they do know how to catch people.

I do however pull my FoodStamps card out of my Coach bag. I was pretty excited when I saw it at a garage sale for four bucks. I even did something I know better about, I didn’t check the zipper. Yeah, it’s broken. My bad! And really, the ladies selling it could have been honest but not everyone cares to live the way they expect others to live. I’m zipper OCD. Meaning I wont purchase a purse with out a good zipper cause I don’t want my stuff falling out. But, I’m also purse lazy and I don’t want to empty it again and put my stuff in another one. It may seem like the lazy won over the OCD but when I find another purse that’s just right for me (and affordable) I will find the motivation to transfer my things into it. Meanwhile, I am still pulling my FoodStamps card out of my Coach purse when I need to use it.

I also like to dress well. Every now and then I feel obligated to update my wardrobe with a shirt or two so I go shopping at the second hand store or rummage through the sale racks at Walmart. Here on this side of the US the Walmarts have some pretty awesome sales. And I love heals! They up-dress an outfit. I don’t actually dress up as much anymore though. Not because the small farm towns here in the mid west are full of people who look at you like your a tramp cause you’re not wearing dumpy blue jeans and work boots. But because I have IBS and my stomach is very sensitive. It makes it challenging to find nice things to wear that don’t cause me a lot of pain. I’m working on getting better and when I do it’s back to the nines for me! (At a discount, of course.)

Then there’s my oldest. She does have a “designer” pair of jeans that I bought her quite a while ago. Well, they may not actually be official designer jeans but they are really cool looking. The blouse from Hot Topic, I just bought that for her the beginning of this month. Being my oldest and having aspergers she has acquired an understanding of our financial difficulties and unlike her younger sister she hardly ever asks for anything. So once in a great while I like to get her something nice that she will use. I wish I could do more for her and that she didn’t worry about money and such. But such is life.

I don’t usually purchase candy bars but I’m not against it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a treat whither it’s for me or my kids. I do get them ice cream. I think it’s nice for kids to have ice cream sometimes. The closest store is a small town market type so the ice cream prices are horrible unless there is a sale which if I am going to purchase ice cream I wait for.

And why don’t I get a job?

A job? Gee, that sounds so fun. No joke! I’m serious. If I had a job I could see adults and talk to adults and listen to adults. Wow! I could have somewhat of a social life with a job. I’ve worked before ( a lot) and I enjoyed it. So I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it again. However, I am not only a single mom of four lovely children, but I am a mom of children with special needs. My children who are diagnosed with Autism actually did really well in school this last year and I didn’t have to make appearances at their schools every other to every day. It was wonderful but also felt a little strange. My youngest who is still going through the diagnoses process is another story. The school so far does well enough with him that it’s actually possible I could get a job during school hours this upcoming school year. I will certainly be looking into that. At the moment it’s summer break and due to his “behavioral issues” I can not leave him at home with his siblings for long and often not at all. His dad lives to far to drop him off and pick him up again and he was too busy with collage as it was. Now he has a nine to five job and again still lives to far away to keep my little guy in the evenings and have him home in time for bed which is very important not just for his behavior but for when school is back in session.

Then again, why is it wrong to get help from “the system” in order to stay home with ones children? When did it become a bad thing to raise your own kids instead of a day care provider or baby sitter? Not long ago my oldest very sincerely told me that they really liked that I was home with them when they were home. It was a very touching moment. It isn’t always that a child expresses thankfulness toward a parent like that. As much as working sounds fun to me I really love the idea of being the best parent I can be.
I understand some folks must work outside the home. But just like I shouldn’t assume things about their life and “judge” them, they shouldn’t assume and judge people like me.


My whole point is that things are not always as they appear. While you don’t want others to jump to conclusions about you and to judge you, you need to watch your actions and thoughts as well. When you see someone doing something you think you don’t approve of you are unaware of so much of their background story. Sharing posts about it on social media isn’t harmless, it can cause a lot of harm and when you do it, you become part of the problem. Be careful what you share and “Like”.

It’s like the person who cuts you off on the highway. It’s so upsetting but, you really don’t know what’s going on with that person. Maybe they are just a bonafide jerk. Or, maybe they are rushing to someone who is dying, maybe they are dying. Maybe something horrible happened to their kid or someone broke their heart and they just aren’t thinking straight. In situations like that we just don’t know. If you believe you know what’s going on in the mind of someone on the road or someone in the grocery line, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you need serious mental help. Seriously, there is no harm in being honest with yourself and seeking help.

Same with thinking someone is taking advantage of the system. You don’t know their back story. It’s possible they are taking advantage of the system. It’s also possible they are on the verge of getting caught and ruining their children lives. But in this day and age it’s more likely they know how to dig for a deal and make it look good. Maybe they have a few bad habits. But what about you, do you have a few bad habits? Mine is gummy bears. I love gummy bears… as long as they aren’t green, orange, yellow or watermelon flavor. And I buy “fruit snacks” from Sam Club in the shape of gummy bears for the kids and I. Please don’t take me out back and shoot me!


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Recently I was happy to help out a dear friend online who was suffering emotionally. She has been there for me but hasn’t always allowed me to be there for her. So it blessed my heart to return the kindness.

Thankfully I was indeed able to help her. I was aware that she had become very religious over the last six months or so. She’s been a Christian ever since I’ve known her but now she has become even more so as of late and very outspoken about it.

The irony is that when I was that way she knew it was wrong but now that she is that way she justifies it and can not see the similarities. Even still, I’ve told her how I felt about but what she does is her business and her life.

As a “non-Christian” I have often found myself helping Christians cope with difficult situations. After all I know the scriptures quite well and know how to help direct them to passages in the Bible that speak to their needs. But, more recently I’ve left the Bible out and used what I have already inside me from my own experiences and studies to help them and done so successfully.



While helping my dear friend out I had this notion that it would be so nice if she could understand that the help I gave her was from deep inside me. Not some outside source like a god or Jesus, etc. I do know better so that notion was fleeting. It’s just that I would love for people like her to see how amazing they are with out needing to give credit to an outside source for what actually came from within them.

When I was in the shoes she is in now there was no way I wouldn’t find a way to give God ALL the glory for whatever good happened no matter where it really came from. I was well trained in how to twist any and all circumstances in order to give praise, thankfulness and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course I didn’t see it as twisting, or manipulating, but I saw it as the right thing to do and I meant what I twisted with all my ignorant heart, (more like mind).

I was so trained not to be proud, and brag, but to be humble, and not to accept any credit but to give all the credit to God. So now that I’ve come out of all that I have to make a point not only to accept but to actually take the glory that I suffered, sweated and worked for.

glory to god

I’ve learned a lot over the last six years. I’ve read, studied, researched and re-researched. I’ve washed my brainwashed mind, I’ve un-programed my programed brain. I’ve striped and reset myself. I did it! And often it was difficult and sometimes painful. But, I did it anyway. I’ve worked to darn hard to just throw my glory away and lie by saying it belonged to another. No, this is me. I did this!

The concept of God held me back. Though I believed one could only be free in Jesus, the concept of Jesus had me in bondage. Becoming a Pagan loosened the shackles and being an Atheist has freed me from them. Now, I live my life. Now, I am free to learn without fear.

Some folks may find this shocking but as an atheist I actually still have a conscious. In real life psychopaths can be spotted in a brain scan. There’s an area of the brain that is inactive in a psychopaths brain. When a psychopath becomes a Christian they don’t suddenly have that area activated and when one goes from being a Christian to an atheist it doesn’t deactivate. It’s a real human thing, not a religious thing. Actually, many psychopaths prefer to be religious then to be atheist. As as atheist they aren’t as likely to get positions of power.


Okay, okay, you may be saying, “well their not real Christians.” But who really is? “If you call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ though shalt be saved….” you may say. Sure, that works for some people. But some will still condemn you. You gotta be baptized in water, submerged, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. No! Wait! Make that in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Okay, you did it wrong, start all over. The trinity is three in one, wait, no, that is three gods, there is only Jesus. This church is “alive”, that one is “dead”…

And so on and on and on….

The way to be “saved” is interpreted so many different ways and then there’s the argument over which church is oldest and which translation is correct and more so on’s. Oh, but pardon me, yes yes, I know, yours is right and everyone else is wrong. How could I forget that!

Man! Am I ever glad to be out of that mess! Talk about Freedom!

Stripping away the need for religion isn’t an easy task. It doesn’t happen over night. We have a need as humans to understand things. In the past we didn’t know what we know today so we came up with ideas and people bought (often literally) into them. Those ideas often became religion. Every time we had a scientific breakthrough people fought it not matter how obvious the evidence was. People have a certain way of thinking and they don’t like it tampered with. So much so they have been known in many cases to kill the people they felt were challenging their beliefs. Some how science has marched on regardless. It may have been slowed down here and there, but truth has a way of breaking through.

It somehow broke through for me. It wasn’t divine, it was psychological. Enough things added up, a major event occurred along with several others at the same time and my mind did what I call “woke up”. My cognitive dissonance bubbles burst. It was mentally life shattering. I ended up moving far from everyone I knew just so I could rebuild myself. I felt, and still believe, that if I lived near anyone I knew before (I’m talking about adults) they would try to help rebuild me and I wasn’t going to have that. Some of them would have done so with the best possible intentions, but I still couldn’t have that. I wanted to be the only one to rebuild me.

It wasn’t till much later, rather recently actually, that I came to the understanding that people are who they are because of who they spent most their time with growing up. In most cases in the US people are shaped by their peers at school. So really, I had the right idea that if I wanted to remake myself I had to get far far away from my then peers.

So, here I am now, me, authentically me. All my positive, all my negative, all the that I’ve done right, all my mistakes, it’s all me. Sure I’ve been influenced by speakers and writers and such, but I’ve learned to research and to take things lightly ’til proven. To be ready to see my mistakes and fix them without damaging my pride. I’m fully aware I don’t know a lot of stuff and thank goodness for that. If I did how boring life would become. I love learning new things!
When I help someone, it’s me that is helping them. And I’m happy to take the glory for what I’ve accomplished!






Here’s a quirky quick clip about a psychopaths brain. It doesn’t actually have much info but it does have enough that you can get the idea and do your own research. The first time i heard of Dr. James Fallon was on the show called Through the Worm Hole, btw.


I wrote this article the other day and was surprised to see a post a friend shared on their faceBook wall today about another article that relates. It’s worth a read.



The pictures are from Google images except for the clouds which I took.


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The title sounded like a song so I added the “Oh baby” part to it.

The pantry’s entrance door for the room to the thrift shop face the main pantry’s entrance doors so while working in the thrift shop I often see who’s coming in and hear pieces of conversation the patrons are having with those they are entering the building with.

The other day two ladies came in together, the one was going on and on about her troubles. I didn’t know till a moment later that they weren’t actually together. As they split ways the one complaining about stuff went on to the pantry office and the other darted into the thrift store, looked intensely at me and expressed her frustration by saying, “I’ll never ask a person coming to the pantry how they are ever again!” It was funny and I totally understood.

I’ve only volunteered there a short time and I really haven’t run into many complainers though if your gonna find any one would assume the local pantry patrons would be a good place to start. But really, I can see that some people have a lot to complain about but they usually don’t.

Later the complaining lady decided to wait out her wait time for the pantry in the thrift shop. I was busy so she focused her attention on the lady I work with. Gradually the other volunteer found her way out of the complainers sights but the lady didn’t skip a beat. She found another customer to talk at. I had to do some stuff behind the deck which made me her new focal target. I really didn’t mind, I kind of found it entertaining. Not to make light of her troubles but human nature can be rather amusing when you have the patience to sit back and watch.

Eventually she left and the lady I work with said something about how bad that woman has it. Wither she has it worse or not I recognized that the woman has an addiction to having troubles to talk about. I told the lady I worked with that I believed she thrived off of troubles. I wasn’t saying life wasn’t difficult for her but the way she went on about stuff she seemed like the kind that would either bring trouble to her because of her negative out look in life or that no matter what good there is she’s gonna focus on the bad, or both. For her it’s a good story, it gives her something to say, and raises mental protective barriers and validates her life choices.

The complaining woman mentioned a few times why she had the right to go to a pantry as if it was an embarrassment to her but her tone and casualness didn’t add up to it really being a bother or really all that embarrassing.

When you are okay with making a point to prove you have it the worst, you’re gonna keep having it “the worst”. I did enjoy reading the book called The Secret. I had become very negative in my thinking and it helped level me out some. I am not convinced ones thought patterns make the universe respond but the idea is isn’t that far of. Negative breeds negative and positive breeds positive. Wither the universe is really like a Jeannie in a bottle or not, your life choices add up to an outcome and you are often guided by the way you think. If it’s all down in the dumps kind of attitude for you then you will not see opportunities that can bring you out and you will cause your self to be stuck that way. But if you are ready and understand that things can change and willing to make those changes, you will be ready for the good when it comes your way, ready to grab it and live.

I’m not saying that the complaining lady can’t change. I don’t know her. Maybe one day she will hear just the right word to make the flip. Maybe not. Sometimes it’s hard to give up ones love and passion even if it is tearing them down. They’ve put so much time and energy into it and they have used to to protect and comfort them selves. Sounds like a lot of relationships, bad relationships. A relationship, apparently, isn’t always between two people. One can have a love affair with other things in life such as a negative outlook. You can become so attached to negative thoughts that you feel you can’t live with out them. But you can.

For some people realizing that there are plenty of other people who have it worse works and helps them come out of their negative way of thinking giving them a sense of thankfulness. But many folks are addicted like a drug to it and it takes something mentally to snap in the right direction for them to change. It may be realizing that doing better or focusing on the good could actually make them happy and even make them feel good. And as far as getting attention, one doesn’t have to use negative words to get it, it can be obtained with positive words as well. Others just need to realize they can still protect themselves. It’s funny to think of viewing being positive as scary but it certainly can be. Some folks forget or don’t understand that being positive isn’t being ignorant. They don’t understand that thinking negatively with no balance can cause one to be just as ignorant as one who is unbalanced with their positive outlook. Both when unbalanced are not in tune with reality.



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I still don’t know what caused it. It’s been about two days now and I am almost better. A couple nights ago I got a horrible stomach ache. My stomach is already sensitive due to having IBS. I’m on the FODMAP diet as well as gluten free and lactose free type diets. So when I get a stomach ache my mind starts going over what I had recently eaten trying to figure out what could have triggered the pain.

Before I had my gal bladder removed I had really horrible stomach ache episodes often. Since it’s removal I haven’t had any like them until a few nights ago.

I could tell it was gas, I was extremely bloated in the stomach area. I made sure I had my meds that I normally have. I tried a ginger chew and later I tried some digestive enzyme stuff. Even though pain killers don’t help me when I’m bloated with gas I tried that too. Nothing was working and it was getting late and I couldn’t sleep. I finally tried the off brand of Pepto-Bismol. I did feel a little better and was able to sleep for about fifteen to twenty minutes. I took it three different times with the same results. Besides not wanting to over due the pink stuff the container was almost empty. So it was time to dig around for something else.

The last time I had a bad but not this bad stomach ache it went from one in the morning till three in the morning. Three o-clock and came and went and the pain wasn’t letting up.

While digging in my medicine cabinet for something, anything, I came across my jar of Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2. Formula #2 is the second part in a wonderful intestinal cleanse. Good stuff! I’m tellin you!

I recalled how long ago when I was still married and pregnant with my second born a bunch of us had gone out to an oriental buffet in Camden, Arkansas. My husband and another young lady had eaten the same thing and both got food poisoning. They were both throwing up violently and had the runs. Someone suggested they use the Formula #2 because it sucks up toxins out of the system. My husband had a dose, held it down for a short time then barfed it and everything else up. After that he was fine and had a good nights sleep. The young lady that was also sick thought the Formula #2 looked gross and didn’t trust it. She spent the night hugging the toilet and was completely miserable in the morning.

I didn’t think I had food poising but I was desperate so I gave it a try. Normally I like my Formula #2 in juice but I was concerned about using anything other then water could make things worse so I mixed some up in water and gulped it down. It worked better then the pink stuff and for a little longer. I ended up repeating the Formula #2 water gulping event two more times and after the third time I was able to finish sleeping the rest of the morning with out pain waking me up.

Later in the early afternoon my oldest daughter started complaining about her stomach. She ended up on the couch moaning. I mixed some Formula #2 in some juice for her. After the second dose she felt better and remained well.

Normally after a stomach ache issue for me I tend to have an extra sore and sensitive stomach for a few days. This time has been no different. Although I am much improved I am still leery of eating just about everything. There are a few tried and true foods I eat and feel just fine after that I will be sticking to until my sore stomach is much better. Then I will proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, Formula #2 will remain ready in my medicine cabinet and a dose of it stored in the car. I highly recommend everyone do the same. You just never know!

I’m including a link to Dr. Schulze web site so you can go there and order yours along with what ever else you may need. I really appreciate Dr. Schulze because he is known for not “watering” things down and he has his own farms all over the world so he can harvest things in season as well as be sure they are natural and chemical free and harvested in the best growing conditions possible. While I often can not afford his products it’s not because he over charges.

Here’s the link:



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The first few years I was on FaceBook I would regularly get friend request from guys who were looking for “net-sex” or were from somewhere far far away and felt we should marry right away.  It didn’t take to long to figure out if the request was coming from guys like that because they always had the same feel. The way they started the chat, their lack of personal pictures, the amount of woman vs. men they had a friends, and so on. It tapered off after about a year but I would still get those request from time to time. For quite a while now I have not received any. Well, until today. This guy avoided the sex talk, thankfully.  But, maybe that’s cause I warned him right off. But he did decide it was god who brought us together and was ready to talk about marriage. Often these types are scammers, sometimes they might be someone with a mental issue, at first it can be difficult to tell. It would have taken longer to know that and I didn’t care to have him on my list for that length of time. I’m still sticking by scammer though. But for the sake of entertainment and a possible need for compassion I decided to be nice, for a while anyway.

After the last note I pasted on here I did block the person. And I will be letting the ladies who have the same person as a “friend” know what he is up to and that he may be targeting their friends list. Also, I didn’t hide his name  in case he is trying to scam anyone else.


For those who don’t know better, don’t fall for this kind of thing and do not give people like this any info or money. Don’t cash a check for them or do any banking for them. If they ask you to do any of those things report them.

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Barrow judge Michael Jeffery uses what he calls “added techniques” not just for people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder but all those who come before him in court because the signs of FASD are not usually obvious and there is rarely a diagnoses available.

Judge Jeffrey
He says regarding his added techniques, “One of them is slowing down the hearing. That and using informal language as much as I can.”… Another is to “Simplify the bail orders…”





It’s refreshing to see an older official able to understand the age we live in and able and willing to make necessary changes. Some may disagree with his techniques but not everyone is willing to see people as fellow humans with a spirit of compassion and hope. Not everyone is capable of understanding that life is sometimes complex, life isn’t about pat answers. Spanking a child or locking an adult up doesn’t always “magically” fix the problem. Now days there really isn’t an excuse for not being smarter then that, yet so many people live in the past.

His techniques could also be applied to so many other areas in life.


Here is the link to the video about him.







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