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Time changes us in many ways. My view of certain songs has certainly changed as I have. Not always for the better or worse, more like what fits my mentality at the time. And what fits me doesn’t likely fit everyone else.

Over the years there has not only been songs that “spoke” to me, but also songs that just irritated me. When I was young if I liked the melody of one such type of song I just changed the lyrics to fit what I agreed with and liked. I don’t fell like doing that so much now. If the melody is really good I may try to zone out the annoying lyrics, maybe.



For a while now the lyrics to the song Waterfalls by TLC has annoyed me. I just love the melody though. But those lyrics! Sure it’s unwise and sad when youth leave the security of home and chase easy money, pretend love, and destroy their lives. But it’s unnatural for them to stay home hidden in their mothers skirts. Sadly too many poverty struck homes are stuck in a downward spiral and the parents do not encourage their kids to climb out. Instead they try to prepare them for a life of more poverty. It’s the murky river and stagnate lakes they are used to.

I can’t help but think of the kids my mom worked with in Camden, Arkansas. They didn’t want to go to collage and become successful because they didn’t want their families to reject them. They saw it happen, they saw others who had gotten a good education and became successful come home and be treated badly because the family decided that they were “too good” for them and rejected them. They instead chose to stay with the muddy puddles they were used to so they wouldn’t lose their families respect. Don’t go chasing waterfalls was more of an order than anything.

I understand that the song likely means not to chase drugs and criminal activities and such but waterfalls seems so much more than that to me. Maybe it should say, don’t chase a different mud puddle or don’t chase stagnate lakes or snake infested marshes. Waterfalls are pure and fresh and should be considered positive and be pursued. Unless of course you don’t want your children to become their own people. I’ve had that experience, but that’s another subject.

Another reason that song’s lyrics annoys me is likely also because I love seeing and experiencing new things. So to me it’s suggesting I torture myself. Lol! However, I understand that my way of being isn’t for everyone. Actually, it is more common and healthy for the average person to  be a village dweller. So, maybe that song is good for some people. It’s just like scratching a chalk board to me though.



Me Too by Megan Trainer. I actually like this song, well, at least most of it. There is only two lines I don’t like and I find them very irritating.

“What’s that icy thing hangin’ ’round my neck?
That’s gold, show me some respect”

Okay, I know it’s silly, but it annoys the crap out of me. Why the rest of the song doesn’t? Well, partly cause it’s on the silly side and partly cause when you work hard and put in the time to get somewhere, then awesome! Be proud of yourself and brag some about it. Hey, you did it and you should enjoy it. And while you’re at it take a little joy in the fact that those folks who didn’t believe in you are eating crow.

But just cause you have gold and jewels doesn’t mean you deserve respect. Too many people have these things from taking advantage of others so I just don’t see it as a sign of true personal success and a sign that one should be respected. It isn’t a sign of hard work and perseverance to me. I don’t have any problem with people wearing theses things, they can be fun. But don’t demand respect just cause you’re wearing it. Expect respect because you earned it.

I still like to listed to Me Too but I either turn the channel at the beginning or just mentally tune it out cause those two lines are just too frikin annoying.


I don’t actually hate these songs. And this isn’t a serious blog post. Just in case anyone was concerned or offended.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll see these songs completely different and change my ideas about them. Sometimes hearing other peoples perspectives can open up ones own ideas and understanding. Could happen!

There are plenty more songs that I find annoying for various reasons but these two are the ones that come to mind when I think about it.

What about you? Any particular songs that just rub you the wrong way? Please feel free to share in the comments.




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Are they really “shoving it down your throat?” Or could this be a matter of perspective.

-Poetic style-

cognitive-dissonance (1)

If you don’t believe it, then just leave it,” that’s what they like to say. What they mean is, “shut up, stop speaking your mind unless it agrees with me.” Tell the truth, be honest, never tell a lie, but suddenly that changes when the truth is exposing their lie.

The religious, the right wing, or so they are called, like to appear good, all American, positive and full of hope. Until their ideas are challenged and someone dares to disagree.

They want to live free to speak what they may, to enjoy who they are in the light of day and never let anyone take it away. But when someone starts to share their ideas that go against their belief, to live a different lifestyle without shame, they jump to take their freedom away.

They claim it’s shoving it down their throat, that people are trying to force them to accept something they don’t believe in. When really the others just want the same freedoms, the same opportunities, and the ability to live without shame true to themselves the way they are.

It’s not really so difficult to understand, the idea is simple, not misleading. But humans get old with their ideas fast. When new information comes along, if it doesn’t fit what they have already established then it’s rejected and colored bad.

The older generation can’t let go while the younger folks don’t know how to make a stand. It’s a paradox that can be solved with courage and better learning. While it won’t happen in a night, the time being taken is rather a fright.

Stop assuming you’re a victim, stop believing your being persecuted, stop seeing other peoples plight for freedom as an assault on your own beliefs and so called conservative life choices. Make yourself step back, challenge yourself to see though other people eyes, start being part of the solution instead of a toxic wall of fearful agitation lashing out at what some day will be your own protection.

– Lorenakoran

Props to Heina for this blog inspiration.  https://www.facebook.com/heinadadabhoy

Heina Dadabhoy quote



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My Belly Monologue

I’ve had a battle accepting my belly.

I decided a few years ago to go ahead and wear a bikini. I was inspired by the Hawaiian and Samoan woman in Hawaii. Some of those mommas are quite large and they spot a bikini as if to say, “don’t like it, don’t look”. I decided to adopt that way of thinking.  But I still wanted to get plastic surgery done on my tummy. I wanted to wear a belly jewel but not till I had my belly fixed up. I’m not against plastic surgery but I now accept my belly for the beauty that it is. I now plan to get my belly button pierced just the way it is. Gee, maybe I’ll even add a tattoo. 😉

Soon I plan to do the monologue in Vlog form. If you have anything to add about how you feel about your belly please do. Or maybe you have a monologue for another part of your body or life. We’d love to hear it! If I find something you wrote that I would like to add to a blog or volg I will not do so until asking you first.

My Belly Monologue

This is my belly

My belly is beautiful

My belly held life

In my case it held and delivered four lives

The lives my belly held will be a force to recon with

The lives my belly held will better the lives around us

The lives my belly housed, comforted, fed, loved

Are amazing people

They have their own thoughts

They are creative

They make me



Jump for joy

Hide from frustration

My belly was the home for people who are real

My belly looks a little smother when I have extra weight on me

When I am in good shape my belly is all saggy and wrinkly

If I didn’t have babies that lived in my belly

It would look very different then it does now

If I didn’t have the babies that lived in my belly

I wouldn’t know these wonderful real people

I wouldn’t have them with me to teach and guide and encourage

to touch, to love, to hold,

To be a part of them changing this world for the better

I love my belly just the way it is

I don’t need to hide my belly

I proudly sport my belly at the pool and the beach

If you don’t like my belly

Then find something else to look at

My belly is beautiful

My belly held life

This is MY belly!

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